Exposed! Big Pharma Conspiracy to Gouge You On Medication

it's an industry-wide conspiracy and I think it answers one of the biggest questions all of us are asking which is why are prescription drugs so expensive more than 40 states in Puerto Rico filed a lawsuit this past week against generic drug makers for illegally fixing prices of generic drugs to maximize profits and here goes the nanny state again attacking corporations that aren't doing anything wrong medication is just like buying furniture these sorts of regulations are burdensome is what ben shapiro would say except here's an example of what they were doing take the case of the antifungal drug nystatin as you can see with this graph the price held steady at 68 dollars a bottle for years but in April 2013 sunn pharmaceuticals almost doubled the price to 131 dollars right after the increase there was this flurry of phone calls between son and competitors heritage and TEVAR now price fixing is of course illegal which is why they're coming down on these generic manufacturers who were caught talking to one another on days right after the price hikes occurred but exclusively focusing on these shady deals won't help you understand why nystatin cost so much to begin with there are many legal ways that these companies skin you alive even before the illegal price-fixing occurs so let's keep using the example of nystatin which originally cost $68 before the price I well guess what just over the border in Canada that same exact generic drug cost $22 a third of the price we pay here in the United States and this price difference exists for all drugs for instance the average price for Humira a top-selling rheumatoid arthritis treatment is nearly two thousand seven hundred dollars per Administration in the US which is more than twice the price in the UK this is why per capita spending on medication in the United States is more than $1,100 a year far exceeding what they spend in comparable nations like Germany or France where citizens pay about half of that why well because every single developed and developing nation outside of the United States engages in collective bargaining to lower prices of medication and they also implement price controls which is communism I'm of course joking but we all know that these pharmaceutical manufacturers are trying to make as much money as possible and if there are absolutely zero controls on how much they can charge they're going to charge as much as they can and this is exactly why people end up dying in the wealthiest nation on earth just because they can't afford their copay on flu mitigation or because their GoFundMe didn't come through on time to pay for insulin Shane Patrick Boyle died from type 1 diabetes because his GoFundMe was 50 dollars short and he couldn't purchase insulin the drug he needed to keep him alive but that's the cost of doing business unless you live virtually anywhere else on the planet that's comparable to the US then the price of doing business is much much lower so when you get angry about generic drug manufacturers illegally hiking prices remember that this isn't the only reason why drug prices are so high price is already much higher than other nations because our government allows drug manufacturers to charge whatever they want and it's all perfectly legal which I will be elaborating further on live on my twitch a twitch TV slash Hoss and I'll be later today I'll also look at the silly counter arguments Republicans make as to why this is the case I'm a psalm piker if you're frustrated by this video please share it with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments below also to help TYT please go to t y-t-dot-com slash join and join t YT memberships only $5 a month and it greatly helps us this has been the breakdown never miss another breakdown video by ringing the bell below you'll get notified whenever we publish something new also don't forget to join T uit today download our T YT plus app on your phone or head on over to T y-t-dot-com slash join


  1. Perscription drugs are so expensive because there are buyers willing to pay the price sellers are asking for.

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