Excision of abdominal lipoma #1: For medical education- NSFE.

it's kind of like a a there's actually a reason for that what it actually will help prevent you from feeling any too much discomfort it's not bad at all right so we're just vaguely I'm just gonna numb that top area right there the circle all right you okay keep breathing okay that one is gonna do this one it's kind of localized right you know some people get a lot of like homas but I don't know if they're in like pumping I got no probably help me to tell you maybe why once I find out what they are I don't really know what they are I don't suspect that they're cancerous or anything because of the way that they move around that's a very good sign but I don't know what they are because they don't really give me any indication by looking at them there's a chance I may figure out what they are when I remove them but there's also chance I might not and this doesn't mean anything bad okay it's actually a little tumescent so we do here okay doing okay okay good yep you should feel anything just us pushing on yeah tiniest decision that we came here just a little bit I could see if I you're doing great I just gonna try to tease around and see if I can feel anything under there remember we're not going for a deep or anything we're just trying to show can I see if I can find anything under there it's like once we numb the area kind of makes it a little harder to see or feel anything you know cuz it's just numb I mean it's just like fold with that's just fluid so it's fuller you okay right if I pulling I'm hurting you let me know you're okay right oh you're okay yeah great not hurting right not tugging too hard okay I'm sure this is it but I'm gonna feel it safely feels harm no you might have a little angio lipoma lipomas that hurt a little bit cuz it kind of hurt a little or affirmed do you like art have little blood vessels and run through them it's like this little little thing here it's actually very cute it's just a front but just nothing that's benign but I don't know for sure um until we check it but it this is hard so I do think this is it see I can't really grab that well it's too firm a little like a little from ball effect I think we got it all right I think so I feel if he felt anything hard to just feel it like just like attention like yeah I'm gonna give you a glove and you can feel it and you're gonna see what I'm talking about okay we'll do that it's just a little firm little ball that right underneath there I'm putting a little stitch there we're putting one it goes underneath this guy okay now one that goes on top and then the one on top the one on top will you can actually take out if you like okay it's not difficult but we can do it if you want to – no pressure Stream that was easy huh just like that with the other one well hope you don't want good any more of these right we're just gonna put like a plastic surgery kind of stitch that you don't get little hash marks across the edge but it keeps it nice and snug enclosed here I'm letting it heal keeping in this to just belong this is so short I actually almost can't do this kind of stitch because I don't even have enough time just to put the throws right here so make them smaller oh they're on this one good perfect that's one down


  1. When I‘m watching this I‘m about to🤮
    😂 But you‘re a really good doctor and it’s interesting💕

  2. I like watching these videos ( spot the oldie!!) As it reminds me of my Nursing days. There weren't any inspirational women back then…. thank-you very much for sharing.

  3. Dear Dr. Sandra Lee It's a pity we are so far away….I'm living in Italy!!! you are a very clever Dermatologist …I would likeyou to be here!!!!

  4. I didn’t realized how many scary cat women there are, I assume we were all tough when it came to pain or stuff like this 😞

  5. Aww a Diddy one, just watched two huge ones being wrestled out. Now the Docs got to find it… Lol.

  6. If she ever decides she doesn't want to be a doctor then she has a career as a seamstress because her stitch is so pretty and delicate looking I wish she stitched me when I need stitches for my foot and csection

  7. I want to be a doctor too doc👌🏻 wish me can achieve my goal, keep make a video doc your video inspiring me and motivated me to study harder so i can be a great doctor in the future

  8. Just curious Dr. Lee, do you prefer forceps without teeth as opposed to the opposite? It just seems that with teeth would be more advantageous.

  9. I have 2 lumps on the back of my neck around 3 fingers down from my right ear and 1 lump 4 fingers down from my left ear. They have been there for almost 4 years now. My doctor said it might be just swollen lymph nodes or it could be a lipoma, he will need a biopsy to know what are they for sure. Watching this makes me scared to go under the knife yet oddly satisfying to watch.
    But i still don't want it to be done to me. Lol

  10. Do you ever feel like you've done this before? Are blackheads like snowflakes? No two alike? Just a bit of humor.

  11. You're so sweet, Dr. Lee. I often feel like this patient no matter what doctor I go to, and having a great doctor that can calm you is everything. Glad that she is ok!

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