Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare – Official Trailer [HD]

something frightening is happening in Uganda I foresee a lot of death the fire has already been set and I think it is important to trace it back to where it is coming from the International has a perfect game in 1999 we have about a thousand full-time staff we are called to be a missionary people I believe that Lord is calling me to pray for a great missionary force America's not yet done sending her sons and daughters to bring the gospel to the nation's most of these young people is a time for an adventure but the poor African listening to Denis think thus how things should be the Bible say ok all sex outside of marriage is wrong so adultery is our own fornication is wrong acts of homosexuality society it's in the controversial bill proposed death sentence for homosexuality the law says no homosexual in this nation it's an abomination to God when they preach hate here they forget that they are preaching to people who just take the road to their hands guns in your hand you're gonna take over the world by the power of the Holy Spirit we do believe that God wants the righteous to rule

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