Exponential Medicine – Catalyzing the Future of Healthcare

buona sera buona sera there's really no conference like exponential medicine why we come here each year I believe is for the reaffirmation that we are alive during a time where we can do anything it's almost like science fiction coming true we're all here to look at what's possible as we move into the future of of health and medicine and it's our responsibility as clever and exponential people to figure this out quickly so the question is what is it that you truly want to do you can't practice health care or innovate in a silo you can't I'm gonna just solve this problem based on one angle we need to understand it from the patient perspective the payer the physician the nurse the caregiver but without the diagnosis of a disease it's very difficult to get access to well and well is what we all want to be sometimes as a patient you hope that people are thinking about your disease and the issues that you are struggling with that's the reality of what we're doing here we're not just coming on stage talking about crazy wacky ideas these are innovations that exist today you know we're all here trying to make the impossible possible first of all the presentations unbelievable Wow just this constant stream of phenomenal brilliance what we really talking about is challenging every assumption that you've had about what's possible with these kind of very rapidly advancing technologies there is no more noble use for technology than to bring peace to the minds of mankind people should to come here if they want to have more hope for Humanity I think it means that we need everyone in this room everyone listening to this live stream all the people that you all are gonna touch to have this vision for what the world can be and to be rowing really hard in that direction to help make that possible this place is awesome anybody with an interest in health care who might have a technology backer and uh knock and come together here at exponential medicine and help catalyze and reimagine the future of health medicine [Applause]


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