Extract DNA from a Strawberry at Home – Cool Science Experiment

Hi, I am Benyamin. Today I am gonna show you how extract DNA from a Strawberry at home In order to study DNA scientists have to extract it from cells there are many DNA extraction kits available for scientists to use in the lab but they all work in roughly the same way This experiment lets you make your own DNA extraction kit from common household materials okay, lets check it out Here is what you need Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol dish soap, salt, water, plastic bag beaker or test tube or you can use a small clear glass jar measuring cups, strainer, tweezers and safety glasses Step 1: put the isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol in the freezer to chili it Step 2: Measure 100 ml of water then add 10 ml of dish soap and half of teaspoon salt to the water and mix it up this will be your extraction liquid Step 3: put the strawberry in the plastic bag and then add the extraction liquid you just made to the plastic bag too Step 4: Remove as much air as possible and seal the bag after that mash the strawberry with your hands for 2 minutes until there are no big pieces this is what it will look like Step 5: use a strainer to separate the liquid from the strawberry pulp Step 6: Now, transfer the liquid to a small beaker or a small clear glass jar Step 7: add 5 ml of iced Isopropyl alcohol or Rubbing alcohol and wait for a few minutes the alcohol will form a layer on top of the strawberry juice Step 8: okay, now you should see stringy whitish stuff collecting between two layers of liquid this is DNA ! you can gently pull the DNA out with the tweezers the detergent I used caused the cells to pop open or lyse this releases the DNA into the solution and the alcohol causes the DNA to precipitate out of the solution you can do this experiment on most any living thing try this experiment using other fruits, vegetables or soft meats like chicken liver Please share your opinions and video responses in the comments with us and be sure to subscribe us by clicking here because amazing videos will come soon and as always thanks for watching


  1. Extract DNA from a Strawberry at Home – Cool Science Experiment


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  2. Could you give some of the newer subscribers a 'REASON' for extracting DNA from a straberry, how they can 'use' it, what experiments can be done and why??

  3. How important is it to chill the isopropyl alcohol? I tried this with my students but did not get the alcohol very cold. The alcohol did not seem to form a separate layer, but seems to dilute into the strawberry mixture. As a result we did not seem to get any DNA. Is freezing the alcohol the key to that layer separation?

  4. whenever im doing this kind of stuff at school,like extracting dna,i always whisper to my friends look strawberry jizz,we all laugh.

  5. some one please help me on this…, I tried to do this but when i mashed the strawberry in the bag with the liquid, all I got was a bunch of bubbles and soap. I poured it in a cup over a strainer and all that came out was soap. I am pretty sure i did everything right but no DNA came. All the strawberry was in the strainer still even though i mashed everything. Does anyone know what i did wrong? also can this help the world with anything?

  6. if i extract DNA of banana and mango through this method,and mixed them both.
    How I can introduce this new DNA into wheat seed or within any vegetable?

  7. As per the extract we get DNA precipitation… Hw vl b proving its DNA..??? So if uh have any connecting link fr ths,plz share…!!

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