Executive Physician Immersion Program: One Physician’s Point of View | Humana

So, the executive physician immersion program,
I look at it as almost a functional MBA. It’s a residency, if you will, in business. So typically, physicians kind of are trained
to be clinical physicians, clinical people, bedside, right? And we may go and get an MBA secondary degree,
but how do you actually get to practice that and learn and matriculate that? And that’s what this program is really designed
to do. Humana recognized a few years ago that if
we really are going to become a healthcare company, we need more clinical leaders, and
so to develop a clinical leader, we can start, grab some young talent, give them two years’
exposure to the company, teach them about insurance, teach them how to be in a corporate
setting, and then hopefully kind of give them a springboard to move throughout the company. So over two years, you get to spend a period
of time within various departments of Humana. One, you’re learning the in and out of Humana,
but two, you’re also learning about health insurance, and then three, you’re learning
about population health and why good health equals good outcomes. So, I look at it as kind of a two-year functional
training on the job, kind of getting your feet wet in kind of corporate culture.

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