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How are you? This is Charismatic Cook Today we are here with a special guest because we are going to talk about the Kalanchoes. She is here but not by herself. I also have her baby and another dog. She is here because I want to tell you that many studies have shown that the Kalanchoe is toxic to your pets So if you have pets at home, be very careful to keep your pets away from the plants so they don’t eat them. I have this little boy, who is the son of chocolate that literally everything is food. It is just a suggestion, but be very careful to be sure that your pets do not eat your plants Today we are going to talk about dosage or how much plant can be used according to internet sources and personal experience There are several ways of taking the Kalanchoe. You can take it in pills, infusion (tea) extract/drops in a tinture, or eating it. This plant is helpful for the following: Phobias, asthma, cancer, diabetes, kidney stones, high blood pressure, Arthritis, Cholera, Tuberculosis, ulcers, scabs and scars, impetigo, Gastric reflux and it helps with schizophrenia and depression, fear and anxiety as well It also assists your immune system I made another video and I explained how the Kalanchoe inhibited the growth of cancer and I invite you to watch it if you have not seen it It also helps with aging and the wrinkles in the skin – this is what is shown in the studies and I invite you to take advantage of this plant. This plant is known by many names, …… I will tell you a few, it may be known by another name in your country.. You can find and purchase Kalanchoe in a local nursery I would recommend that before you purchase online that you check your local retailer and look for it in the succulent section I was able to find all but a couple locally. Look for them. Hopefully, you find the medicinal plants. I purchased the Kalanchoe Pinnata online because I was unable to find it locally. The dosage– Let’s start with how much you can start with directly. Here is my leaf. Before starting the video I weighed this leaf, I used the scale, can you see it? If you have this scale, you can weigh it.. and you can see how much you can take if you have it, there are a lot of people who do not have a scale and it may be difficult to find it.. because there are no large department stores that sell them If you are from a small town like me. Then it may be hard to find it But, if you find one- weigh it I weighed this leaf, the whole leaf, before we began, and this is mother of thousands, Aranto I weighed it and it weighed 23 grams How much to take? Like this a live leaf- Searching the internet and basing the information on studies and what we take here at home It is from 20-25 grams Obviously, if you take 26 grams or a little more – nothing is going to happen to you In the studies is states that in order for you to you to have a toxic reaction you need to exceed this by four to 10 times or 100 to 250 grams a day This is an amount that is considered by the literature and studies to be safe I know that there are people that will say that they take much more than the recommended dosage with no ill effects. Yes, maybe you are right. But remember, everyone is different Maybe your illness is not the same as mine. 20-25 is ideal from the studies and has not been identified as being not effective Here in our humble home we take 20-25 daily with no negative effects This is the quantity that we use at home But like I say, if you can’t weigh the plant exactly, 25-20 grams You can eat it in a salad or as a juice You can divide it in three parts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and as a preference, try to eat it before every meal because your system is waiting and your gastric juices are waiting for nourishment and they eat it right up and it goes into your blood stream and with these studies, she cleans and protects your blood. So remember, three times a day before every meal If you want to learn how to make the Green Juice my family drinks, let me know! My daughters don’t like the taste so much, so we add It in the green juices. If you want to learn how I do them, comment down below! I also eat it in my salads! You can also eat it by tearing off a piece and eating it raw You can eat it this way as well. That’s my portion for the evening This also has an acid, that helps relax the body It won’t make you pass out or anything, so don’t worry This wonderful plant calms your nerves. If you’re someone who has anxiety or restlessness.. Then try a little piece of this plant! That way you can sleep People who have problems with acid reflux will benefit by consuming the leaves. The plant will make you feel better internally and heal any necessary issues There’s people across the world who may not have the ability to obtain a scale like this.. There’s several places that just can’t find scales because of where they live You just have to look closely! In the countries that don’t have accurate measuring devices, What they do is.. They grab the leaf Remember I told you how much it weighed earlier in the video Imagine it still has the piece I bit off earlier The people who do not have money, for example.. You can grab 2 credit cards approximately this size Or just another similar size card! Usually cards like this are relatively the same size Align your cards like this, and measure your leaf remember that I took a bite of the leaf already More or less, it’s about 23 grams. This is what they do in many countries.. And I am saying that these are large leaves. These leaves will grow large too.. But a lot of people from other countries do not have the means of acquiring a scale Use this system to estimate the weight of their leaves for consumption. These Kalanchoes help with ulcers and for depression and as I said, if you are an anxious person, or if you can’t sleep, it my help you a lot Another important issue now is allergies and allergic reactions It could be an allergy to peanut butter or something similar. People say ” I don’t eat that”! In my case- I am allergic to nuts. I get a reaction, like a rash and even though they taste so good- I can’t eat them They saw that in this plant it reduced the degree of reaction and in some cases eliminated it A lot of people in India were dying from allergies and this plant helped the people who were effected by allergies and the number of deaths was reduced. In Brazil, there were people who had lung infections. What they did was to take the plant twice a day in infusions. In the morning and in the night. This helped them with these lung infections. It took time but it did help. To drink by infusion you get a cup and place the leave in small pieces inside and then pour hot water inside after that remember not to boil the leaf and never to do so find a plate or another item that can act as a lid to seal the cup The reason why you seal it this way is to not let the components escape You will leave it like this for a while for around 10 to 15 minutes or the amount of time it takes for the water to become lukewarm and then you can drink it I personally do not prefer the infusion method because I think you can agree with me that it is better to consume raw as is, live to live, the enzymes and compounds in their natural form right? Tintures, Leaves and the stem many of you guys must be asking yourselves,”What is that?” The Tintures are prepared mix made from the leaf in alcohol You place many leaves in a jar that isn’t transparent that light won’t pass through Stems and leaves and after you have put in many leaves and pour in the alcohol and other ingredients in then you must cover it with newspaper and you store it away in a dry and dark place and make sure it doesn’t get any light after this process wait a few weeks and after you pull out the jar You strain it and what remains is your tinture and of course you have to add a few other components as well at this point you will already have your tinture and the method of consumption for these tintures is by droplets Depending on the strength it will vary usually will be 5 drops 3 times a day I found where you can buy these tintures online as you recall I had mentioned before The tintures are sold In Alabama, Poland, in Hawaii too and there are others in other countries however these are the ones that I saw I found that Mexico also sold them as well however they don’t export them or they just don’t export to the U.S I don’t know if there is another place where they are exported please let me know I also investigated the prices and I am talking about tintures that are in small jars the starting prices are $25 for a 2 oz bottle shipping not included so altogether I think you would end up spending 30 or so dollars and here we are talking about ounces not about large amounts The reason why I was so surprised was because that they also sell by the gallon like a milk jug they sell two there is a special deal right now two for $900 dollars and if we include the shipping and tax we are talking about almost a thousand dollars for two gallons of tinture Wow! I went Woah! I’m going to tell you that you can do it yourself at home You only need a little patience because they are going to grow and look at this Mother of Thousands plant It has so many babies! if you look into the pot you will see even more How many plants will come out from this one? So many! This plant too will grow and have many seedlings so you can make your own tintures or you can pay a thousand dollars If you want me to to make a video dedicated to making tintures then we can! Step by step I also found facial creams these companies that are selling these creams say that these creams works wonders for the skin and for people that have very dry skin on their faces ok They also happen to be very expensive. They are selling very small bottles like this very small tubes- 40 ml and expensive I personally I make my own creams using only a leaf and an oil I use coconut and since I really like my creams to have a nice fragrance I think all girls like our smells to have a nice smell I personally like my creams to have a citrus smell to it in particular lemon and orange and because of that I have essential oils that smell of lemon and orange that I also add in What I recommend to you if you choose to buy Coconut oil or your essential oils investigate use the best quality ingredients because remember you will be putting it on your face when it comes to your body or skin remember to use the best! because this isn’t at all expensive and you have one leaf You prepare it and I add two types of essential oils because it smells very good You put it on and it smells like lemon and after that it smells like oranges and so it smells very delicious Also if you want me to do a video where I cover creams I can also make one and this is the cream that I use as a night and day cream and I see that people use different creams according to the time of day but I just use this one cream One more thing When you buy anything tintures, creams or whatever you are going to buy please make sure it comes 100% natural I was looking at several sites on the internet and sometimes they will have added components and chemicals that I can’t even read and if you are buying something so expensive you deserve to know what is in it A while ago I broke my leg and I had a few screws placed in my leg and was wearing a boot I had the boot removed and the doctor told me to walk without the boot and I didn’t want to but did so anyway and he told me that my body could sustain my weight by myself The kalanchoe is not any different from the boot I was using when I broke my leg that helped me walk The Kalanchoe shouldn’t be eaten for a long time the recommended usage is three weeks and rest for 7-10 days When I was operated on and had to eventually walk on my own is a process that you body must also follow to be strong The chemo is somewhat similar they give it to you for a certain amount of time and then they stop and your body must do the rest Why? The reason for that is to become stronger and see it as your body having 3 or 4 soldiers by you helping you walk so you can fight! so if you have these soldiers here then you too need to put in much effort as well and that is what the plants are like your own little soldiers so your body can recover and then you can rest from it so your body and learn to be without it This is the information that is from India I know that I said Brazil before but well there are more countries with information This was the investigation results that was in India concerning the Pinnata Plant If you have more information regarding this plant and want to share do so! This portal is open so everyone can participate and so that you can leave your opinion! This is Charismatic Cook and thank you so much for being with me today! I love you guys and Good day and good night and see you later! Bye Bye! Thank you!


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