Extracting solar comedones: Favre- Racouchot. For medical education- NSFE.

I'm just gonna put a little nick in the skin Pike so I can get to these little you okay uh-huh he doesn't he's kind of he he doesn't like any of this stuff I was feeling he's not gonna like me pushing on him here I'm fine see if I can get him out sometimes if they're not if they're you know been there for a while they really are stuck in there you see that one come out though no pressure just pushing against your bone here your cheek bone so that I have some traction so what are you pushing away it's called a comedone extractor I'll show you in just a second just kind of try to ease it out yeah cuz sometimes you have to break the surface a little bit but these are kind of more like blackheads they're probably gonna be more easily expressed if you use a little retin-a you can soften them up sometimes to make them more use it easily extracted so sometimes we'll tell people to use retin-a for like a month or so you know once a night someone like come back it's not at the Mack counter no this is something that is that what you meant no oh would I come back I'm sorry I don't know how I heard that um they're kind of created more by the Sun may because you've had hourly conduction through your life but when we get them around our eyes that is from a lot of sun exposure most likely and I will say do you remember how I said his hand was more sun damaged skin and kind of trapped into there and it gets oxidized so it turns dark so yeah I guess you can kind of say it's dirt but I mean it's not anything part of our body that we need anymore I'm sorry that one's pinchy a little bit and I'm gonna pinch you one more time there let me see I have to sometimes break break expose it so I can take it out here we go that's why I'm saying it's very popular there's somebody here look at these they're good ones okay she's gonna go she's gonna dance extra with you she's gonna not you're not gonna get off the damn surgery did you hear that a week from Wednesday hip replacement replacement surgery really no wonder the song first time he's pushing back and I'm pushing jackass yesterday I was ready and he was ready he was so disappointed he didn't get to do his persuasion conversation what can you do this much cleaner now sorry see I'm gonna have to I think it's better if I numb this area for you she I'm not gonna be as successful I'll say Nick it okay so hold on a little baby pinch here you can do it you could do it your shoulders pushing me out of the way you can do it I know let's see she's a lot gentler okay not well she's gotta live with you I mean I don't have to look at you tomorrow I'm sorry these are I think I should know Mia so that I could push this better sometimes I gotta go in different directions to get him coming sorry your IV done with me almost there's that wasn't oh there's too many to count here I think I'm gonna get this one if I just work it slowly so they're actually yeah I mean and there are little pores or I mean they're little there wasn't there ah look at that what it's still below there's a little sock writing right there stuck on there a little bit that was a good one okay see how it's so stuck in there it really was fighting me that's not fun this is better than dancing she's danced with me obviously I've stepped on that pole no as long as you're not pushing yeah it's not that I'm sure you're just putting pressure around it so are you okay oh it's in fact even when you do your nose like this if you just push the O lightly I can push against it she should be paying me to do this you know I have a couple over here that we won't go to because I don't want to torture you anymore but me something give me some like a just a little pressure so no more


  1. The swab method after steam and the use of retinol is best for Favre-Rouchchet syndrome blackhead extractions. The condition returns so a regimen should be to be maintained. The way you are extracting this is concerning as it will cause scarring as well as pain..very brutal!
    here is an example of the swab method with the same condition

  2. Instead of making some of these folks faces look like raw hamburger, why not do it the old fashion way, using two fingers, getting under the blackhead and pushing/squeezing it out.

  3. you are only getting the top layer,,,the clients arent complaining about you pushing,,,you leave the major part of the pimple under top layer of skin…start pushing and stop saying youre sorry…. they are sticky when you get the whole thing out!!

  4. It's a shame you didnt get the whole pore cleaned out!! they all needed more attention to empty them the whole way! It drives me crazy that you just wont push on them harder and put that extractor in a 90 o angle to get the stuff out that is in there deeper

  5. Dr. Lee, You are so gentle with him when removing the blackheads. Such a wonderful and caring bedside manner

  6. Not saying she def does, but does it seem like to anyone else she sometimes pressures her patients into letting her pop their pimples? Like this guy didn't seem to care he had them and told her she should be paying him (he was not happy she was doing this) so you know he didn't ask. And they are so small and not bothering him, so why put him through this? Just for the camera? Just to feed her popping obsession? Anyone else agree? This isn't the first time the patient didn't seem too thrilled with her doing this, so I'm just curious what you all think. Plus, sometimes with all the cutting and pushing it seems she causes more damage then anything just to get a tiny insignificant pimple. I do like her videos, but like I said, wanted to see if anyone else made the same observations I have.

  7. Those huge blackheads on old people skin need to be lanced then squeezed. That extraction tool does so much damage. I’ve stopped using it on my face, especially around my eyes. Old skin tears easily.

  8. You know you are a true popaholic when you wish you had blackheads so that you can extract them. I'm truly disappointed that I don't have any really available me haha 😉🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. My opinion is that these comodone extractors do way more damage to the surrounding skin then when the fingers are used. Look at the surrounding tissue on this mans face with the extractor being used. I think the fingers are better Becuz we are able to "feel" more of what we are doing with pressure and when to release etc. sometimes they are kinda necessary, like for inside the ears etc. just my opinion.

  10. Dr.Sandra Lee I am very interested in what you called readyae to soften up the skin could you let me no the correct spelling and where to purchase it

  11. Darn lol believe me it is really really not her copy. Yes its her voice but this person made a very poor copy of it!!!! Look her up please and you will see the difference!!!! So smaller picture and dark and nothing below about buying her pimple popper or pimple popper university lol lol I know I watch her all the time you need to look you will really see!!!!!!!!

  12. Also she always advertises her other Chanel and where to buy her comodone extractor!!!!!! Do check it out!!!!

  13. Trust me!!!!! This is not her channel this is a very bad copy!!!! You do not see her insignia on here! Always (Dr Sandra Lee) and on the right corner in blue DR PIMPLE POPPER!!!!!! Look her up and you will find the original video she posted!!! And she does not give permission for copies they are her legal videos and she ALWAYS talks a lot to her patients!!!! So please do look her up!!!!! Thanks!!

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