1. Let me go find the episode 1 of this drama online because I am really hyped about it!

  2. Am I the only one who found it cringey but hilarious when he used the stethoscope to click the KOCOWA button

  3. I don't think I like him that much, because right now I am watching 'THE GIRL WHO SEES SCENTS' wherein he is the antagonist.. 😂 It just affects me

  4. I don't know why im like actoors korean drama different from the others. Except jo insung totality acting or janghyuk good perform action, nam koong min drama or film im always like as follow watching. Nam koong min you are still in my list drama

  5. Naraaaa
    I love you💖💖💖💖💖
    I miss Hello venus💖
    Nara is a super good actress,she can act as a good lawyer/Cop/Detective/Prosecutor

  6. This is my honest review.
    First of all, Nam Goong Min is really a great actor. I watched his acting on 'Remember' as a villain, and his acting was so brilliant. And there's 'Chief Kim', a drama that got great ratings, when many people especially office workers can relate to the story. His acting was also brilliant as Chief Kim.
    I have watched this drama till episode 7-8, and Kwon Na Ra shows amazing acting as the female lead. Even if there's still no big impact yet from her character because of the clash between Na Yi Je (Nam Goong Min) and Sun Min Sik (Kim Byung Chul, the actor who has became famous from his previous drama, 'SKY Castle' and Goblin), but I think she has successfully bring her character-Han So Geum to life.
    Another character that should be praised is Lee Jae Joon who is starred by Choi Won Young (who also acted in 'SKY Castle'). If he is known as a great and kind father from 'SKY Castle, in this drama his character is a villain who often meets with both Na Yi Je and Sun Min Sik.
    Are you curious about why Nam Goong Min said his face looks evil when he is a main lead? Or are you curious about how bad Kim Byung Chul and Lee Jae Joon as the villain? Don't wait anymore and give it a try.
    If you haven't watched this drama, and probably you are interested with it after watching this interview, I hope you can give it a try. You won't regret watching this drama since you will face twist when you get into the storyline.
    If you like my review or you have opinion about the drama, feel free to write your comment. And since I like watching Korean drama, please let me know if I should make a video of the review on my Youtube channel. So that's all from me, I hope you have a nice day. Thank you. 😀

  7. How dare you take Anthony Padilla’s #2674 place of most subscribed YouTube channel in the world, yOu moNstER

  8. Nam Goong Min such a very good actor.. such also a versatile actor that deserves a lot of praises.. ❤️

  9. He lost so much weight from the last time I saw him! :O
    Hope he stays healthy! 🙂

  10. I like this drama very much, the story is neatly arranged and not convoluted and always gives a tense feel to each episode., 😊😊😉😉😉

  11. They're both so cute. And I love Doctor Prisoner so so sooooo much. It's PHENOMENAL! If anyone is contemplating watching it, I would recommend it.

  12. She said she thinks she's not beautiful omygash eversince I knew her (during the years their girl group is still very active) I find her beautiful so muchh

  13. i've done watching doctor prisoner. the storyline is daebak and the actors are really good, especially namkoong min! he's so handsome so i can't take my eyes off of him lol. i agree with him if this drama will be a hit and it was literally a hit<3

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