Essay Checklist -First Aid Help for your Essay Writing -Super Short List!

essay checklist introduction main body
and conclusion your introduction must have a hook sentence thesis statement
and roadmap let’s get into this all guys great to see you all again and thanks
again for joining me hope y’all keeping well and healthy let’s get straight into
this in so one-minute essay checklist first thing make sure your introduction
has a book sentence grab that reader’s attention make them want to read your
essay second thing have your thesis statement tell the reader what your
essay is about and of course your opinion and last but not least in your
introduction make sure you clearly state to the
reader in which order you’ll answer that essay question for example firstly I’ll
be discussing secondly I’ll be exploring and then the next thing you need is your
main body remember your main body you’re gonna write in paragraph so we’re gonna
develop your arguments and your opinion always have a topic sentence at the
beginning of each paragraph topic sentences are there to introduce the
paragraph to the reader last thing is your conclusion and don’t forget you
need to summarize your main points and restate of course your opinion that’s it
guys hope it helps and as always take it easy and stay awesome

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