Exploring Sleep at Morehouse School of Medicine

My name is Azikiwea Green, we are at Morehouse
School of Medicine in Dr. Paul’s lab. I am an undergraduate research assistant for
the summer. I primarily work on sleep scoring and I differentiate
between different cycles of sleep, different stages. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia like from right
down the street actually. I’ve always been really into science, when
I was a kid I use to have this rock collection. I use to be really really into that. My dad gave me a tumbler, like a rock tumbler
where you put same stones in it and just let it go for awhile. I use to go to rock conferences and stuff,
so I got pretty into it. I want to become a lab researcher. So eventually I want to get my PhD and basically
do what Dr. Paul’s doing right now. My primary interest is mental health disorders. I found out that I have bipolar disorder and
in finding that out I also found out there’s a large, a long history of that in my family,
on my dad’s side primarily. So once I found that out and I knew I already
had an inclination towards studying what looked like neuroscience, I was like, okay this is
what I need to do in my life, so it’s been, I just kind of found exactly what I want to
go into now which is pretty nice. Sleep is just, I mean I really didn’t, I didn’t
really see it at first but working with and talking to these guys over the summer, sleep
is a huge huge question, and it really starts off with why do we go to sleep? It’s kind of funny that people still don’t
know the answer to that, and so being in the lap and just talking to them about different
papers and what the whole area of sleep studies looks like has been pretty enlightening for
me. It’s kind of a cloudy field right now but
they’re trying to figure out what that looks like when someone hasn’t gone to sleep in
awhile and they just crash out. I really like Dr. Paul’s lab because it has
this sense of flexibility, everyone’s really into whatever they’re doing. Like I like when people get excited about
what they do. So I’m excited, I know that definitely I’ll
be on a paper so that’s really what, as far as first step, I know that’s the first thing
I want to do, just get my name with a little asterisks next to it that says where I go
to school. But for me, an exciting day is just learning
more. When you’re working for weeks on end on a
project and you finally get the results you’ve been looking for, and it looks nice, it looks
pretty, and you’re like, good we got it. And hope, I think is the most important thing
for anybody. That’s why I think this stuff is really helpful
because any paper that comes out of that lab will probably eventually help someone get
healthier. If something’s not your passion than it’s
really hard to do it. First find what you’re passionate about, what
you want to do, and then find out what’s the most effective way for you to do that.

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