F2 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamannah, Mehreen

[CHURCH BELLS RING] One Indian guy is missing. Catch him. You go and surround this way
and let’s corner him. – OK. [POLICE SIREN BLOWS] [MUSIC] Cover the entire parameter. No matter what, don’t lose him. I’m on my way. Police siren blows. We got him. You can’t escape bro! You can’t escape without me. You want to fight? I’m also here.
Hello! Let me too hit them. Hello!
Listen! Have a look.
– Hey! Stop it. Stop it. What is this man?
Stop the fight. Move back. You came on a bike. You showed a few stunts. You saved me.
That’s OK. Then you gave build up.
That is also OK. And now you wish to fight with them? Won’t you give me even one chance? You hit four.
Let me hit at least one. You should respect seniors man!
– Please understand. First of all you wake up from your dream. No. No. Come on.
– Not at all. Hey Cobra! Come out of your dream. No. I won’t come.
– Hey! What is it? It was a fantastic dream.
Don’t disturb me. Mind blowing fights, dangerous chases! You want to become a
hero and take my place? I’ll dream according to my fantasies. It’s evident that I’ll
be hero in my own dream. If you want to become a hero
then have your own dream. Who is stopping you? Why should I become a hero? Just ask the audience what is the truth. You go and surround this
way and let’s corner him. OK. Hey! I did nothing. Venky did everything. Encounter him and leave me please. Hey! What! Hey bro! What do you get if I’m killed? Police! Aha it’s a bike! Come on let’s go.
– Let’s go bro! Alas!
What happened? It’s very heavy. I can’t ride this heavy bike. I won’t ride it.
– You won’t ride? Is it so heavy for you? You toppled everything in your dream. You performed all sorts of stunts.
What about that? It was a dupe bro! You dupe even in your dreams? I can smell everything
even from a distance. Please bro! Police siren blowing. Bro! We are rounded up.
Do you have any plan? 3 in the right. Super bro! Remaining 4 in the left. What a plan bro! I’ll enjoy it.
– You start first. You handle left. I’ll handle the people on right. Come on. No. No.
I did nothing. They hit me very hard bro. Even my teeth became lose. Have they hit you? I have a plan which can make them mad. Tell me soon. Move four steps backward. OK. Raise your hands. I’ve raised. Not like that. After you get hit,
you have to raise your hands like this. Bend your legs.
Kneel down. Kneel down man.
– Ya I did. Kneel down. We are surrendering man. We will sit and talk. Please. You too beg.
Come on beg. Reality is this worst.
So I was dreaming bro. What is this bro!
How much time do they take? I’m Viswanath from Indian Embassy. I came here to interrogate you. Hey! You are talking Hindi.
Are you from Mumbai? OK.
You are from Delhi. Chandigarh. It’s a union territory. Liquor is very cheap there. Is that necessary now?
– Sorry bro! You fools! Being Indians, you harassed 2 Indian girls? Are you not ashamed? One of them is my wife sir! The other one is my would be wife. Your wife and your would be wife? Then why did they file case against you? Tell me what actually happened? When you describe an event in
history, you mention BC or AD. But if it is about a man, you have to
mention before marriage and after marriage. People say marriages are made in heaven. But my marriage was
made in marriage bureau. Do you know whom we are
getting married today? Venky, one who has been dependent
on our bureau, since 2 years. And Harika, for whom no bureau could
fetch a bridegroom since 2 years. We are getting both of these married. Even average girls are getting married. Then why not this girl sir? Just have a look there. She is a software engineer. Her father was a bank manager. Now he has taken VRS. Hi!
– Hi. People say beautiful
girls don’t have brain. But she has it more than required. Congrats Harika! You completed your project successfully. Keep it up! I don’t need compliments. Hike my salary. Otherwise I’ll find a new job next month. She’s very calculative sir. Is it? Then have a look there. Lakshmi! Coffee is really good. I don’t need compliments. I need money. Hike my salary. Otherwise I’ll find a new household. We’ll put washing machine aside.
You wash the clothes. I’ll put vacuum cleaner aside,
you broom the whole house. Electricity will be saved. Then I’ll hike your
salary by hundred rupees. Leave it. Whatever I get is OK. She’s very convenient sir. She has typical Indian woman psychology. Family is more typical. Let’s see it live. How much have these people
harassed me in there? Take care while you go in. There are dangerous old ladies in there. What is this? He is frightening us as if
there are devils inside. Hey old woman! The whole house has become monotonous. Why don’t you die once? When relatives arrive,
this house bustles with energy. Do you want me to die? Because of this attitude
your husband hung himself. And your husband drowned in river Ganga. Why are you quarrelling early
in the morning mother-in-law? I did nothing. Your mother is asking me to die. Mother! Who are you? We are from marriage bureau. We brought an alliance for your daughter.
– Come on. Please sit. Wow! Wow! There are no words to praise the groom. He is PA to MLA. Then he must have earned more than his MLA. What do you think? Indeed. Indeed. Will your daughter accept this proposal? What is so difficult about it? Anyhow we’ll talk to her, once she comes. Why don’t you say something? Indeed. Indeed. Perhaps, she rules the family. Please call your daughter. I’m on my way. Please inform everyone. OK.
– Harika! These people are from marriage bureau. She is my daughter Harika. Mother! How many times
will I have to tell you? Don’t plan such things on working days. It’s my marriage. It’s about my life. How can we take decisions so quickly? You waited for 2 years. Let’s plan this weekend. I’ll have to go into the details. If you get to know about the groom,
your decision will be changed. What’s so special about him? He doesn’t have sisters who
could have ruled over you. Your say shall be final
at your in-law’s home. You must be fortunate enough
to get such an alliance. Mother! Order for sweets. 1-2 parlour,
2-3 power nap and engagement at 4pm. Marriage should commence in next 4 days. Sometimes decisions about marriage
should be taken within a snap time. Can our bridge groom bear this girl? He has to bear. You were my neighbour. You joined as PA to that MLA and
bought larger house than his. Is it not? There’s nothing to hide from you sister. You should make hay while the sun shines. Only your marriage is pending now. If God blesses you, what kind of a
girl would you choose among us, Venky? Choosing among you? And blessings of God? No. No. My range is little higher. Not you. Then tell us whom would you give
this month’s lottery amount. I won’t give.
– Why? She took last month’s
amount for buying necklace. Then she took some
amount to buy vegetables. I’ll keep the amount for my marriage. If you can wait, I’ll get my daughter get married
to you as and when she completes her studies. What is she studying sister? She passed 9th class.
She will enter 10th class. Already I’m over ripe like this
lady’s finger. I can’t wait. Hello! Nothing important. Our MLA has come to pick up his PA. Have you seen such a thing in history? Go and tell this to TV channels. I’ll go and have biscuits sir. But you have had your breakfast just now. As you know, I’m diabetic sir. I need to eat something every hour. What if someone kills me? You will have to give
me next month’s amount. You are wonderful Venky. You used MLA’s name and got
discount up to 4 rupees. I’ll get you discount on falls
and blouses using his name. Thank you Venky. Bye!
– Bye! – Bye! Bye! Venky! Sir, when have you come? I came when you were discussing about
discounts on saree falls with those ladies. They are ladies sir. We can get 10 votes from each family.
Elections are ahead. Your analysis is very good Venky. But this is not our constituency. You… you.. I’m an MLA Venky. Stop it now. You were talking about
shopping mall opening? I’ll get ready sir.
– Come soon. Why do you bear this man sir?
Just fire him off. Who are you?
– I’m your driver. You advise me but I haven’t fired you. Ya sir.
But why didn’t you fire me? Influential people don’t
fire PAs and drivers. But why sir? Because you are aware of our loopholes. Go and get the vehicle ready. -Ok sir. Sir you are the chief guest
because you are an MLA. But you neither have a ring nor a chain. You should have worn something. There is large crowd here.
I’m afraid if they would be stolen. What is this sir? I wore a chain.
Your gun man also wore a chain. Hey! Take out the jewellery
given by my mother-in-law. They have invited heroine also. When there is a heroine,
who will look at us Venky? Not an issue sir. Heroine has come. Move aside. Stop! Stop!
He is our MLA. What are you doing?
– Hey listen. This is me. Are you okay sir? Why does humanity in men die
when they see women Venky? They don’t even see that there
is somebody under their feet. What is this sir?
It’s bleeding on your neck. Haven’t I told you before that
they would steal everything? They did it. I’m an MLA. Who are you? You haven’t noticed Venky. They stole your chain too. That’s why I removed my
chain beforehand sir. My gold is safe. Reporting sir! Where were you? As you know, I have low BP sir. I was suffocating in the crowd.
So I sat in the AC room. It’s you who appointed him, right? He has wife and children to look after. Come on, let’s attend the opening ceremony.
– What kind of opening? Just see there. Clap.. Clap.. Now leave it.
This is not my cup of tea. I have a great alliance for you. We’ll have to go and
see the girl after 4pm. But don’t come alone. Bring a married fool along
with you for negotiations. I understood. Will you please give me
time to change clothes? Listen!
– Ya. Isn’t my saree alright? When a woman wears a saree or
marries a man, they must be crushed. I’m an MLA. Sir, I have none to call my
own, except you. Whatever you say is okay for me. Please set this item for me. Why are you inviting trouble Venky? Is marriage so compulsory? I’m not like you sir. I know how to control my wife. Is it true Venky? Repeat it.
I’ll record. I can very well control my wife. Very good!
Let’s go. He is the bridegroom.
– Namaste! He is the MLA of this PA. Being an MLA,
you brought alliance for your PA. You are not an ordinary PA. According to me you are the MLA. Listen! Have a chit chat with them. In the meanwhile, I’ll bring Harika. Indeed. Indeed. He too seems to be the victim of his wife. What are groom’s height, weight and age? You shouldn’t ask all these.
Just keep quiet. OK. You talk very well. Can you sing a song? OK. You are clearing your throat.
Will you really sing? We are from the groom’s side.
Why should we sing? If the goat is OK with
it, why do you worry? Here comes slavish fellow. I’m an MLA.
– Then what should I do? Who are these specimens? They are old people. They babble by habit.
Try to adjust. [HUMMING] Why is this background music Venky? No entertainment without background music.
– Oh. Humming. Why are you getting up? Sit down. What a girl? I should sing a song along
with her in the valleys. Shut your mouth and sit. It’s a wonderful explosion. She is not just a wonder.
She is wonderfully wonderful. Please sit. Why are you behaving like a fool? You are the groom. Sit down. Sit. Sit.
– Maintain yourself. We have only two daughters. Elder one is doing job. My mother and mother-in-law
are disturbing a lot. So we sent the younger one to hostel. You should have sent these
people to an old age home. If you want to ask anything,
you can ask Harika. I have no one except you. You ask her something on my behalf. So you are doing a job. His timings are irregular. So you have to quit job after marriage. No. No. I’ll handle it. Why do you bother about her job? We’ll look after into
it after the marriage. It’s a matter of bride’s self respect. I have no one except you. You ask her something. Do you know cooking? No. No. I’ll talk to him. If she doesn’t know cooking, we’ll order
on Swiggy or get it from a restaurant. Why are you asking age old questions? Is umpiring necessary for
an already fixed match? I have no one except you.
You ask her whatever you wish to. What will you give the groom? We have ordered for Boondi Laddu. And we got Rajma Chawal ready. Boondi Laddu? Rajma Chawal? Sir, I can’t eat Rajma Chawal.
I have gas trouble. Oye, will you please get out?
– Ok sir. She is saying Boondi Laddu. It’s not about eateries. I’m asking about dowry. We have only two daughters. Whatever we have is all theirs. How much do you have? It’s whatever you see here. Listen son-in-law! My anklets are yours. My ear studs are yours. They are so cunning that none
of your plans would work out. Let’s go. Dowry! That too you are asking publicly. No. No. Being an MLA, if you demand dowry, you’ll
be put in the jail under 498 section. I like her. If she wants to ask me
anything she can ask. I’m already sitting in the marriage pandal; I’m searching for ring in the milk; I have even become a mother. Same to same. I have already joined our
child in a corporate school. MLA sir has given me 1 lakh donation. Are you using me for
the next generation too? Sister! Honey! ♪ You seem to be directly
coming from the heavens. ♪ ♪ You seem to be alighting on
this earth from the stars. ♪ ♪ Perhaps you are an angel. ♪ ♪ What else to say? ♪ ♪ What else to say? ♪ ♪ Whatever I wished whole
heartedly, I got it now. ♪ ♪ Bond lasting for ages
is built between us. ♪ ♪ My dream came true. ♪ ♪ What else to say? ♪ ♪ What else to say? ♪ ♪ You are an angel. ♪ ♪ You are beautiful. ♪ ♪ You chose me as your partner. ♪ ♪ You are like a fragrant rose. ♪ ♪ You are incomparable. ♪ ♪ Your beauty is adorable. ♪ ♪ What else to say? ♪ ♪ What else to say? ♪ Smile for the last time
and tie this mangal sutra. You won’t get another chance. I heard something different. Hey I need a solo photo. All of you please go. Listen photographer! Remove brother-in-law and
take a snap of both of us. What is this? She doesn’t like you. But I like you. Your range is not on par with Honey. Honey is the best. I thought you would come in
a saree on our first night. I think this is comfortable Venky.
– If you are comfortable, then it’s fine. Please take your seat. I mean seat belt.
We’ll fly off. Fly off. ♪ My darling! Bring me closer to you
and hug me, daily in the morning. ♪ ♪ When I get out of home, I like the
way you kiss on my forehead with love. ♪ ♪ Whether in happiness or
sorrow, let’s not change. ♪ ♪ Let’s not get our love reduced. ♪ ♪ Your name should be
written in my heart. ♪ ♪ My mornings and evenings are with you. ♪ ♪ Let’s not get separated
even for a while. ♪ ♪ What else to say? ♪ ♪ What else to say? ♪ Enough.
– Please have some more my son. Have some more. Every item is hot and fresh. Eat to the content of your heart. Thank you. Watch the film Venky. You watch the film, I’ll watch you. In order to reform the city,
the chief minister kissed.. Eh.. What are you doing now? In order to take our country to
international level, kissing is.. I’ll come home soon. That’s why even in the
election, kissing is.. Venky I’m talking here.
– You please continue. – You move aside. In the initial days, we express so much
love that it takes wives on to the Everest. We stay at the bottom. They don’t come down. We can’t go up. In this gap, they try to rule us. Expectations!
– Coffee! Coffee! How is it Venky? It’s good. Eh..
It’s worst. If it is not good, you should have told me. Tell me the truth. I expect only this from you. OK. How is it Venky? It’s too oily and salty. Why do you talk so rudely? I worked hard to prepare it. You should have praised. You should have told lovingly. I expect only this from you. You should not leave wet towel on the bed. Don’t you know such a small thing? And this socks on sofa. You never turn off lights. You never turn off fans. Can’t you exercise this much of discipline? I don’t expect much from you, except this. Fast ticking clock! They compare past with present. Whenever you try to open your mouth, they play
football with you just by saying “You have changed”. Hi Harika! We had to go to movie at 6pm and you
came at 9pm. – I was busy at office. You should have reminded me at 4pm. I never reminded you earlier. Why do you drag past things here? Have you brought washing powder? Oh shit! No problem. I have an important meeting tomorrow. My saree won’t be ready.
Thanks. Have you brought Jasmines? You don’t remember film, washing powder. But you remember Jasmine flowers. Venky! You are changed. Previously, when we used to watch
movie, you used to stare at me. But now you don’t take
your look off the screen. You are changed Venky. You used to be with me
in the kitchen always. But now you never come inside the kitchen. Venky, you are changed. Why do you say that in every context? Even in case of washing powder.. Whenever there is a quarrel, they own it
completely and apply it to every other quarrel. After a few days,
even the courtesies get changed. Harika! You served cold
food directly from fridge. You should have heated it before serving. Eat it. It becomes warm,
when it goes into your stomach. Initially, everything was served fresh. Now it’s all cold.
– You want fresh food? You too are not fresh as before. In order to save me from this
frustration, I invented one aasan. It is Venky aasan. Is it necessary to roam in MLA’s car? I got this car purchased for our sake. Hello! Won’t you talk to your new neighbours? Hello! I think you don’t take
proper care of your wife. How do you know? She is carrying all the goods? When she was shopping I carried the bags. Now when I was getting out of
car, she took from me. Just look at me. I’m carrying all the bags. Serve your wife like how I do. Learn from him. Look how much he loves his wife. Get in.
Then I’ll get into the matter. Don’t know where has
this trouble come from? He was just babbling. You have changed a lot. What are you doing? Whenever they get angry,
they hurl anything at us. And if we protest, then they start drama. Will you kill me? What is this?
You were throwing knives and ladles. I just raised my hand. Siren blows. Do you know,
where does this siren is heard? Harika has told us everything. Please listen to what I say at least once. My daughter is ill fated. No No mother-in-law!
– We have handed you our pretty girl. You are playing with this innocent girl. As a psychiatrist, what I feel is
that a girl’s heart is very sensitive. Even if she irritates us,
[PHONE RINGING] Even if she tortures us, You have to deal with love,
with care, with patience. Even if I cut the phone,
she keeps on ringing. How many times will I have to tell you?
Don’t ring the phone when I’m with clients. Anything burnt or hills collapsed?
What happened? Just tell me. Tell me if I should
make rice or chapatis for lunch. Chapati. My hands are aching.
I won’t make chapati. I’ll prepare rice. When you have taken a decision,
then why have you called me? I’ll kill you. Don’t call me when I’m working.
OK? Sir. Sir. Sir. No problem. You eat rice.
Don’t get tensed. And you eat this too.
– You should talk lovingly. And you shouldn’t show anger.
– Shut up otherwise I’ll break your head. Cool! Cool! And with the entry of this
cab, my life took a new turn. Sister! I have come. Hi Honey! Hello! Hello! Hello! Why have you come with this suitcase? Hostel food is not good. So she stays here now on. She said brother-in-law is not of my
range, Honey is the best. Then why did she come to my home? Sister! Is it just his house? Not yours? [GASP] What kind of look is this? Honey is the best. Where does this sound of rats come from? Oh my God! Brother in law!
Please don’t reveal it to my sister. Please please don’t tell her.
– Honey is the best na? Wait and see what I’ll do.
Harika? What happened Venky?
Why are you shouting middle of the night? Your sister is sending kisses to
someone over phone middle of the night. What? Where have the books come from suddenly? Don’t believe her.
She is playing dramas. Honey! Were you kissing your boy
friend over the phone? – No. No. I was reading. Brother-in-law doesn’t like
having me in this house. [MUSIC] Honey is the best. Younger one is more
dangerous than the elder one. Don’t know what happens to
the one who marries her? He is the one.
– I’m that unfortunate fellow. Honey! I’ll narrate my own story.
– Carry on. I’m describing an event in history
as before Kashmir and after Kashmir. Hey bro! Why do you raise this topic now? What bro! You have knowledge so you said BC and AD. My knowledge is limited. Let’s go directly to Mumbai. As Varun Yadav, son of Kantha
didi, I’m popular in my area. I used to enjoy with friends, eat to
the brim sleep and get up very late. My life was cool. Why are these girls and aunty
staring at me like that? Will they eat me off? Come on, get in. She threw letter at me. [LAUGHING] Hey mother! Why are you laughing early
in the morning, looking at Nagababu? It’s a wonderful programme.
I’m watching repeat telecast. I’m enjoying a lot. Tell me one thing. What happened to your
new restaurant launch? Food inspector is harassing me. If I get letter from MLA,
my work will be finished. By the way, where is dad? I asked him to chop onions. Don’t know where he has gone? Put some masala into it and make it spicy. If you can guide me, I shall get
keema from the market. – Hey dad! My son has come.
I’ll talk later. What is this? When mother asked you to
chop onions you said no. And here you are peeling off peas. Get in. He is irritating us a lot sir. Who is he?
– There he is. We shall teach him a lesson today. We won’t leave him. Come on sir.
– Let’s go. Shut up. What do you think? Should we live here or go
away leaving our homes? He removes his lungi in front
of our ladies. – He’s right. Cool! Cool! What happened uncle? Why are you so hot? Why do you exercise
upstairs, without lungi? Colony people complained against you. Nobody complained when there was no water in
this colony, when drainage was overflowing. When I removed my lungi
all of you came together. Hey! You remove lungi in front of ladies?
Are you not ashamed? What if I remove lungi?
I have short inside. Look at him sir. Look how he is showing off his
shorter short in front of girls. Listen aunty. Mine is not short. Just look at your girl. What she wears is shorter short. This is my house,
my upstairs and he is my son. He’ll eat, sleep and dance. If you create nuisance
here, I’ll thrash you all. You people have come to
quarrel early in the morning. Move aside uncle.
All of you, clear this place. See how he is doing? Hey friend!
– Hi how r u? What is this nuisance early in the morning? I was sleeping upstairs and my lungi
got off. And they came to quarrel. Lungi got off? So what?
We have shorts inside. I was trying to explain the same. Just look at it. When you removed it once,
we registered police complaint. If you repeat it.. After all I’m your husband. What are you still looking at sir? Hey!
Come on, come with me. Hey sir! I wish to tell you something. I’m good looking in the whole colony. So girls are trying to trap me. Oh I see. Do you think I’m a fool?
– Won’t you believe? Come. What is this?
– Just read it. This is my daughter’s handwriting.
– That’s what. Read it. My father goes out of station tonight. You come upstairs.
Let’s celebrate. What does this mean? You go out of station tonight,
I’ll tell you in the morning. What are you thinking now?
Now you can take leave. Ya I’ll leave. Don’t reveal it to anyone please. Everyone should leave in 5 minutes. You don’t worry about this. What are you whispering over there?
[Slapping sound] What is this you idiot? You fold your lungi up in front of ladies. Why are you beating him?
You have to beat that boy. Just tell me. Can’t you wear shirt and come out. Are you exposing your body? You have taken bribe from him. No sound.
Shut up. You people shouldn’t turn up here now on. Otherwise I’ll thrash you all. Get lost.
– Have you seen “Mohabbatein” serial? Ya ya I have seen.
It’s too good. How did you feel?
– Hey dad! Now you sticked to this wall. What do you talk with them? What else can he do? He watches waste serials
and chit chats about them. [PHONE RINGING] Hello Honey! Varun, I’m not allowed to
participate in the cultural fest. They are saying I can call whomever I want. Come soon. Honey is my sweet heart. We are in love since one year. She always says “Honey is the best”. Now I’m getting an opportunity
to know about her talent. Hey! Who is harassing my Honey. Varun! Hey, what happened. Look Varun! They are not
allowing me to participate. Honey darling! Your dress is so cute. Honey is the best. Tell me who stopped you.
– Who is he? Hey..
– After this shot.. You were saying I can
bring whomever I want. Look my hero has come. Come here. Why mister? Why are you undermining
my darling’s talent? You can’t get such a talented girl. Even if you search whole India,
you won’t get. – You are right. You say she is talented.
– You are right. Before you get to know about her
talent, I’ll show what real talent is. Shashikala! [RECITAL OF CLASSICAL NOTES] Stop it. Bad singing Varun. In “Saregama” “sa” goes
down and “pa” goes up. Enough! Everyone tries to judge like
the judges of Indian Idol. Go and sing. Just see how I play
football with “Saregama”. You carry on my sweet heart. Move! Move! Why are they running? They are acting smart. I smell something fishy. Just look at her.
She’ll tear off the song. Teacher! Excuse me. I think she is reciting hymns. They call it warm up. [CLEARING THROAT] What is in her mouth? Hot water. Her throat gets cleared. She sounds just like your
father’s old scooter. She is begging. She is trying to catch hen. Why is he beating himself? If I hear her without
this, I’ll commit suicide. Samosa? Just see. She equals music with eatables
such as samosa and fruits. Silence! Varun! Don’t you like it? Fantastic! You tore it off. Honey is the best. What should we do now sir? Why are you asking me?
– Do you have dance or something else? You still have hopes? OK! Let’s watch that miracle too. LEt’s do veena step. Honey darling.
No. No. No. Please. Please. Please.
Come on. Come down. Why have you stopped me? I was dancing well na? Ya darling. But you need some practice. Are you mad?
I’ve been practising since 15 years. Hey! Stop it.
Mad fellow. I think we can do something
for the next anniversary. Even you don’t appreciate my talent. I hate you.
I don’t love you. Break up.
– No. No. No. Not like that. Look at me. I’ll send you on to the stage. I’ll see who’ll stop me. Who allowed her to sing on stage? Someone in the staff room got heart attack. Pricipal sir! Do you remember me? Hey Varun! How come you are here? She wants to go on stage in
this anniversary celebration. Let her go sir. How can I do that? If she sings, our image gets collapsed. Have you forgotten sir? You wrote letters to Sarala madam
and her husband came to kill you. Stop it. They are trying to tarnish my image. Do one thing. Let her sing and dance. Sir! What are you saying? If she starts singing, I’ll hang myself. Hey! If you die,
I’ll dance on your dead body. It seems you’ll definitely kill me today. Then start it. ♪ Honey is the best. ♪ Honey is the best. No comparison to you. [MUSIC] Stop! Stop! Stop!
This is my house. Varun! We shouldn’t stop here. Next month there is national
level competition in Delhi. I’ll sing even there. Will you come with me? You’ll be happy even when the whole
world shakes with earth quake. You are mad. When you are happy,
you don’t even know what you are saying. Just say “Honey is the best”. Stop saying this. Honey is the best. Thank you. See you bye!
– Bye! – Good night. She is caught. Come on baby.
I’ll see you in. Sister! Just see how many cups have I won. Oh my god! – I’m so happy.
– Honey! Show me. Not just about cups,
tell her about your mistakes too. The one who dropped you on bike
was your boy friend, right? Not boy friend, he was ola bike
driver, brother-in-law! -Oh! You’ll give money to Ola driver, not hug. How did he know? Look at him sister.
You said he’ll attend my programme. But he didn’t come. He never pays heed to you. [MUSIC] You never listen to me. I was busy with office work. You don’t even bring washing powder..
– It’s again Surf Excel. You start that babbling as always you do. She came along with her boy
friend and you are babbling here. Ya I’m babbling. Hey Harika! Her boy friend dropped her. Are you mad?
– Ya I’m mad. You leave important
things and catch the tail. Don’t you have brain? I married you.
Then how can I have brain? She catches the tail again. Ok brother-in-law!
Decorate the cups. I’m going to sleep. She diverted the topic
and asking me to decorate. You..
Just see. No. No. No. Don’t do that. Siren. Family. Finish. Don’t kill me. If you cry, they’ll come. She has come. You too came. Why are you eating off my children? They are not fruits.
They are devils. See how he harasses the girl
who is as smooth as a flower. If someone is there in your place, then he
would have gifted us 2-4 children by now. If you people stay at my home 24
hours, how can I gift children? He talks so rudely with elders.
Why don’t you talk? Indeed. Indeed. Should I scold you? Hit you?
Or show sympathy? [BELL RINGING] Hello! He has come. My wife just asked for ice cream. I went all the way to Charminar for this. Is it that necessary to come
into my house and tell this? You should serve your wife like how I do. I don’t even get washing powder. How can I get ice cream? Keep quiet my child.
– Are you happy now? He shows off bringing
something or the other. Why don’t you bring her something? This is enough for today.
You carry on. Brother-in-law doesn’t want
me to stay in his house. You are mad. This house is not your brother-in-law’s.
It’s our house. Ya this is our own house. She talks all this. But she doesn’t talk about her mistakes. Mistakes? What kind of mistakes? She is going to college. She is roaming with her boy friend. If she stays in my house,
isn’t she my responsibility? Son-in-law! If you doubt my daughter,
it’s same as doubting my whole family. She is holy fire. That’s why she burnt my home.
– OK son! Just prove that my daughter has boy friend. I, my daughter and my whole
family will stay at your feet. Repeat it mother-in-law! If you prove it, I, my daughter and my
whole family will fall on your feet. Do you understand? Remember this mother! Note date on calendar. In two days, I’ll prove that your
younger daughter has boy friend. Then I’ll control your elder daughter. I’ll treat your whole family as Lord Yama. This is my pledge.. Pledge.. Pledge.. Honey! Commitment is over. You don’t have boy friend, right? No.
– Thank God! Show me on left. Had your lunch?
– Some more to the left.. It happens when you are newly-wed. Later your hair falls off.
Come on do your work. Camera is backside sir.
He can’t be seen. He can escape from the
camera, but not from my eyes. MLA sir is..
– Who are you? I need to meet MLA,
to get permission for my hotel. Do you have PA’s permission?
– PA? Laughing. Do you know what it is? It’s Corporator Yadav’s
recommendation letter. What can the PA do when we have this? Get lost. At home wife doesn’t respect me and here.. Hello! Hello! Stop! Who are you?
What have you come for? I have to meet the MLA. If you want to meet him,
you have to take my permission. But now I’m not in mood. Mood? Are you kidding? Why should I play jokes with you?
Are you my co brother? Who knows? If fate decides I may
become your co brother. Hey!
– You touch me? If I give a ring, rowdy sheeters rush
from all the streets and break your bones. Hey! Hey! Hey! You can bring any number of men. Any centre.. Any time…
single handed Venky! He is exceeding limits. You convince him in your own style. Look Mr. PA.! Remember one thing. You should know where to
bend and where to raise. Then I’ll raise and you bend. Bend. Bend.
Come on bend. You should not deliver
sentimental dialogues. It’s time for action dialogues. It suddenly appeared in
my mind and I told it off. Hey! Why are you getting
so much frustrated? Does your wife beat you? Why are you talking about my wife? Hey! Don’t come in my way.
– You too don’t come in my way. I have high BP. Even I have BP. Leave it.
Give him the letter. This is the recommendation letter
of corporator Yadav. – What is this? Letter of Corporator?
My foot! Look I tore it off. Here my word rules.
– I’ll see your end. Where is Varun? There’s a fight going on here. You know I got gold belt in karate. Share the location, I’m coming. Karate? Gold belt in Karate?
– You tore my letter. Stop! Stop! Stop! Venky, what’s happening here Venky? We are fighting. Are you fighting? If you are fighting,
then your hands and legs should break. Why are you breaking my furniture, Venky? By the way, what’s the problem? He wants to meet you without my permission. One who wants to meet me,
should take your permission? What’s your problem? He tore off corporator
Yadav’s recommendation letter. Yadav? He himself is not allowed in here. And you bring his recommendation letter. On duty sir! There was a big fight going on here?
Where were you? As you know I have piles problem sir.
So I went to drink coconut water. Just tell me one disease
that’s not in your body? I don’t have Epilepsy sir,
but soon it too may attack. When it attacks, just let me know. Why does he treat disease as an award? Since I’m an MLA,
I have to serve people sometimes. Tell me what your problem is. Now you want to meet him
without my permission. Call him. I’ll reveal all his secrets.
– Just listen to me. Haven’t I told you in the market,
he knows all my loopholes? – Correct sir. If you appoint such people, this happens. Why are babbling again?
– You hold my collar? What will you do? Do you know –
whom are you talking with? – Hey! You must have seen girl friends who
force boy friends to spend money on them. But you must not have seen a girl
friend who can fight for her boy friend. If I see you, you go to ICU. I think I heard this voice somewhere. Hey! Hey! Show me your face. You thief! I heard your voice somewhere. Show me your face. Aadab sir. How can I show my face to you? Maintain distance sir. Varun come on. Aadab sir.
– Aadab? I think I heard this voice.
– Hindustan zindabad. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. This time we’ll come
with MP recommendation. Why did you bring me out in this manner? He is my brother-in-law. Last night, he saw us
together and created ruckus. It means that my personal life and professional
life are disturbed by one and the same man. I’ll show him who am I.
Give me his number. [PHONE RINGING] Hello.
– Hello Cobra! Cobra! Why are you scolding me? Cobra is not a bad word. It’s co brother. I’m your sister-in-law’s lover. Where are you? Why? Have you challenged to catch me? Even if you try to catch me,
you’ll slip off like sand. I’ll jump into underworld.
– Talk slowly. I’ll cross seven oceans and fly
off so that you can never find me. Where will you fly off? Aadab sir.
– Aadab? I should hit you. Both of you make fool of me. It’s..
No. If you shout in front of their
gate, won’t he able to hear you? If you are so fond of giving
warnings, just go and warn terrorists. You are ready to jump into sea
and you don’t know how to swim. You keep on babbling. Why are you staring at me sir? I’m just a side hero. Look at them.
They are running sir. Bye brother in law! Hey Cobra!
Stop! Run fast.
– Stop! I won’t leave you. Hey! Come in. Come on.. Run. Hey stop! Hey stop! Open the door. Hi Cobra! There’s a dog here. It bites whomever it sees. Look behind! Enjoy Cobra! Come soon. You go.
I’ll look after everything. It’s not that easy to tame dogs. You too are male. Only a male can understand
other male’s heart. I got married six months ago. Why did you sit? [BACKGROUND MUSIC] You can make even dogs
weep with your sentiments. You are great! I think he knows the language of dogs. Stop here. Honey! Why did you bring me to your home? My sister is busy in office. And my brother-in-law is busy with the dog. Then we’ll get busy here for some time. Let’s go. What kind of getting busy is this?
– Come on. Ya I’m coming. Come. Where is the bed room? Up or down?
Where is it? What are you doing? You said we’ll be busy. Not so strong. Slowly. Come. Hug me. Kiss me. She is caught.
[PHOTO CLICKING] I connected outer CCTV camera to my
phone, in order to catch you. Please brother-in-law! Don’t reveal it to sister.
– What a performance? Look bro! You should ignore such things. OK Honey! I’ll take leave.
– Bro! Bro! How can you go bro? You have lot to do here. How much you harassed me? You made me run. You tried to get me bit by dog. I’ll introduce you to her family.
Her family is more dangerous than a dog. Why are you hurrying bro? We have not yet done anything. Does anyone meet family
within so short time? We shall settle everything.
Let’s go. What is this bro? Am I a watchman to arrive
at settlement with you? This footage itself is enough. I’ll take revenge on you.
I’ll maintain enmity with you. Your mother and grandmas
will be in frustration. I’ll take revenge on all of you. One shot all birds die. Harika! Mother-in-law, with family! Just look. You said your sister
doesn’t have a boy friend. Just look at this. I caught them red handed while kissing. Hey old women! Hey old women! What were you saying?
Holy fire? Mango pickle? Rajma chawal? You.. Mother-in-law! Hope you remember. You said if I prove this,
the whole family falls at my feet. Now on, I’m the king here. And all are my slaves.
All of you are my slaves. Hey Harika! Now on, my shoes will be on
bed and socks will be on sofa. They will be wherever they want. And fire off servants. Your mother and these olx pieces will work. From today, I’ll rule this house. I’ll take all the decisions. If you cross limits,
consequences will be worst. Is that OK father-in-law? Indeed. Indeed. Indeed? What is this mother? He rounded us up. You are right. I used to think he is very plain.
But he is dangerous. What do we do now? We’ll tell him that we
know about it beforehand. Mother! Isn’t it wrong? We have no option. What kind of gestures are going on? Hey Cobra! They became dumb. Now stop jumping and hopping. We knew this beforehand. Why are you making so much noise? We already know that my
sister has a boy friend. Hey! Hey! You don’t want to live as my slaves. So you wove this story just now, right? Why should we tell stories my son? We asked him to meet you at your home. I swear on him. Indeed. Indeed. Harika! I’m your husband. I accept my defeat. I’ll stay at your feet. But just tell me the truth. Why have you challenged me if
you knew Honey had boy friend. Just like that Venky! We wanted to see what you would do. No. No. My God! Won’t you give at least one chance
to a husband to win over his wife? It’s wrong dude. Too much injustice is going on. Son-in-law keeps on talking. Tell me whether you have parents? Ya aunty. Oh! You have parents? What happened? I mean they have to come
for the engagement na? What did you say? Varun come on. Mother! Uncle! Father! Grand ma! What is this Cobra? You torture such a lovable family? I don’t like it. My heart pains.
– He is just like that Varun. Starting from washing powder..
– Hey! Hey! Enough! Enough! All of you are united. I’ll get out.
Enjoy. Enjoy. I’ll get out of here.
– Venky! Venky! – I don’t want to listen.
– Listen! Bring cool drinks and sweets
for all of us when you return. Get in.
I’ll see your end. Shall I tell brother-in-law
what you have done? No. No. No. Cool! Cool! Cobra I was worrying as to how
to convince my family members. You helped me a lot. Love you cobra! Love you. Hey! You may be my enemy.
But you are also a man. Smile on your pretty face is so cute. But it disappears after marriage. Listen to me. Don’t get married. Cobra! Cool drinks should be cold
and sweets must have lots of ghee. I’ll go and get the marriage date fixed. Come in. Honey! He has gone in. Now he will be hit. They’ll chew him. They’ll crush him. They’ll eat him off. Now on, fun is mine,
he’ll be in frustration. Namaste! Namaste! Namaste!
– Please come. You invited me to your engagement.
That’s OK. Bur why did you invite me to
your sister-in-law’s engagement? Am I MLA to this constituency
or to your family? Namaste aunty!
– Namaste! She is my mother and he is my father.
– Namaste! I’m his friend. You accepted your son’s
love without second thought. You are the mother of an extraordinary son. What is this? Same timing. Namaste aunty! My elder daughter.
My elder son-in-law. He is the PA of MLA. Let’s go inside.
– Same dialogue. Bro! Bro! Bro! Think again. Cancel this marriage. I’m not like you. I very well know how to control my wife. Just one second.
– Record it. Repeat it. I very well know how to control my wife. Am I right? It’s fantastic. Save it. [LAUGHING] Now he will be banged.
– You are right. Why are you sitting here? Go there and sit. Younger son-in-law!
Come here and sit. Go and sit there. When new son-in-law arrives,
older one is looked down. Do you watch serials? What dad?
What kind of serial are you showing here? Sit down uncle!
– Remember the purpose of coming here. That’s what you explain him. Ya. With the arrival of younger son-in-law,
this house bustles with energy. After 6 months, he gets wilted. Why should we bother about these specimens?
– Exactly. Aunty! Honey’s exams are over. Now we decided to get her married. We brought her up with
great love and pampering. Now we are handing her to you. Only I’ve been talking since long.
Even you say something. Indeed! Oh my God! I too got transformed
in to my father-in-law. When a musk melon sees another one,
its colour automatically changes. I’m still in that shock. Sit quiet. Cool! Cool! Mother! If you want to
ask something you can ask. No problem. You can ask anything? Listen! Do you know cooking? In our family, daughters-in-law cook food. Hey! Aunty! I’ll talk to her. Why are asking all this now? What did I say?
– Leave aside cooking and food. Ask her something else. Listen! You should wear this
kind of clothes after marriage. I don’t like jeans and shirts. Hey! No. I.. How is the trend now-a-days? Will anyone say such things? Same concept. Same screenplay. In fact, same scene too. I’m seeing myself in his mother. And I’m seeing myself in him. If you have something to
ask, ask the elders. What will you offer the groom? Badam Halwa, Kaju Katli And we have also got biryani ready. Shit! They increased items in the menu. Just now I came to know I have ulcer. What should I eat instead of biryani? Eat poison.
I’ll get rid of you. Get lost.
– OK sir. Not about eateries.
What will you give as dowry? I’ll explain aunty. They have only two daughters. Whatever is there, it is theirs. After that we’ll get it. But how much is that? It is as much as they have.
– They won’t tell. They know only to give looks. Son-in-law! My anklets are yours.
– My ear studs are yours. Oh my God! Anklets and ear studs shifted to
him, Venky! – Let them go sir. This is not a Padma Vibhushan award. They wore it for 60 years. Now the articles must have reduced
to half gram. – You are right. Varun! Why do you ask so many questions? I’m multi talented. Haven’t you told your mother? Honey is the best. Sing a song dear. If I listen to her song for second
time, I’ll die. I can’t bear.
I’m going. Leave me.
– Just wait. My son! Ask her to sing. You go and talk about
serials with that lady. Shall I go? You sit quiet. OK.
– No.No dear. Don’t start the song.
– Hey bro! Let her sing. I too want to see her talent.
– No. No. I too love songs.
Sing my dear. Do you want to finish off everything now? You can sing during Sangeeth. Mr. Priest! You have a common
dialogue in such situations. Say it. We are running out of time.
Let’s complete the rituals. Same position. I too stood at the same place. His condition also deteriorates as mine. Wow! I arranged this great party
on the eve of my engagement. What happened, Cobra? Start the party. No. You have lots of toddy. Have it.
– I don’t want. Do you need your wife’s permission? Hey! What are you talking? Do I need wife’s permission? Just look how I drink it. Bro! Wife should be in your hands
just like the reins of a horse. You should not let it off.
But you did.. What did you say?
I let the reins off? Hey Harika! Harika! Why didn’t she come? Harika! Even after your screams, I didn’t
hear the words “ya” or “I’m coming”. Why is she not replying?
– You let off the reins bro! When did I let them off? Hey! You.. Harika! I have been calling you since long.
Why are you not replying? Hey!
Have you had toddy? We just had a trrryyy… You had a trrrryyy? They tried it.
What’s wrong in it? They are ladies bro! High class ladies drink in excitement.
Low class ladies drink in happiness. Then why can’t middle class ladies? By the way, drinking toddy
is part of our culture. Mmm… Siter, Honey!
Drink how much ever you want. Drink? [LAUGHING] Intoxication! Intoxication!
Intoxication! ♪ We got intoxicated by love. ♪ ♪ Enjoy.. Enjoy… enjoy.. ♪ ♪ Enjoy.. Enjoy… enjoy.. ♪ ♪ Come on.. Come on.. Come on..
let’s love each other. ♪ ♪ Come on.. Come on.. Come on..
let’s love each other. ♪ ♪ There’s nobody down here. ♪ ♪ There’s nobody up there. ♪ ♪ Say hello in love my dear! ♪ ♪ In love.. ♪ ♪ Don’t look ahead or behind. ♪ ♪ We are dancing in excitement. ♪ ♪ Oh my dear! We may reach the moon. ♪ ♪ Intoxication! Intoxication!
Intoxication! ♪ ♪ We got intoxicated by love. ♪ ♪ Fly off! Fly off! Fly off! ♪ ♪ In a loving style. ♪ ♪ My dear! Your body is mind blowing. ♪ ♪ My beautiful Lady! ♪ ♪ Every part of your body is
filled with intoxication. ♪ ♪ Let me ride off in this trance. ♪ ♪ When you touch, my heart beats fast. ♪ ♪ Take me somewhere while I’m in trance. ♪ ♪ Make this night beautiful one. ♪ ♪ I’ll glide in the wind currents
of love and take you to US. ♪ ♪ Let love rain. ♪ ♪ Take me to clouds. ♪ ♪ If you wish,
let me take you to the heavens. ♪ ♪ Intoxication! Intoxication!
Intoxication! ♪ ♪ We got intoxicated by love. ♪ ♪ Fly off! Fly off! Fly off! ♪ ♪ In a loving style. ♪ ♪ My dear! My heart is cradling. ♪ ♪ This world revolves round and
round and does rock n roll. ♪ ♪ Why does these glasses hit
saying cheers.. Cheers.. ♪ ♪ This is the love scenario. ♪ ♪ Let’s romance openly. ♪ ♪ You love me. ♪ ♪ You move left and right. ♪ ♪ You get ready and fulfil your wish. ♪ ♪ Put shyness aside. ♪ ♪ Open love chapter. ♪ ♪ Let’s romance openly. ♪ ♪ Scenario is beautiful. ♪ ♪ Intoxication! Intoxication!
Intoxication! ♪ ♪ We got intoxicated by love. ♪ ♪ Fly off! Fly off! Fly off! ♪ ♪ In a loving style. ♪ ♪ Fly off! Fly off! Fly off! ♪ ♪ In a loving style. ♪ Why didn’t they come till now?
– How would I know? They said they would be here in 10 minutes. They don’t have time sense at all.
– They started already. Have a glance at your neighbours too. Wow! These many sarees?
Are they for any occasion? Any fool buys clothes on occasions. It’s just like that. I got salary and so I bought these. Have you bought any saree with your salary? He is over acting.
– Hello! She is your wife. Serve her a little. Let’s go darling. Cool! Cool! Sorry bro! We are late because of traffic.
– Namaste! – Namaste! Namaste!
– Let’s go. Listen mother and Honey! We are shopping for marriage.
You carry on without any tension. Nothing should go wrong. Relax!
– OK. Just look!
How my friend is managing everyone? Wow! Wow! Wow! You can convert two enemies into
friends by taking them to a bar. But two women in a saree shop… Is it? You can’t manage for a long time dear. Just see. Ya we’ll see. What is the range madam? It’s for aunty. So show sarees of high range. Mother!
Is it OK? Just look at this madam. It’s not good. This is too good.
Isn’t it? This is not good. Show another one. This one. Ya. This is too good.
– Oh! Green colour doesn’t suit you. Show a few more. Show a few more. I don’t like this. Oh my God!
This is too good mother-in-law! This is beautiful aunty! This one? But this is not of your range madam. This is too cheap. What’s there in price? This very much suits her complexion. What is this son? They selected cheap saree for me. Moreover they are talking
about my complexion. Why are you silent? Mother! Keep quiet. – Ask them.
– I’ll talk to them. Have you seen?
That is just the beginning. Just see what happens. Aunty! Mother’s saree seems to be cheap. We always don’t wear this kind of sarees. We wear it once and put
in the cup-board, right? Listen! Pack it please. Aunty! Now it’s your
turn to choose for us. Have you heard of Panipat battle?
– No sir. Now just watch Kanjeevaram battle. Now what is the range madam? Same range which they fixed for me. Ya show it.
– Just see this madam. Isn’t this good? This colour is not good. This is too good. Its border is..
– This colour is old fashioned. This one. We already have sarees with this design. Until and unless they like a
saree, this goes on. This saree is superb. Aunty! It has a border. I don’t know whether it has
border or order. – Mother! I liked it a lot. Have you seen? That is.. That is my family. She is our daughter-in-law.
Let it be. What is this? Cheap saree for me and costly sarees for
your sister-in-law and mother-in-law? If you don’t talk now,
they will soon sit on your head. – Is it? If you don’t talk now,
that girl gets out of your hand. – OK. I’ll go and talk. He is hot now.
But just see how cool he comes back. Indeed. What a timing father-in-law? This is beautiful.
– What is this? Costly saree is OK for the bride. But if you people select such
costly sarees it won’t work out. Mother is not happy. What is this Varun? You always used to give
your credit card to me. Your mother trained you, right? You have changed. We have number of sarees Varun! I selected this because she was insisting. Otherwise.. We wear these sarees not
just on a few occasions. We wear them always. Such a cheap talk just for saree! I can’t.. I’m ill fated. No. No.
It’s not like that. Select whatever you like. What did I say? What did I say? Mom! Marriage obviously
includes lot of expenditure. So I should be silent. You are changed because
you are getting married. What are you doing? Are you
chatting again on serials? Let’s go. Mother! Please come upstairs. I won’t come. I can’t bear your mother-in-law’s chatter. You go. I’ll pay the bill. You go. Go. She is not coming. You carry on. This is wrong Varun. Everybody thinks we want to control you. Controlling husbands is
not at all our practice. Indeed! Indeed! Mother! Please come. Get lost. Even if I come,
they buy things of their choice. Don’t pester me.
– But come upstairs at least once mom. Come on aunty! We liked two sets. Please select one from them. I like this. But I like diamonds a lot. Haven’t I told you? They buy things of their choice. Mother! Stop! Stop!
– I’m going. What is this? Buy whatever mother likes. Listen to whatever she says.
– Ok pack it. Why are you compromising? Diamond set is also good. Isn’t it? Then pack diamond set. You.. Platinum is better than diamonds. We are spending money. Why do you bother? Why did you show diamonds? Why did you interfere? Hello! Hello! Cobra!
Just show me your face. Show me. Show me. – No. Is the expression on your
face called frustration? Frustration!
– What’s your problem bro! I wasn’t in love before marriage. It took 6 months to reach this stage. But your case is just the reverse.
Moreover, you have a family. Very soon,
3 Fs will be missing from your life. Friends! Family! Freedom! Only one F will remain. Frustration! Ya! Hey! Frustration! Hello! What is the matter? You are at my home, early in the morning. My sister is getting married. Great people like you
should definitely attend. Please take it. What? Only card? No gift? What are you talking?
How can we come without gift? Have this gift.
Your second wife and second son. You asked me to follow you, so I did. I didn’t know you would
follow me to this extent. Come on go!
Say hello to your dad. Won’t you hug your husband? What a family? Oh same dress? Where did you buy?
– RS Brothers. Oh! Same shop. Say something sister!
Say whatever you want. Give it back. Now starts your frustration. Cheers!
– Cheers! Hey! Why was Cobra talking like that? “Your friends will be cut off”. You are my childhood friend.
How will I lose you? [PHONE RINGING]
Honey is calling. I won’t attend. Please attend the call my friend! I won’t attend. [PHONE RINGING]
She is calling again. Give it. Leave it. What happened? She herself appeared here. Just listen!
– Sshh! You are partying along with this
donkey and cutting off Honey’s phone? You have changed Varun! Honey dear! I was about to attend your call but
this donkey was not giving me the phone. Where has he gone? Whether love or marriage,
friends will be the scapegoats. Honey is the best. Haven’t I told? Friends will be gone. First ‘F’ gone. Whatever you said is true. I’m not in my senses today. I’m crazy. I got excited in your
love and became crazy. Varun! What happened? What happened to you suddenly? This is epilepsy attack sir. You are declaring as you
got a prestigious award. Today is my wedding.
– Just shut up! Sit down. Your voice, your cups and your music! How can a crow know the taste of ginger? Don’t take the name of a crow. It feels bad. Think of eagle, vulture, jackal.. These names suit you a lot. When bridegroom himself is silent,
what’s the problem that you have? He’ll take me to the
national level competition. Isn’t it Varun? Indeed. He is also in the track. What happened to him? You are listening to her
even before marriage. You don’t even remember your mother. You have changed Varun! You took your mother for
wedding card selection. You have changed. You forgot your mother as and when she came.
You keep on talking to her over phone. Let’s shift after marriage. I won’t live with your mother. Do whatever you like. You have changed. Kill us.
Kill us. You are drinking as if liquor
supply will be stopped shortly. I know very well how to control my wife. What a performance bro! Wow! Wow! What an expression! Repeat. Repeat.
For my sake. Please. I know very well how to control my wife. You said you would control
your wife very well. What happened? What happened man? Cobra!
– Ya tell me. I want to hide in your
broad chest like a chick. Hey! What is he saying man? Like a chick… Broad chest.
I don’t understand. It means this child needs your solace. You mean consoling?
– Ya. Come man! Come bro! I’m there for you. Relax!
– Cobra! Tell me.
What happened? How did you bear them for six months?
– Just leave it. I became mad in just 6 days. You are great! How was I? One who opens his lungi publicly,
is now getting beat up so badly. I used to be a lion.
They reduced me to a cat. It’s OK. I’m getting frustrated. I’m getting frustrated. No. No. No frustration.
It’s very dangerous. It’s very dangerous. Relax. I have a temporary remedy.
– Give it. Give it. Make it fast.
Prick it here. No man. It’s not a drug.
It’s not a drug. It’s Venky aasan. It’s Venky aasan. OK.
All frustrated boys! Listen! All Venky fans! All Mega fans! All the fans!
Get up! Hello audience. You too. Get up! Come on. Do this. Follow me. How do you feel, Cobra? It’s superb Cobra! This is the one. This is the
one that gives fantastic relief. What’s your problem?
– Rice or Chapati. Prepare whatever you like. Is it a national issue? I came to pub after my work,
to have a peg in peace.. You call me continuously.
What is this? Maid servant has not come? Then should I come and wash the vessels? Shit on my life. Why is women’s heart delicate? Cobra!
What is this high voltage frustration? He should consult a psychiatrist.
– Hey! He is Albert Narayan Das man! He is famous psychiatrist. What is happening in this city Cobra! Bro!
It’s an interesting topic. Come on. Sit down. See Cobra! I researched a lot on
ladies mindset on YouTube. This is a man’s brain. It’s just like a chess board. It is divided into boxes. OK? If suppose, issue is about mother,
we keep it in mother’s box. As to what did mother
ask, why did she ask etc. For example, if we go to office box,
whatever boss says remains in the same box. OK? That’s all. But if we consider a woman’s brain.. I think that too will be
like a chess board. – No. No. That’s where you are mistaken. Crazy brain.
Ya! Wait.
I’ll explain you exactly. It’s like a bi… g circle. I think there are boxes inside that. No.
No boxes. It is only… It seems like a net. It seems like a net indeed. That’s why it’s a woman’s brain. Suppose, we talk about
mother in the concerned box. These people take the topic from mother to office,
office to home, from here to there, there to here, Something is happening to me. I’m getting frustrated. No.
– No. No. Use Venky aasan. Come on! In spite of all this,
how could you survive? These men should take you as a role model. Hats off friend! Cobra! What an analysis Cobra! But my wedding is tonight. I can’t bear this. I don’t want to get married. Cobra! I write only reviews; Positive points,
negative points and bottom line. But we need a cunning
brain to solve our problem. Hello! Are you still alive? You almost killed me. I mixed poison in milk. I mixed rat poison in juice. If we wish, we can kill you
instantly at this very place. As soon as you drink,
you’ll disappear from this world. That’s why both of us decided. We shall kill you,
not through poison but through torture. We can’t bear one wife here. You are bearing two wives. We should appreciate your courage. That’s why I haven’t
gone home since 3 days. 100 calls on SIM1, 200 calls on SIM2. I understood a point here. “Every wife needs husband”. Then I understood one more point. What is that? Let’s disappear from home for 3 months. Then they say –
“What befalls me? “What might have happened to my husband”. My God! How can I live without my husband?” Then our wives will fall at our feet. Bro! This idea seems to be working Does this formula work for us too? Once we board the flight,
they will weep and we will laugh. Fun is ours, tension is theirs. We will eat pani pooris,
their mouth scalds. Yay! Let’s go.
– Let’s sit. If you sit on me, you won’t go to Europe. You must board the flight.
– Oh! Ya! Harika! Both the sons-in-law have not arrived yet. Phones are switched off. I’m very much worried. You come with me. “The number you are calling is out of
network coverage area. Please try later. ” Bye! Oh! The guide who misguided you is this one. Please get one chair for me. I’ll continue the story.
– Yes. Continue. Tell me quickly. What happened after that?
– What should we tell sir? Please remove the cuffs? You heard the story free of cost. We are not even served tea. My head is aching out of hunger. We need a break. We all need a break. Hello frustrated husbands! Go and get cool drinks,
pop corn and ice cream for your wives. But while you go, perform my aasan. Venky aasan! B R E A K – break! Everyone is here. What happened after you reached Europe? We’ve gone mad out of frustration. Hmm. We had crazy fun in Europe. Cheers, bro. This is what enjoyment is. [LAUGHS] Well said, bro. We’re having one hell of a time. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Bro, listen up. Frustration always follows fun. I’m hallucinating about
your wife and my girlfriend. [LAUGHS] I see them too. Whoa! I can see them too. Shut up, you fool! Why would you hallucinate about our women?
– I know, right? He’s such a creep. Hello! Take your glares off and look. Holy crap! Help us get out of this. Grab whatever you find,
cover yourselves up and run. Thank you! Couldn’t you find something else? Venki!
– Varun! Stop! Where are you going?
– Varun, stop! Where were you, Venki? You didn’t even call or text. We were looking all over for you. Varun’s friend told us you guys were here. How could you leave me
hanging at the aisle? Didn’t you miss me this whole time? Let’s put this behind us. Let’s be happy like before. When we were away from you…
We didn’t realize your value. Now we understand we made a huge mistake. Bro, I feel the same. But you said it well. I compromise, bro. What are we still waiting for? Let’s patch up with a nice hug. Harika! Venki!
Come to me! [WITTY LAUGHTER] You fell for that, huh?
– You did too, eh? [GASPS] I had a different picture in mind. I expected you to come running. Fall at our feet. Drench them with your tears. And finally tell us your
lives are dedicated to us. That didn’t happen. Dreams and reality do differ. Bro, my visual doesn’t match either. I actually wanted her at my feet. Pleading me to take her back. You came all the way to Europe. Couldn’t you get down to our feet? Hi!
– Hey! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [GIGGLES] What a judgement, girls! Okay, bye. This is our life now. We’re having fun. Make our dreams come true or… Venki, I had something
important to tell you. Hear me out. Whoa, bro! I’m terrified. She’s pointing fingers at me. What’s going on? Your sister’s scaring the shit out of me. She points her fingers
just like Kamal Hassan. You guys are really hurting us. God’s watching everything. You guys will rot in hell. You’ll be ruined! He’s watching. We curse you! [CONVERSATION MUTED BY MUSIC] [SARCASTIC LAUGH] You guys assumed they’d fall for your act. But they had a great comeback. They cursed us. Wives’ curses don’t work. Both my wives curse me constantly. They say the woman I
cheated shall ruin my life. Did that come true? What if it was a Goddess? 80 percent of Gods are male. Half of them have two wives like me. We’re on a foreign land currently. Indian Gods have no effect on us. Never presume Gods have no power abroad. They can manifest in any form. They can take my form and screw you up. You’re an extraordinary being, sir. We’re fortunate to be able
to interview you. – Hello! This interview is just a trailer. You’d have to make a biopic
to experience my life. God bless! Coffee for God. Hold it for me.
Take this. Let me introduce my family. Good morning, Chotu! Coffee! [PHONE RINGING]
This is my brother. Hello! Three of our men were crushed by a lorry?! [SHRIEKS]
What is he saying? No. No. Not at all. The lorry didn’t crush them. They just passed from under it. Oh, that’s it? Why is he being so dramatic? Don’t mind him.
Take him inside. That’s my brother. What did you just do, sir? You made an accident sound so simple. We need to be sensitive with him. He has a hole in his heart. [EXCLAIMS] A hole in my heart?! I didn’t mean a big hole, brother. It’s as small as a pebble. This small? Hmm. Your family is quite strange, sir. You’re absolutely right. Good morning, daddy! They haven’t lost the Indian touch yet. Yuck! No! They’re not going to take a poop. Sorry, sir. Why are you sprinkling on him, sons? Everyone deserves God’s holy waters. You’re God, dad. Is this madness or love? This is true love. And this is my family. Look at the camera. American? Uh-huh. Russian? Uh-huh. Italian! Yeah. Oh! I love Italian girls. [GASPS] Hey! Who are you? Who are you? I’m her husband. Escape! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] What’s wrong? I kissed someone’s wife. How could you kiss her
in front of her husband? I’m not dumb. He was facing the other way. You fool! He’s coming. Run! He’s so angry about the kiss. Run! Quick!
Run! This is quite common, guys. Oh, damn! What’s happening, bro? Why is everyone dressed like in the 1960’s? I haven’t seen you here before I’m Mr. Prakash Naidu’s sister. I’m here on a project. I’ll be staying for the wedding. Oh, lovely.
– Glad to meet you. – Hello! You’re one smoking hot Indian woman. What? I’m married. It doesn’t matter to me. Bro, going by the set up and costumes… Looks like a theme party to me. This is how the rich celebrate. Welcome, everyone! Thank you. Thanks for coming. Some of you judgmental
people must be thinking… I throw these parties because I’m rich. Do you think he heard us? I guess so. This movie is just a story to you. But it’s our life. What did he say? Touched by the theme of
sisterhood in this film… My father got me and my
brother married to sisters. Oh! They’ve maintained the harmony
in our lives for 25 years now. Good. Good.
– That’s good. Inspired by the same and in
the best interest of my sons… I want to have my sons married to sisters. You don’t have a problem, do you? Hey! Bring two dogs from our outhouse. What for? Say the word and we’ll marry the dogs, dad. Did we ever object you? You held the same party last year
and fixed your sons’ weddings. Show yourself. Wait on. Wait on. You’re right, gentleman. Last time I announced they were
getting married to sisters. But the elder one refused and
the younger one ran from home. Hmm. My sister got upset and left home. What does this story tell you? Just that your family is crazy. Our family isn’t crazy. Did he wire us up? We’re sensible enough to make out
reality is different from movies. Applause! [APPLAUSE] Okay. Okay. Without any further delay,
let me introduce the brides. Let’s welcome the two beautiful princesses. It must be two old women
named Savitri and Jamuna. [GIGGLES] They must be looking ugly. Bro! What? Look. [EXCLAIMS] [PEPPY MUSIC PLAYING] The entire family is here, bro.
– This is really frustrating. My future daughter-in-law Harika. A cheat abandoned her 6
months after marriage. Her younger sister Honey. Look how cute she is. A 6 feet tall, good-for-nothing fool… He was out of his mind. He was influenced by the cheat. He fell for a bastard’s trap… And left the bride at the aisle. Bro, he’s pointing at us. Let’s get out of here. Never mind. They shall be my daughter-in-laws. So that those bastards learn their lesson. What’s happening, bro? He’s pointing right at us. Our wives can’t be his daughter-in-laws. Let’s stop him. We won’t let them stop us. They’re here in Europe. I have a licensed gun. I’ll fire them straight. Chotu! Chotu! No. No. I meant the
crackers we fire for Diwali. Oh, is it? Let’s come to the point. Engagement is in a week. Wedding is scheduled in 10 days. Let’s enjoy the party! [ALL]: Yay!!! Hello. Hello. Hello. What is it? Darling, buffet is ready. Come on. Yeah. He looks like a buffalo. He wants to have the buffet, huh?
Who’s that baldy? My husband. He looks so ugly next to you. Shall I put him down? [GASPS] Say yes and I’ll do it right now. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] What’s going on? Leave me! What are you doing here? Harika, what’s with the
engagement and wedding? We don’t get it. We can talk and sort this out. Forget all of this happened. Let’s go back to India. Uh-oh! You should’ve given us a heads up. What do we tell uncle now? Sis, please. Varun is a changed man. Look at him. I want Varun back. Please, sis. All right. I’ll convince uncle. Oh, my god! Venki!
– Gods must be crazy! [WITTY LAUGHTER] You fell for that, huh? You did too, eh? [GASPS] Want to know what my visual was? You’d lose your ego,
make a puppy face and say… ‘Harika, I’ll listen to you.
I’ll fall at your feet.’ I expected you to cry your eyeballs out. But my visual doesn’t match a bit. Sis, my visual doesn’t match either. I thought he’d apologize
and beg me for a chance. Be my watchdog for a lifetime.
– Watchdog? How mean! So this is about revenge. You found someone richer and dumped us. We did what? Who dumped who? You abandoned your wife. He left his bride at the aisle. Do you know what happened after you left? ‘I called and texted you off the hook.’
‘There was no response from you.’ ‘I was angry, depressed and stressed.’ ‘I didn’t know how to vent it.’ ‘I yelled at one of my colleagues
and she didn’t take it.’ ‘I was fired the same day.’ ‘My sister wasn’t as strong as me.’ ‘She attempted suicide.’ What’s going on, huh? You should’ve talked to me. Take my word and come to Europe. You’ll feel better. ‘Prakash uncle is my
dad’s childhood friend.’ ‘He visited India after so long.’ ‘He offered to get us married to his sons.’ We refused and came to
Europe knowing you’re here. But what have you guys done? Whatever you put us through is so wrong. We’re getting married to them. Honey, how can you marry him? Honey is the best!
I know. He’s nothing compared to me. However he is,
he won’t leave me hanging at the aisle. Hey! We’ll go to hell and
about to stop these weddings. [EXCLAIMS] It’s a dare. Uncle will straightaway…
[GUN SHOTS] We’ll pounce them under our feet. [INDISTINCT YELLING] Why are you talking to strangers? [GASPS] Strangers?! God forbid we ever meet them again. You’re a bunch of losers here. Bro, I swear… Cool down. Cool down. All the best. Honey is the best! Tables will turn, girls.
Just wait. I feel so sorry for you two. Any idea to get us into the house? If you don’t mind, I have a solution.
– Yeah? That’s his sister. I wooed her. She said she’d get me to stay here. Plan something for us too. Please.
Please. [AWKWARD LAUGH] Who are you guys?
[GASPS] What the hell, bro! He’s the reason we’re here today. Look at him now. Don’t worry, bro. God is watching. If we’re suffering so much… Imagine his plight for having two wives. I love how brave you are.
[LAUGHS] [INAUDIBLE] [CRYING] I beg you. Leave me. I’ll be out of here. Don’t worry, love. What did you say before? Shall I put him down? Say yes and I’ll do it right now. I was kidding. But I’ve taken it seriously. I’ve always wanted to be rid of him. I met you at the right time. Hold this. Stop fussing around and
just slit his throat. My two wives are dependent on me. Hi, darling. Why are you holding a knife? To cut a melon. I thought you were going to slit my throat. [GASPS] I was kidding. Come, let’s have breakfast. [MIND VOICE] To hell with your jokes. Come. Come. Come. Good morning, uncle! Come. Come. Baby, is he your project partner?
– Hmm. Don’t give up. Finish the task. [GIGGLES] This family seems really violent to me. I have a surprise for you all. Two messengers will be coming
home to change my life. Chotu! Chotu! Messengers of death?! I didn’t say they were messengers of death. Don’t assume things. Please relax. Please.
– Okay. Okay. You should respect them
like you respect me. In simple words, they’re like my sons. Let’s welcome the most
important people in my life! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] They’re the writers penning my biography. Chanti and Banti. Hi. Hello. Be responsible with your work. Of course. Of course. Don’t skip any of the characters. We’ll make your characters stand out. To make our attempt successful… We want your daughter-in-laws
to write ‘Om’ on the books. What a sentiment! Go ahead. Do it. Here. Wish a lot of success for us. What handwriting! I must applaud. They’re old school. Very good. Join us for the breakfast. Yes! Sir… Why are you holding hot
coffee in your palms? You only asked me to do it. Go inside. Okay. Generally, what makes you angry, sir? What? What pisses you off? We mean the anger that
makes you aggressive. My mother loved music. If someone sings out of tune
or mocks the art of singing… That makes me angry. Oh, is it? My reactions are really
violent in that case. [GIGGLES] Oh, shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! How can I forget this, bro?
– What happened, bro? When I was jogging this
morning, I heard her sing. This girl. Such a beautiful voice! Mind blowing, bro. Just mind blowing. That voice?!
– Even I heard her this morning. She sounds just like Lata Mangeshkar, sir. Beautiful!
– Really? You didn’t tell me your
daughter’s a singer. They must be mistaken. Ma’am, this is a request. Please don’t kill her talent. We’re sure it was her voice. Sing a song for us. It’s going to be miraculous. What are you waiting for?
Sing, dear. With 2 days of practice… She doesn’t need to practice.
She’s not some bathroom singer. Bro, what’s the phrase I’m looking for? At any cost. At any cost, you should
listen to the Queen of Melody. Queen of Melody! I can’t wait to hear your voice. [AWKWARD SMILE] It’s a good set up.
But something is lacking. What is it? Bro! This man.
– Yes. Yes. Please come. Sit in the front. It sounds better. [FUMBLES] He’s got a sensitive heart, guys. Music heals many illnesses. The hole in his heart will be cured. Music therapy, ma’am. Yes! I’ve heard music has that power. Sit here, brother. It will be good for you. [CLEARS THROAT] [SCREECHY SINGING] Call an ambulance! [LAUGHS]
He’s not going to be alive till then. Of course. Of course. Of course. Of course. Honey is the best! [SINGING RANDOMLY] Thank you for showing me how
gifted my daughter-in-law is. Include this in my biopic. Thank you. [MIND VOICE]
Stop staring. Now move on. People take years to master an art. But out of frustration on you… She did in 30 days. Only 30 days?!
– Hmm. Do you hate me so much? Actually, we wanted to
tell uncle who you were. But the way your faces have turned pale… We would’ve missed it. You know, come with more ideas. More fun.
Of course. Entertain us. I hope you’re rid of bad omen. What are you doing here? Go to that corner and do your weird dance. Bro, I swear… Control. Control. Listen, I’m in a tough spot right now. Give me my passport.
I’ll go back to my village. [WITTY LAUGHTER] Who are you? How can you be so cruel? I wish someone taught them a lesson. [CREEPY MUSIC PLAYING] They’re at Prakash’s place
to write his biography. By the time they’re done… Prakash is going to be dead. This is my pinky promise. Put the saucer down. Your beard is drenching. Beard was the highlight. But it’s quite… [GRUNTS] Uncomfortable! What’s our plan of action now? We plan according to their action. Why do you hate Prakash Naidu so much? What’s the den for? I’m your friend. Share your feelings with me. [ECHOES] No! I’m the only King of this territory. This is my revenge. Mine alone. Even my shadow can’t be aware. Not even my shadow. Lights off! Why did you turn them off? You didn’t want your shadow to know, right? Good. Good. Are you ready?
– Absolutely, sir. How did you describe my childhood? A serene countryside,
lush greenery all around… – Wow! Chirping birds, streaming lakes… And there lies a graveyard! An orphan kid. With a runny nose and a shaved head. He’s been starving since so many days. He begs for money whilst singing randomly. Hey! Whose childhood is this? Yours, sir. Who’s the orphan?
– It’s you, sir. I’ll kill you! I told you my parents raised me well. Where’s that story? We killed them for sympathy sakes.
– Shut up! I don’t want a melodrama. Pen my childhood just like I told you. If you hate him, leave him. Or divorce him. Why do you want to kill him? He can’t swim. Puncture that tube. He’ll die from a flat tube.
[GASPS] Come on! Let’s do it. You can do it!
Come on! Let’s do it! Come on! Where are you running?
Wait! Engagement is fast approaching. Do something, bro. [LAUGHTER] It will be too late otherwise. Junior’s plan failed yesterday. Now watch your senior work it out. What plan, bro? Here you go. Harika, let’s go to Goa
and chill like this. Venki! I know how to conduct myself
at home and in public. If you ever mention a bikini again… I’ll divorce you. She talked about divorce when
I asked her to wear a bikini. We’ll ask these fools to bring it up. She’ll cancel the weddings. Come on. Come on. I can’t stop laughing at you two. What’s so funny? We’re the only heirs to my dad. No doubt about it. We were discussing the story with your dad. Your character was so…
[LAUGHS] So… What?
– Tell us! You guys are weak in handling women. I had the same feeling, bro. You’re absolutely right. They won’t swim with these two. Your wives will never join you in the pool. Will you agree otherwise if they join us?
– Of course, we will. Harika… Hi!
– Hi! If you don’t mind,
can you join us for a swim? Swimming? In a bikini?
[GASPS] How dare you ask us that? [INAUDIBLE RANTING] [GIGGLES] They’ll complain to uncle
and cancel the wedding. Of course. What an idea, bro! I’m your senior for a reason, man. Of course.
You’re my super senior. [SPICY MUSIC PLAYING] You should be looking happy, man. Pumped up.
– Bro! What? Look.
– What’s wrong? You won’t be pumped up anymore.
[EXCLAIMS] [GASPS] Bro! [INAUDIBLE] Never in my dreams I thought
they’d do this. – Uh-huh. Senior’s idea screwed us up. They didn’t want to be in
a personal pool with us. But they look so excited with them. Honey… Where’s the smoke coming from? [STAMMERS] Heat! Oh! You think we’re so hot, don’t you? Hey! Don’t touch. We knew this was your plan. That is why we did the unusual. Sis, their frustration is growing by day. Their frustration brings us fun! You shouldn’t be eying someone’s fiancés. Do I have to tell you that? Stop being so shameless.
– Bro, I swear… – Cool down. Cool down. You’re chilling here,
sipping coconut water. Those girls are roaming around in bikinis. It’s a foreign land. They can’t be swimming in saris.
[GASPS] Say another word and we
shall show up in bikinis. Oh no! [SULTRY SOUNDS] [SCREAMS] Bro! Sorry. Sorry. Control. Control. Women’s charm is my weakness, bro. You have to admit home food is the best. Shut up, bro. You’ve had a lot of fun in 6 months. I didn’t even get to kiss her. Do something, bro.
Do something. Stop it! The best way of
communication with girls is… Airtel? NASA?
– Jio-Pio… Nah! Romance! Cut the distance between us and… We’ll be up close and tight. Come on. Let’s have some fun with the girls. Let’s go. [SNORING] Does he sleep with his eyes open? Yes, he does. Look. Stab him here. He’ll start bleeding and
I’ll bathe in his blood. What are you waiting for? Kill him! Kill him! You scare me more than he does, ma’am. Shall we take him to the
terrace and push him? That’s somewhat better I feel. Why are we dressed in saris? We don’t want to alarm anyone
in the middle of the night. Yes! I’ll narrate my love story
to those writers now. [FUSE SQUEAKS] Who are you two?
Answer me. Your daughter-in-laws. Harika… Honey… Harika and Honey? Honey, how come you’re so tall? It’s dark here, uncle. [FUSE SQUEAKS] Nay! Power is back. People usually fear darkness. Why are you afraid of light? We’re afraid of darkness during the day. We’re literally terrified. Oh, finally! Darkness! Damn! You sound so different
when you’re afraid. All right, uncle. Sweet dreams. Have a nice night. Why is the fuse tripping so much today? [FUSE SQUEAKS] Stop! Where are you going at this hour? Sir, she planned on pushing
him from the terrace. Are you out of your mind? He wouldn’t die from a
fall from the terrace. The tanks are at a good height.
Push him down from there. Don’t fool around at midnight. Go! Fool around?! He thinks killing someone is fun?!
– Let’s go. I’m excited. We have to do this. To hell with your excitement.
– Let’s go! Oh my Harika! Tonight… Under the stars… It’s going to be heavenly. Bro, why are you fumbling so much? Because I can’t control my emotions. Okay. No more dialogues. Only action! She’s mine! What are you doing? Sorry. Sorry, bro. She’s your girl.
– Sorry. Sorry. Go. Go. Proceed. Go to the other side. Sure. They won’t yell if we touch them, right? A woman’s neck is her sweet spot. Nape of the neck! Nape of the neck?
– Yeah, nape of the neck! Touch it gently and she’ll be yours. Come on, let’s do it.
– Go ahead. Nape of the neck! Nape of the neck!
– Nape of the neck! [SULTRY SOUNDS] It’s working, bro. Nape of the neck! Nape of the neck! [SCREAMS] Nape of the neck, huh?
I pressed it. And this happened. Come on, bro.
This is bullshit. What are you guys doing here? Honey! Harika! Please don’t tell them. Please. Okay. Go hide behind the curtains. Go! What happened, dear? What’s wrong? Uncle…
Uncle… What happened, dear? We heard screams from your room. We also heard it, uncle. I did too, uncle. Where did it come from? Over there. Behind the curtains, uncle. Go check. Please. The saris…? We’re screwed, man.
– What do I do? Daddy… Who’s there? [YELLS] Who’s there? Why are you behind my daughters?
– Answer her. Call the police. Have them hanged. Do something, uncle. Hey! I was coming to your room with an idea. Why were you hiding behind
the curtains in their room? I told him already. It’s better to hide under the bed. But he never listens to me. He’s always dominant. [AWKWARD LAUGH] His legs would be out
if we hid under the bed. That is why we hid behind the curtains. He’s always speaking nonsense.
He’s crazy. The bed would be small for his size. Don’t confuse me! Why were you hiding behind the
curtains in their room? Tell me that! Tell him. Tell him.
– Tell him. Tell me. You tell him. No, you tell him. You tell him. No, you tell him.
– You tell him. Hey, Chanti and Banti! Chanti and Banti, he’s calling you. I was talking to you.
– Oh, we’re Chanti and Banti. You guys aren’t kids. You’re writers. Show some maturity. [INHALES DEEPLY]
Yes, sir! You’re right. Chotu! Chotu! Chotu! Why were they in their room at midnight? It’s nothing, bro. Remember they had them write
‘Om’ yesterday. It faded away. They went to get it rewritten. That’s it. Oh. I got the totally wrong idea. Hey! Now tell me. We went to get the ‘Om’ rewritten, sir.
– Hmm. Why did you go in the middle of the night? We’re writers, sir. We’re in a good mood at night. Why did you do it secretively? Because men aren’t allowed
into women’s bedroom. I agree. But why were you hiding
behind the curtains? We were waiting for them to wake up. You could’ve waited for them outside. If we did, we wouldn’t know
if they’re awake or not. All right. Get it done. Two minutes, sir. Hey! Where are you going now? To get the book.
– Huh? The book, sir. Aren’t you carrying the book with you? [LAUGHS] Come on, sir. Why would we carry it before
they agree to rewrite? Will you keep answering
me in the same flow? 100 percent, sir. Maintain the same flow for my biopic too. 200 percent, sir. Now go bring the book.
– Okay. We’re upset.
– Why? All we wanted was ‘Om’ you
made a scene out of it. It’s over now. No, sir. This isn’t right.
– We’re creators. Pardon me. Forget about it.
[INDISTINCT WHINING] You shouldn’t have insulted us.
– You should have waited till morning. Please co-operate with us. Go and finish your work.
– Okay, sir. Go! They wanted to get ‘Om’ written. Now go. All of you go to bed. Go. No. Let’s not do this. Please listen to me once. No way! We brought him all the way up here.
We have to push him now. Come on. Think about it again. Please. Come on, push him.
– Careful. He’ll fall. – Push him! He’ll fall. He’ll fall.
[SCREAMS] No!!! Who committed suicide at midnight?
Let’s go look, bro. What is this? It’s him! What were you doing in the bushes? How could you laugh at me? I tried dropping hints
but you never listened. Didn’t I tell you?
God is great! You deserve this. Give me my passport. I’ll go back to India. Oh, really?
– Not happening. You said wives’ curses don’t work, right? Now enjoy the result. You got us into trouble.
It’s your turn to suffer. [MIND VOICE] Oh god! Looks like my wives’
curses are coming true. [BOLT SQUEAKS] Those guys are trying
to cancel the weddings. [SCOFFS] But it’s not working out. [TRIGGER SQUEAKS] Looks like the bullets are jammed. I can feel it. We have to stop those weddings. Prakash Naidu has to die. My revenge…
[RAPID GUN SHOTS] Bullets fired automatically, man. I can feel it. He’s your friend. Why do you seek revenge?
– No! I’ll only tell God why.
Only he can help me. Even my shadow…
[FUSE SQUEAKS] Why did you turn the lights off? This is beautiful, right? Which one is good? Why take the trouble, uncle? Ask the creators. You’re right. Chanti and Banti… Select one card. You make the choice, sir. Wouldn’t you choose if it was your sisters? [GASPS] [WITTY LAUGHTER] [MUMBLES] I wonder when
they’re going to die. Why do you want to bring it up now, sir? Blue one looks good, sir. Blue! Wow! We have the same taste. Superb! That is selected. Our last resort.
The final attack. What do you mean, bro? Let’s go with the film’s concept.
– How? Let me show you. Let’s spread rumors and start
a brawl between the sisters. Bro, do you think they will believe us? Women believe in the
negative stuff quite easily. Oh, yeah! Aunty, your sister’s
talking crap about you. [GASPS] She gets all the wealth.
And you’re here cooking for her. No. No. My sister is nothing like that. Her husband doesn’t go to work. He uses his illness to his advantage. My sister would never say that. Aunty, I’m just telling you what I heard. [CONVERSATION MUTED BY MUSIC] [GRINDING SOUND] This wedding can’t happen. [GIGGLES] She’s bitching about me behind my back. You had nothing going on for you. You were sitting home and hogging on food. I can’t go around bitching about people. Brother-in-law, give us our share. We’ll go back to India immediately. Why does she want to go back to India? Brother, please wait. The brides were inspired from you sisters. We aren’t sisters anymore. Listen to me and just cancel the wedding. [GASPS] [GIGGLES] This is what you wanted, right? These idiots wanted to start a
family feud and create differences. What’s the purpose of your visit? And what are you doing? You sneak into women’s bedroom at night. And now… By the way,
how is the biography coming along? We’ve written the preface, sir. We’ll proceed with the
story in the evening. When will you finish it? I mean… You’re trying to break the family
you’re here to write about. Why are you doing this? Tell us! Tell us! Tell us! Why don’t you speak out? ‘6 packs’ Salman Khan is still a bachelor. Who is responsible in Bollywood? Bahubali collected 2000 crores. But 1000 and 500 rupee notes are banned. Vijay Mallya is gone.
What’s going on? What did he just say? A flower is a flower.
A stone is a stone. A flower can’t be a stone.
A stone can’t be a flower. A flower should remain a flower.
A stone should remain a stone. A flower is a flower.
A stone is a stone. That’s it! Hey! Hey!
[SCREAMS] Get me my gun. Why do you need that, sir? Here you go.
You won the bet. Why are you getting me into trouble? I don’t want your money. Take it back.
Keep it. What was our bet? What? You said this family would never break.
– And I said it would. So you won the bet. You’re right.
Yay! Great! I’m begging you, guys. Don’t play with my family
for the sake of 2K. Until this wedding…
– Listen, dear. I’m really getting worried now. Why don’t we pre-pone the engagement? Yes, uncle. Engagement will happen tomorrow. [SIGHS] I don’t want them anywhere near our ladies. I’m going to break their bones. Yeah, bro. Tonight my vengeance… Uh-huh. His blood… Uh-huh. The fire in me… Uh-huh. Rage within… Bro, why are you fumbling so much? Because I can’t control my emotions. Forget about creativity
and vent your frustration. Attack! Hey, Prakash Naidu! Come on out. I want to settle this today. [WHISTLES] Come on out! Look at them, daddy. They’re being so uncouth.
– Shut up! Either kill them or calm down. [MUMBLES] You talk. What’s going on? We’re going to reveal a shocking truth. The ground underneath
your feet will tremble. Chotu! Chotu! Nothing is going to tremble. They’re narrating a film scene. They cheated on our
brides-to-be and ran from home. [GASPS] They got drunk to reveal the truth. Oh, is it? Shame on you!
I can’t believe this. He got drunk, made a plan… And came here with a bang to shock you. How could you simply reveal
it to a heart patient? Where’s the impact? [YELLS] Where’s the impact?
[THUD SOUND] [GRUNTS] Are you satisfied now?
– It’s more than enough. Looks like this is a family matter. I have no business here. I’m hung over now. Embarrass yourselves and come back to me. Get lost! They told me everything last night. What’s there to discuss? Forget whatever happened. Come with us.
Hmm. Why should we come with you? Because we love you. We love you a lot. Love?! Really? We came to you at the beach,
with tears in our eyes. We didn’t feel your love. We bet you to cancel the wedding. We didn’t feel your love. Even today you’re drunk, speaking bullshit. We still don’t feel your love. At first, we were annoyed with you. But now we’re beginning to hate you. The way you tried to win us back… It’s wrong on so many levels, Venki. It’s over. [TYRES SCREECHING]
[POLICE SIRENS WAILING] Honey! Harika! Honey dear! Honey!
– Harika! [CLEARS THROAT] Okay. Your interrogation is over. Yo, bro! It’s done. You can happily… Shift to a different jail.
[GASPS] How can you send us to jail for this? You must have mistaken us for terrorists. My passport…
– Shut up! We have strict rules around here. Move on! Move on!
– Sir! Sir! Please, sir. [CAR ENGINE REVVING] Why did you bring us here? [LAUGHS] Home is jail for married men. Wife is the jailor. [GASPS]
Welcome to the grand prison! Raji! We have guests over. Is the lunch ready? You should have given me a heads up. I was busy talking to them.
I forgot about it. You could’ve called me, right? Why are you blaming me
for your forgetfulness? How dare you raise your voice? What are you going to do, huh? Want to see? It’s entirely my fault. Sorry, baby. [GASPS] All right. I’ll have it ready in 10. Please relax. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry for keeping you waiting, guys. After listening to all your stories… I realized something. It’s entirely your wives’ fault. Not just your wives. All the wives in the world are at fault. Because look… We have friends to chill with. IPL for entertainment. Brothers to share our problems. Bar when we’re depressed. Colleagues to joke around with. We have so many options. But all she thinks about
is clothes and neighbors. Be it news or nuisance… Shock or surprise… They have only one option. Husband! They make us their first priority. And this is their fault. You left them because of your petty issues. It was totally wrong on your part. It’s a grave mistake, you know. When some idiot calls you… You get all cheery and
talk to him for hours. But when your wife calls… You tell her you’re busy and hang up. That’s what I do. You don’t give her your time. You don’t listen to her. She should be the frustrated one. I don’t understand why the
hell you get frustrated. A married man says marriage
takes away his freedom. Bachelor life is the best. [LAUGHS] And when it’s dark,
you change into your pajamas… Grab a bunch of flowers
and rush to the bedroom. I bet there’s no couple in
the world that hasn’t fought. Because men are from Mars.
Women are from Venus. Their ideologies can never match. Men think logically. Women think emotionally. Suppose you’re home an hour late from work. She gets emotional and
asks why you’re late. You answer logically
saying you had extra work. Emotion and logic can never go together. That is why you fight everyday. ‘Now that I’m an hour late,
let’s go out for some time.’ No husband in the world
says this to his wife. Do they? When she falls sick,
we give her a pill, as it’s logical. But she wants you to pamper her.
That’s her emotion. The day men let go of logic
and think emotionally… They will have no worries in marriage. I’ll guarantee you that. Handling women is quite easy. A kiss on the forehead
when you leave to work… A call to check on her in the afternoon… A smile to appreciate our dressing… And a compliment about our food. Put your work tensions aside
and spend an hour with us. That’s enough. Do that and life gets easier. If you want to make any
relationship stronger… Be honest and say these two phrases. ‘I love you’ when she makes you happy. ‘I’m sorry’ when you have hurt her. Your wife was right. That was no way to win them back. Cancel their wedding somehow and
try convincing them with love. We’ve lost all hope, sir. But you’ve given us direction. I’ll put my ego aside and try
to be a responsible husband. Okay! You’re free from this jail. Before we head for lunch,
what was that frustration posture? What was that? Come on, sir.
Why would you want to do that? I have a wife too.
Of course I’d be frustrated. Stop it, dear. Okay. All you have to do is… Do it like this. I’ve already mentioned
this in the agreement. The wedding will be cancelled
without your sister. However you proceed, I’m ready to face it. I’ll never change my decision. Turn all three members. Turn all these members. Winter is coming! Listen.
Every guest is important. Here’s the agreement you gave my mom. My sister didn’t elope
like you accused her. We’re ready for the marriage. What do you have to say now? A woman’s tears… They make you suffer. They ruin your life. Bro, you’re too happy that
the weddings are cancelled. Prakash Naidu, do you know the value
of their tears and our jealousy? You don’t know the worth of a
woman, Prakash Naidu. Where women is worshipped…
– Shut up! Now that we’ve reached the climax,
everyone’s taking a dig at me. We’ll solve our problem on our own.
Wait. Look. Few believe in horoscope and
few others in architectural science. I believe getting them married
to sisters will bring us luck. Forgive me if you can. Listen. Are you done talking? Who the hell are you? What are you doing at my place? We’re kidnappers. Boys! [EXPLOSION] [SCREAMS]
[COUGHS] Honey! Harika! Honey! – Chotu! – Where’s Chotu?
– Where did they go? [ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING] [BRAKES SQUEAKING] Boys, follow me. Hey! You’re Anasuya’s brother, right?
– Hmm. Why did you kidnap us? You kick my sister out of the
house and get them married. You think I’ll keep quiet? [THUD SOUND] Hey! Your sister came to my place. We realized our mistake. We also cancelled the weddings. Why did you kidnap us? Why did you kidnap them, man? You asked me to kidnap them no matter what. Use your brain sometimes. [BRICKS SQUEAKING] [TYRES SCREECHING] Hey! Who the hell kidnapped my Harika? Who is it?
– It’s me. [THUD SOUND] I’m a don. You call yourself a don? Aren’t you ashamed?
– I am. [THUD SOUND] I was so nervous. [THUD SOUNDS] Where were you this whole time? Anyone left? Vent your anger on me. Finally the weddings are cancelled.
Let’s go home. Come, Honey. Who says we’re coming with you? There’s no way in hell.
[GASPS] What kind of a twist is this? Hear us out for 5 minutes.
– Yeah, please. We don’t want to hear anything.
– Okay, guys. Bye. Hello, Prakash Naidu. Help us out. Our problem is solved. There’s nothing I can do. Listen up, all Goddesses above! If you’re for real,
no one can cross this bridge now. The bridge shall collapse! [BRIDGE COLLAPSING] [SCREAMS]
His words came true. Why did you curse us, man? Caution! Bridge is in a weak condition. Vehicles are prohibited. This should’ve been placed at the entry.
Why is it here? Couldn’t you find some other place? I’m the King of North. But we’re in South now. Not my fault. [METAL CREAKING] [SCREAMS] Go back! Harika, careful. Go back! Go back! Go! Go! Go!
[BRIDGE COLLAPSING] Save me! Save me! Please! We can’t move forward or backwards. Back! Back! Back! We’re stuck in the middle. What do we do? Bro, we can’t walk backward. We need to move forward. One of us has to take a
fall to balance this bridge. He looks ready. Hey! No! No, sir. I can’t even fold my hands in respect. Show some sympathy. I’m the King of North. Push the other guy down.
– Yeah. Yeah. Robert! I love you, Jhansi! Robert! I love you too. I’ll take care of your wife. Thank you. All okay, sir. We’re getting married again.
You happy? Mom and dad! Hold this rope. Make it fast. You want your family to be safe, eh? The bridge is under our watch now. No one’s coming to your side. First listen to us and forgive us. [GROANS] If you don’t accept us,
the bridge will collapse fully. Well said! Correct decision! We’ll go down together. I’m not ready to drown with this monster. No matter what,
we’re not getting back with you. Whoa! We will all go down together. Our souls shall summon to the skies. Bro, I’m having goosebumps.
– Me too. Let’s break the bridge. [PEPPY MUSIC PLAYING] [BRICKS CREAKING] Wait. Wait. What are you doing? Stop it! I’ll die. Let’s push him. Stop dancing! What the hell! Have you lost it? Stop this right now!
The bridge will collapse. Stop!
Stop it! Let me talk to them. Dear, your parents are here. Your uncle is also here. Please listen to them once. Go ahead. Look at us and say that. You’ll feel our emotion. Look into our eyes. Hey! Bridge will collapse anytime now. Don’t get all romantic now.
– Why not? Bro! Let’s start.
– Start music! [PEPPY MUSIC PLAYING] Please stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Listen. They’re high. At least hear them out. All of us are in danger. Hmm. Harika, listen to me.
– Honey, hear me out. Wait, bro. You wait, bro. Let me speak first. Why don’t you speak in turns? Let them talk however.
– Why are you getting involved? Let them talk. Take a decision quickly. You shut up. Let them speak. Shut up, all of you! A heart patient is amongst you. Don’t you have minimum common sense? You don’t know when to
talk and when to shut up. You’re making so much noise. If you guys say another
word, I’ll kill you. Brother, you have a hole in your heart. To hell with the hole! What’s the worst that could happen? First let them talk.
I don’t want to hear anyone else. Careful, sir.
– Sit down, all of you. [THUD SOUND] Sir, can I get some water? There’s a lot of it under you.
Drink all you want. Show some respect to a don, sir. I wanted to control my wife. You’re not some machine to control you. You’re a part of me. I quit school out of fear when I was a kid. Parents hit me and forced me into it. I was scared of getting married. So I ran away. You can hit me. Then we can get married. There’s fun without you. And frustration in your company. But I realized these two complete lives. I made a mistake leaving home. I tried to win you back foolishly
and made a bigger mistake. I realized I shouldn’t win you over. But I should help you win. I’ll respect your opinion. I’ll tolerate your anger. I’ll love you and your choices. Bro, put your ego aside. I’ll be your watchdog for life. For any relationship to be stronger… These two phrases must be said honestly. ‘I love you’ when you make me happy. ‘I’m sorry’ when I hurt you. I’m sorry, Harika. I’m really sorry. We said we could sacrifice
our lives for you. But if you still don’t believe
us, we could prove it. What are you guys doing? I’ll fall down. Step back! Step back! Venki! Varun! Wife is a headache. You’d say this and mock
me in front of everyone. But no wife in the world mocks her husband. She honors him with all her heart. How can I leave you, Varun? You think you got the wedding cancelled? Anasuya came to you
because we asked her to. Hmm. Venki! If you jump from here… Who’s going to admit our baby in school? And if you jump,
who will take me to Nationals? Honey! I admit. You guys are great. They agreed. They agreed. Have you gone crazy? I’ll die, guys. Please stop jumping. Wait. Wait. Go to the other side and celebrate. [METAL THUD SOUND] Let’s go. Careful! Follow us. Slowly. Slowly.
Come on. Come on. Harika, my love! Oh my Honey! [CHUCKLES] [INDISTINCT RANTING] Make it fast. Get me out of here. It’s our karma. We never think straight in times of danger. We could’ve gone one by one. You had to fight, huh? Try crossing the bridge now. Hey! You guys are having fun. But we’re getting frustrated here. I have a posture to help
relieve frustration. Venky posture!
– Huh! Repeat the posture till
the rescue team arrives. Bye!
– Bye! Bye! Let’s have some fun!
Look. There’s the helicopter. Oh, come on! Do you realize my situation? Get lost! Get out of here! Go kiss someone who’s relaxed. Not me. Get lost! I’ve altered him properly! Good job sister. So, How are you? Look there. Oh my! How’s she here? She’s our facebook friend. To teach you a lesson,
We’ve planned that murder. [GIGGLES]
Hello Be careful with facebook. Finally they understood
how to handle wive’s. No. Not at all. What ever it is,
We have to spend quality time. – True. What happened?
– Forget that. Nothing.
Just chit chatting. Tell us. Sankranthi is coming,
So we’ve invited by friends. We’ve refused it. Wherever it is,
We stay at home only. We can’t go out with
friends during festival. We decided to stay with you. You go. Enjoy! Are you sure? You’ve been thinking about
us, That’s more than enough. Honey?
– Are you sure? Sure.
You can go. Bye.
– Bye. Let’s go bro.
– Let’s go. Hello bro. Where are you going,
leaving me alone? What else do you want? You know right?
I was leaving for collection. I have nothing to say.
Understand? You didn’t understand?
Actually you won’t understand. Hello. – Hello. – What happened? You will understand the
frustaion if you have a wife. Frustaion? Wife’s frustation? You’ve teaching us? There’s always a technique
to understand the wife. What’s that sir? Let me tell. From mornign to evening, Whatver they say or ask or
do, you have to say one thing. Indeed! Indeed! Indeed! Your life will be happy. I’m saying right,
That’s the truth. Hello sisters,
Go look after your husbands. Indeed! Indeed! Indeed! [MUSIC]


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