Espresso Bathroom Vanities: Thoughts and Considerations

>> Julia: Hello there. My name is Julia. I am the owner of and in
today’s video I wanted to talk to you about espresso finish bathroom vanities. We sell a lot of these, these are very popular
nowadays and what’s really important is that you understand how dark espresso can be. Espresso is really brown and in certain lights
in can appear black. So, if you have a really small space or if
you have not a whole lot of light in the room and/or low natural light, just be aware that
you could end up with a vanity that could appear black. Like I said they are very popular, they are
very beautiful; really it’s a modern piece. They generally have flat paneled doors, real
streamlined look. And like I said it’s really, probably one
of the most popular colors of finish that we’re selling nowadays. But I just want to make sure you understand
to take that into consideration; the smaller the space, the less the light, you do run
the risk of it potentially looking black which is okay as long as you’re aware of the when
you’re building your color scheme around that vanity. So, if you have any questions about espresso
bathroom vanities or would just like some additional information feel free to visit
us online at or give us a call anytime at 866-526-1843.

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