Everything wrong with the young blood injection craze


  1. Thanks to everyone who pointed out the video that Medlife Crisis did on this topic recently. We’ve been working on our video for about a month, but he beat us to the punch. So be sure to check out his story as well.

  2. What if I take my own blood monthly during my youth for several years, and when I get older I can make the exchange? I don't see why that wouldn't work.

  3. So what I took away from this (and I cannot help it) is that in theory, a billionaire COULD pay a kid for his blood, IF the blood was compatible. And furthermore, clones of an individual COULD in theory be used to keep a person alive for longer, while draining the clones of their life force.

    Damn. That is some brutal Sci-Fi stuff there, that is now Sci-Reality. And you KNOW SOME ONE is going to do it, don't pretend otherwise.

  4. Well i really wouldnt want to have my blood drawn to be used for bogus therapy… i mean like its my blood

  5. Well if you think of how we grow old, our cells stop reproducing as fast, so if a young person dies and we replace the old person's organs with the young persons organs, could that make them live longer?

  6. Is it possible that we can create an Artificial Blood with the Right Technology instead using Real Human Blood?🤔🤔🤔

  7. you dont see people in horrible accidents who have to get a lot of blood look younger
    so why would this make sense to anyone

  8. As long as I get half the social security check that I’ll never see in my life, you can sew me to any wrinkly old boomer you want

  9. This makes no sense lmao. Young people get the same illnesses as old people do, for the most part! What was this supposed to cure, aside from aging?? How would our blood be any different??

  10. 2:24 lmao they’ve used the wrong symbol. that’s actually “caduceus”. the staff of mercury: the protector of merchants, shepherds, gamblers, liars, and thieves.

    this is the symbol of medicine —> ⚕(no wings, only one snake)

  11. Don't talk about the ill effects of blood loss to the host donor either… that would be poor marketing. Also would encourage young healthy people to make themselves sick on purpose just to avoid wealthy old vampires..

  12. This reminds me of a book read in 7th grade. It was called ‘house of the Scorpion’ it was really cool but very morbid.

  13. Yes take blood from young people and use it to stay young instead of giving it to the guy in the ER bleeding out great idea.

  14. The science has come so far from this "young blood" approach. The current state of the art Rejuvenation treatment uses Cord Blood Plasma (CBP) via a plasma transfusion. This is much safer, more effective and more ethical than "Young Blood". Cord Blood Plasma is processed from Cord Blood donated from healthy moms. (normally the Cord Blood is just thrown away at the hospital after the birth of the baby). The CBP is pooled, purified and tested for endotoxins. The finished CBP contains powerful Exosomes, miRNA and Proteins. CBP characterization analysis is currently being done at a few leading universities in USA. So far, over 50 patients have been treated with CBP in Europe. I have had two injections of CBP 100ml and the results are remarkable.

  15. This makes me very concerned. I don’t want to get trafficked for my blood. God didn’t mean for us to live forever. This is wrong.

  16. What if incubate blood cells with DNA taken from same person? So no risk of allergia or another negative effects from another blood. As a quintessence of this technology, I see small device packed inside our bodies that younger our blood and prolong our lives. If it works.

  17. What if I took my own plasma and stem cells or whatever at a young age then rejected myself with those when I'm sick and old.

  18. It's the vampire effect and I was strongly led to believe it worked from news papers.
    Of course I never experimented.

  19. The extremely rich and they say the royals have done this for a very long time now. How old have some of the royals lived lately?

  20. This reminds me of an episode of the Simpson. Where Mr. Burns get Barts blood and he all of sudden more healthier and lively. Lol

  21. Check out their website: https://www.ambrosiaplasma.com/
    Are they still doing it?
    Shouldn't it be shut down or something?

  22. Published Mar 26, 2019:
    NOW January 2020 Just 10 months later and the new trend is drinking bleach to prevent flu…

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