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I'm Dave Patania with the American College of Sports Medicine here to show you how exercise is medicine now when you think a strength training you think of bulky bodybuilders or athletes but that's not always the case strength training has evolved into many different formats so depending on your goals there's a style of training that will fit your specific needs now if you can train at the gym by all means do it but for many people that's been intimidating to go to the gym at first or their schedule just doesn't allow but the good thing is is that there's some great exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home that will give you great results okay the first exercise we're gonna do is called the genie squat it's a squat motion and it's easy to remember because your hands are in front of you like a gene you want to have a shoulder-width stance with your feet with your toes pointed out a little bit outward so that it'll allow you to come down nice and slow here we go we're gonna start up with our chin up head up and come down slow right to 90 degrees and then back up again remember slow speed of movement and keep in mind if you can't go all the way down to 90 degrees that's just fine go down as far as you're comfortable with it's all about personal preference so remember slow speed of movement form and technique and you'll be well on your way alright on to the upper body is there any more recognizable exercise than the good ol American push-up let's get started all right now for the push-up nice wide grip right here with your hands so that you can incorporate your chest muscles chin is up a little bit on your toes abdominal muscles tight or your stomach muscles tight and then down slow smooth working that muscle throughout the full range of motion nice and slow and if you're a beginner you want to start out with about one set to twelve to fifteen repetitions and then slowly work your way up to more repetitions now folks if doing a standard full push-up like this is a little bit too challenging for you I've got an option it's called the modified push-up everything is the same you're still gonna have a nice wide stance with your hands but this time you're gonna be on your knees instead of on your toes it's a lot easier to perform here on your knees but at the same time it's still gonna stimulate your chest and your tricep muscles nice and slow nice and smooth especially when it comes to bodyweight movements because it's your own bodyweight so the slower you go the more resistance you'll get the more results you'll get now if doing the standard or the modified push-up is a little difficult for you hey you can do something right in the comfort of your own kitchen right here on your countertop you can make it an exercise now apparatus put each hand on the edge of your counter make sure some of its hanging off the edge so that in case it slips you have something to catch it sit up nice and tall stand tall chest up chin up and then come down slow and smooth slow and smooth and I know it may look a little funny but hey when it's about getting in shape you'll be surprised at how well this motion will stimulate your upper body muscles that particular motion works your chest and your tricep area now we're going to work their universal trouble area the ole abdominal muscles are the tire around the belly you want to start out on your back on the floor legs at a 90 degree angle legs crossed here's a trick take your two fingers put it right behind the base of your skull to tilt your chin up the days of coming forward are old you want to keep your elbows flat squeeze up nice and slow doesn't look like I'm doing much but my abdominal muscles are doing all the work squeeze that chin to the ceiling you want your chin to go up not forward to see the results you still have to eat right and do your cardiovascular work but to strengthen the muscle form a technique slow speed of movement there are a couple exceptions when it comes to bodyweight training that's because the muscles of your biceps right here and the muscles of your back are a little hard to get with just your own bodyweight that's where a pair of dumbbells and some resistance tubing can really come in handy dumbbells are great for your biceps you know depending on your strength just buy a set of dumbbells corresponding to your strength level and then slowly work your way up it's a cost effective way of building nice home gym okay now we're going to work our back muscles using the resistance tubing you step on the outer edge of the tubing to give yourself some resistance squat down with your head and your chest up and then you're gonna slowly roll up this is really going to work those back muscles which is hard to do with just your own bodyweight remember form and technique slow speed of movement ok let's recap strength training is for everyone and you don't have to belong to a gym to do it using your own body weight can be just as effective now before you lift make sure that you warm up and stretch after cool down and stretch and when lifting use proper form and technique slow speed and movement and I think you'll be very surprised at how fast you'll see and feel the results I'm Dave Patania with the American College of Sports Medicine

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