Eye Injuries – First Aid

Dealing with an eye injury is probably one of the most scary things for people to deal with. Often people don’t like touching the eyes, don’t like seeing any problems with them. Even things like watching people put contact lenses in the eye can feel quite bad. Also, one of the senses you’d least like to lose is your sight. So somebody with any eye injury is gonna be very very scared. Now you can damage your eye through different things. Maybe just a bit of dirt or grime in the eye, maybe a scratch, maybe an impaled object into the eye. Also got chemicals, and things like this can all do damage. An important thing to remember with any injury is, your eyes track together. So even if you’ve got one eye damaged, you need to cover both eyes. Because if you cover just this one eye up, and keep this one out, this eye under here is still moving. So what we’ve done here, is, we’ve got a plastic cup on one side. I held this plastic cup in with just a cut in a piece of gauze, and that just slides over the top of the cup. We’ve just bandaged that in place. We’ve also put an eye pad on this side, keeping the good eye closed, and also covering it up, so his sight’s taken away. But when you take someone’s sight away like that, you need to keep talking to them, maybe a hand on the shoulder, just so they know you’re still there, and try and keep them as calm as possible. Try and avoid putting the bandages over the ears, cause then you’re going to lose another of their senses. Don’t do it too tight, because again, that can be very uncomfortable. If you just push your fingers very gently onto your eyes, it can be quite uncomfortable. We’re just doing this really to stabilize him until the emergency services get there. The cup idea, if there was an impaled object, it’s held in that cup area, so nothing’s actually touching it. If you had somebody with chemical burns to the eyes, and problems like that, then bandaging is not the first thing you’d be doing. What we need to do is wash the chemical away using as much water as possible. You can use irrigation solutions, saline solutions, and pure water, or just run them under the tap. You need to make sure, if you’ve got a problem with chemicals in this eye, you need to tilt your head this way. You’re going to make sure the chemical comes out, you mustn’t let it get in the other eye. And also, from your point of view as the rescuer, anything to do with chemical type burns within the eyes, make sure that you keep yourself safe, make sure you keep it as irrigated as possible, and always, with any of these injuries to the eyes, activate emergency services as soon as possible.

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