Erin M. Fouch, MD, UW Health Internal Medicine

I think that probably one of my strengths as a doctor is kind of making sure that I'm keeping an open mind about what's going on so in other words a lot of times especially in a primary care office things are moving pretty quickly we have a lot of patients to see and what I try to talk with patients about is gosh you know common things are common and I think this is what's causing your cough let's try this let's do X Y or Z diagnostic tests but kind of here's what I'm thinking if it doesn't improve and here's what I'm thinking might be our next couple of steps and then we can come up with a plan in terms of how you know what are what is our detective plan going to be together and then I think the other beauty of primary care and especially in an academic institution is you have access to your colleagues and your excellent consultants and just especially in this institution such a robust network of people that you can turn to for help and to talk things through and that's one of the reasons I love to work in academic medicine is you're surrounded by a bunch of people who like to learn and you're surrounded by learning opportunities and if there's a patient who puzzles me or I feel like something's not quite making sense I I will reach out to colleagues and I will do it you know more than once if I need to to try to sort of really narrow in on what's going on and I think patients help us with that too a lot you know patients will sometimes come in and go this is just not right for me you know something is wrong and that that's meaningful that really usually when a patient says something's wrong it's true they're right and so that's where you know we might need to dig a little deeper and do a little more testing than we otherwise might initially

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