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the word impeachment has been making its way around Capitol Hill ever since President Donald Trump took office even more so now that the fight between the President and Democrats is intensifying that's mainly over special counsel Robert Miller's report on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election know collusion many Democrats and liberal activists want the house to begin impeachment proceedings some have reportedly started preparing impeachment articles on obstruction of justice as Trump continues to Stonewall congressional investigations but what exactly is impeachment and how does it work impeachment is in the US Constitution it's the first step in removing any official from office including the president the US Constitution lists three impeachable offenses treason bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors so impeachment is not the same thing as getting kicked out of office think of it as a charge the first step in a judicial process that takes place in Congress starting in the House of Representatives House members can introduce impeachment resolutions the House Judiciary Committee will then investigate later they'll vote on whether to bring a vote to the full house all that's needed then is a simple majority vote amongst House members to impeach the president and sent him to trial in the Senate some senators act as prosecutors the press is represented by his lawyers and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court oversees the proceedings the rest of the Senate act like jurors they listen to the evidence and vote if two thirds vote against the president he's convicted only two presidents have ever been impeached Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton neither were convicted in 1974 the House Judiciary Committee accused President Richard Nixon of planning to obstruct an investigation into the Watergate scandal but Nixon resigned before the house could vote on impeachment he was the first u.s. president to ever resign impeachment is rare a guilty verdict even more so only 19 federal officials have been impeached in US history and only eight of those were officially convicted yet talks of impeachment just keep getting louder we took an oath to protect the cotton served the Constitution of the United States of America and the way we do that is we begin impeachment proceedings now against this president


  1. The Presidents more popular than ever. I hardly think he has to worry about an impeachment.
    Whereas Iran on the other hand is about to get impeached from earth 😂😂😂

  2. give me a break, you have any idea how many innocent people the clintons have killed? trump is the one bringing down the corrupt deep state.

  3. It is good that you have started to educate people on how difficult the process is. The problems are not only in the Senate(which Republicans dominate with a Super Majority 54-48) but in the House itself. The recently election in 2018 which brought the Dems to the house control, was not decisive. At least 1/4 of the seats were won by close margins, in areas where Trump and the Republicans are strong(some the Beto Orourke effect). But all of the will go to reelection in 2020. If the push for Impeachment without a clear evidence(as it is today) it may cost the full control of the house they have now and may turn into a simple majority. Moments for big thinking and big decisions in the Dems.

  4. WOW! The leftists comments here only prove one thing. It IS impossible to underestimate people's stupidity.

  5. so many of you hate America for what America has done in the mideast. I don't blame you, But you must know this, all this sick uglyness coming from America is coming from America's GOP Party,,, that is the group in America that is causing all the carnage… It is not All America doing this….

  6. All the policy of pres. Donald trump is to make america great again. And all of.people can't understand his policy is low IQ. Do ur own research. So u will.understand why his policy is better than Obama

  7. Kick Out Muslim World (Dollar)
    Dollar Killing Innocent People in the world
    Dollar Devil Mentality only support Zoinest Jews People’s

  8. Nobody have meddled in US election but if meddling really did have happened then it would b
    ISRAEL they have every tool and technology and have access to it …
    it happened on Facebook
    how can I say ?
    well if we see only one country is getting benefited I.e the nation of Natanyahu ,Jerusalem and Golan heights , Mueller report is just the distraction , .

  9. The loader voice of Impeachment only comes from the Left and then they use the Constitution as there Argument even though most of them don't care what i represents

  10. This Stupid USA President should be impeachment immediately. He fails to run the coyntry and enhance the usa pride in the world.

  11. more's fake brainwashed election propaganda warfare led terrorists act again..

  12. Impeachment takes over a year and is too late to matter before the 2020 elections… furthermore Trump won the last election by less than 2% and is FAR less popular now than he was. Everyone in this chat saying Trump will win 2020 are objectively ignorant of American politics….

  13. Elizabeth Warren is intelligence score is 1/1094. Just like her indian heritage. What a hack. Impeachment doesn't work, unless a party has super majority in both the house and the senate.

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