Extremely EMOTIONAL RELEASE of Anxiety and Stress with Chiropractic Cracking *Explained*

my neck sometimes I will have this pain like right here and then I was like having like I know like a mom yeah mom meltdown meltdown a little bit and having a lot of anxiety and being here I miss my mom and my sisters is this the first time away from them that you ever been yeah oh it's just she if you don't know she just moved from Las Vegas all the way out here to Florida and so not only do we have physical pain but we have emotional pain and that it implies everything to just like crying out and then I would be okay you're gonna get past it I know a name you will I know you oh I can tell your character you're gonna be okay I mean somebody that isn't motivated that's when you worry about somebody okay because that leads to depression but you're a very positive person let's go do it you travel for hours to come in to see me you're like let's get this done you understand and I know that you will figure it out it takes time you're not supposed to know what you're gonna do tomorrow just know what you're doing right now okay that's it you're here we're gonna get you doesn't fix your neck and then you can go think about what you're gonna do and especially not like I feel like I don't know like me meeting you and I kind of haven't like that much maybe oh yeah I'm a great motivator just have a plan even if it's a crappy plan just have some kind of assemblance of a plan and then it will start to evolve as you start doing working towards that break peace we still don't know what you're gonna post this Friday right all right I think I have a plan I just got like New York on it were tonight yeah we don't really know what we're I don't know I didn't know you were gonna walk in the door I don't know who I'm gonna film for next Tuesday I don't know mm-hmm you don't have to know you just do it this foot is winged out very slightly and rolled in very common nothing unusual there you have a left I showed er right lower shoulder very classic right pelvic tilt yeah all that means is that how I'm going to adjust you okay okay you do have a little bit of a tilt usually most people tilt this way your tilts that way so mmm there's something in her neck okay go here go here oh okay right here she's got mid cervical now here we go again I will not adjust the mid cervical region I top region how do you how do you take care of the hair I moved to Florida cousin because it was so dry and so like so here it just does see it move the Florida if you have gorgeous hair you're saying you have pain over here a little bit yeah right like right here I mean I'm sure you feel this this is more tender than this okay is it too much no but yeah she's got some I just feel a trigger point over the transverse process up see – so I'm looking okay if it's over there I'm going to check for compensation or on the other side always always checking here it is right there okay yeah she's she's wincing cuz it hurts but look at that can you see that over my head right here you got a huge lot oh my god and you almost didn't want to get worked on today you need this oh my God look at that just like moving feel that okay let me get it be nice again if anything is like uncomfortable please I do not have to work my thumb off that hard okay I like to fix problems and so I like doing this but if it's too much it's nothing for me to just back off go lighter feels good yeah like painful but still necessary yeah yeah there you go wiggle wiggle wiggle joints love to be wiggled it's motivational for the joint so that when I adjust you you shouldn't feel a thing I just want to take these and pull them up just all of them in a clump right there hold them attention wait for them to relax yeah you got it you got it it's coming out here we go okay here let's fix this c1 and c2 right here here we go right here there's one we're gonna go chin back to get c2 Wow one at a time here with you you doing okay yeah it's not bad is it no and there's CT we're gonna push that back yeah right here it's tight not too bad up here and then we have congestion here you okay with this yes checking and you need it the seam of your pants is off to the right and we have a left shortly deep breath in all the way out perfect here so I have to switch but for right now we're gonna go here deep breath in all the way out okay on the other side the next ones it's the same position I'm just over here yeah we got this out deep breath in let all that air out okay that one's a little stuck deep breath in here all the way out perfect okay that's it whatever you did it you made it through the hardest part all right you know sorry yeah okay you let me know okay okay I meant more like a Casillas and then well this this is the bad side right here there it goes it goes yay one more one more for good measure okay it's done let's check this side for knots definitely more scar tissue over here you sleep on this side I see but all the same all the time this is gonna need my elbow unfortunately I'm sorry this is like going nowhere with my hands okay too much no I took it you let me know right there you feel that yes yeah okay and it goes bloop oh man okay okay it's hard to stay on it that's how tight it is seem like we're going off of it it's hard to stay so tight you see this little girl and you're kind of like and she can't be that bad and then are you get it I mean this is that serious not here oh right there and then this is where I go okay what happened and your child goes all the way into your low back doesn't hurt mm-hm told you you thought was her number one biggest worry was this scraper like this is like the least painful bit my elbows the killer don't the scrape or sometimes you feel things on the surface and I'm feeling like little grains of sand right in here higher up then the rib that's interesting just lightly going over it literally I'm not pushing just gliding over the skin give it a break come on in our region a little bit deeper down doing okay so nothing pinching that's about it right there I mean once the redness goes away it'll calm down and she'll just be left with little purple dots that'll go away in a few days but this is yeah she was right right where she said she felt pain it's right there this is the inflammation you know that inflammation equals pain and so when somebody has a painful spot most likely we need to scrape that area and it helps it helps with pain better to let it come through the skin and let the skin deal with it then then it living in the tissues and not circulating it's a relatively painless way to get blood circulation so I'm all for that go on the plane of this muscle I was explaining that to her one session so now you have a video of it okay okay going in the planet that she does have a little bit of congestion on this side right here in the infraspinatus what does that Bob Ross say just a little cloud and if he says there's a few little ones over here in the corner and uh-oh we're just gonna go over here and that's how I feel right now go from the SI joint out to the hip so deep breath in I'm gonna reach in front just to your hipbone yep there it is yeah alright it wanted to do it that way okay okay on your side facing me here let me feel you definitely we gotta go around the corner on this one okay now not throw your head backwards not hurting your neck oh my goodness that was like oh there it is dear Lord I think I got this side by pulling it on the other but I'm checking it that was good that was good alright on your back for me very good alright reach overhead and grab that yeah okay that's enough you let go if you want you're good you're good I'm not pulling anymore okay everything's in place you doing all right you get a cane and work on this you just need to know where to go that's all I'm telling you this right here you're gonna get a massage can you're gonna do it to yourself oh so I could do it yes whenever you want just people go out they think it's stupid because they don't know how to use it so I'm gonna teach you and I have a video on it go watch it anyone that wants the mill if it hurts too much don't do it I've hurt myself I think cuz I went too far just killing more so when it gets that hot feeling stop wait do it the next day give your body a Down you know some downtime but you're kind of like oh the little does a little good that a lot I do a lot of good wrong wrong okay I'm going to squeeze the muscle up a little bit here you went to Game of Thrones at all yeah why just recently finished washing the whole season like the whole maybe you watched it he watched it twice he watched it twice Tycho watch I know there's all these memes like what you do like they're grabbing the face and forcing you no no I like it but like you haven't watched it until this point because we are we not I didn't grow up with my Netflix or anything oh you're too young right now you're 21 I'm Tania wait he's 20 so Game of Thrones has been out for like seven years yeah but like I would have been too young yeah but also like our household didn't have like Netflix or like cable or anything so you finally finished season seven you ready for season eight you know that's the whole reason he was like pressuring me he said you have to finish it the next one is coming out it can't be behind I know I'm like don't talk to me unless it's Game of Thrones tell me about anything else right now I'm hoping but they both make it but I bet they all die but yeah like didn't Daenerys mother died giving birth to her and yeah like Stormborn they call her but i think that that's what they're implying cuz now one dragon died so to speak so now she can get pregnant so she's gonna get pregnant and she'll die giving birth would you do that that's my own theory I just see the plot points and I'm like that would be really sick think that I would be like nasty I hope she makes it it's not like I want her to die but I just the only thing I can think of is that maybe cuz sure the dragons or I mean if jon snow dies all Melissa Melissa and red can just raise them back alive people the country you're in here first so I don't know all right now chin down for me neck it's mostly your shoulders that you're feeling that strain status and enjoy yes that's what my professor from Indy everything shave years off a man's life strength but it's so weird because I can't grasp it like how do I let it go oh adaptation I'm thinking about something else that's my trick well I'm not gonna think about that right now think about something else just right here so get involved you get yourself busy get your mind busy mm-hmm so that you don't dwell on it it's always gonna be there you're always gonna miss your family there's nothing you can do about it but become busy it doesn't have to be a job could be anything so don't be stressed out about being stressed out she's just got some tech involvement because she's holding her shoulders up so she's this whole structure yeah it's just you're okay it's life it's okay what's life without stress if you never had any stress you would never be motivated to do it yeah that's how I feel so you've only been here two monitors of life yeah they're two months so it's gonna take you a little bit more to get used to it and just acknowledge it I would say it takes two years I know it sounds long but it does takes up two years when you move to a new spot and to get used to it mm-hmm cuz it seems foreign even though you love Florida it seems foreign to you it's out of your comfort zone it's out of your day your day to day life has not changed yeah and that's feel you feel insecure because your life is changed your routine has changed yeah so once you do that enough times here in a new setting you could become used to it you know where your grocery stores you know where your post office is you know you don't be moved here from North Dakota it took us a while to to get used to it mm-hmm diet because we lived in North Dakota for years and it took because that was mainly my childhood you know it took a while because I moved we moved from like a snowy place to like beachside sunny like it's different so yeah you feel like we landed on another planet dad's there yeah and then the beach you're like that's the thing though that I like about Florida there's so much nature well then go for your nature walks just bring a stick for snakes you're gonna have to find make it your home and it takes it takes at least a year to get used to the climate and it takes a year another year after that to make it feel comfortable mm-hmm like moving into a new home can be stressful mm-hmm just the house itself could feel foreign yeah imagine those are our soldiers our military they go off sea and they have to you don't need what they go through they leave their family and then sometimes for you you're just like that's great and then they come back and they're supposed to be you know fine with that ya know so if everybody feels that way and that's why I said don't be stressed that you're stressed just acknowledge it that yes it's happening that would be the only thing I can if I could have told myself that all right away from me open up the eustachian tube yeah there we go good that's it too much you don't have to lean with it nope ears okay you're like I think you just started off you know wait for me I mean no there's nothing much here you're good no okay no there's nothing you don't have any mic hardly any scar tissue you're good was it torture was it that bad not was I felt like it was pain but it was like how do you reason is necessary there's no one rig you have on them on the left-hand side that we got to work a little bit more on that when I feel like that was the world's pain right right no you can say it I mean it's just you have a scar over there all right so we convinced her today all right you happy you made a decision to do it yeah you're like you'll know tomorrow okay all right


  1. I went to a chiropractor and all he did was put some electric nodes on my back and then cracked my neck. I’m still in pain.

  2. Omg loved your blogs I have degenerative discs c5 and c6 now I messed them up really bad I was doing Zumba and weights together. Big mistake!!! I've been in so much pain I've gone to urgent care and the other day I went to the er. They gave me shots for the inflammation. Feel a little better but I now I'm going to be sent to physical therapy if that doesn't work then its chiropacture .I saw what you did when you align the patient looks like it would hurt. Hope my pain goes away because having pain is no fun. Loved your vlog. Hello all the way from Pico Rivera California.

  3. How do you find a chiropractor that will work on knots like that? I’ve been to two and it’s never happened.

  4. You're absolutely amazing! I wish that you were where I live. I live with chronic back pain and you would be my dream come true to live a pair in free life. You help people in miraculous ways!

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