1. My obgyn did the shaking when she was numbing my arm before she put the implanon in and it scared the hell out of me! Like I want someone slicing my arm open when their hands are shaking! Lol

  2. My dentist did the shaking technique but it scared me more! Omg I was a nervous wreck knowing he was coming at me with a drill and stuff after he was shaking that bad. Lol.

  3. Hi everyone! Does the rest of this lipoma removal exist? I thought I'd seen all the videos then all the sudden I came across this one. I too find the cleaning out of blackheads and whiteheads very relaxing and cleansing for some reason. I'm so relaxed when it's all cleaned up! Weird! My Mom was a picker and NO ONE escaped her making sure there were no pimples or anything else that needed popping while she was around! LOL! The cyst videos are interesting too. Thanks!

  4. What purpose does it serve to shake your hand while injecting the deadening agent? I know from personal experience that it hurts worse when the doctor does this than if they just inject the agent without it.

  5. I was wondering why she shakes when injecting the needle and this video finally answered it. THANK YOU.

  6. What causes the nerves or what ever u call that shake like that.. every time the needles go in its starts to move

  7. Dr. Lee I love your videos! What is it called for people who are fascinated by popping videos?

  8. I have lipomas lots ranging from broard bean size to one that's about the size of a satsuma in the small of my back our hospital reluctant to do anything but there now getting uncomfortable when I lay on the side where they are 😳

  9. Doctor Lee – Is it the camera shaking when you give the injection or your hand? PS I do enjoy your videos!

  10. Grrr I apologize!! This is not the whole video I intended to upload. I will upload the whole thing tomorrow. I'm having technical difficulties! :/

  11. There will be more. Earlier Dr. Lee posted this whole video but something went wrong with it. So now she is doing it in two parts. Hopefully it will come out right this time.

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