Facing Anxiety

if I if I have a panic attack it it works slowly sometimes it's really hard to get out of my bed in the morning it's very physical for me it starts like in my chest and then I kind of get short of breath maybe I get the chills a lot usually it starts with like obsessive thoughts you can't think about anything else you can't get it out of your head I can't like sit down like I keep pacing around it could be hard for me to hear things it's hard for me to listen or understand debilitating and I can't function I have to push myself to just be like okay I have something to do so I just can't let its beat me not today a lot of my anxiety stems from OCD I think it'll be stress related to school or internships or relationships with my friends my anxiety comes from like test anxiety and also social anxiety being around a really large number of people the act of just sitting and doing nothing makes me very anxious on the opposite side of the spectrum if there's too much going on so during finals week and I'm trying to work like 20 hours a week and I also have to study and I have to do my homework and I'm an RA back at campus so if there's too much going on and I'm having trouble sorting it in my brain I had this dream to be in film to be an entertainment TV and I got here and it just seemed more impractical and the biggest trigger for anxiety now is thinking about how undeveloped my idea of the future is last-minute things make it worse I'm a planner by Nature I plan everything but a lot of times there is no cause I'll just experience like a constant state of anxiety that can last for over a week I call somebody call my mom what call one of my friends or I just kind of sit and breathe take some deep breaths so the best thing for me to do is if I feel even a little bit of anxiety bubbling I step out of the room I say this is what my therapist taught me you just kind of have to say this is the anxiety I'm feeling my anxiety is at a 3 out of 10 right now and once you say that to yourself and you recognize that that's the anxiety level out you're that you're at you can start to lower it back down I tried to teach myself to support me like somebody else would to look at my situation from the best exterior angle I could this semester I did have to drop a class because it was too much for me and I had been missing a lot of class recently I started like writing out what is actually going on nine times out of ten when I see in front of me it's not even that big of an issue sometimes I have to force myself to be social at first it may like you really get to me but at the end when I'm like okay I was able to sit at lunch table with a group of people and talk to them like that's like big things for me I think positively give myself encouragement tell myself it was okay if I ever felt like I was overwhelmed I had to tell myself that I could handle it and that I didn't need anybody to hold my hand I usually just try to like talk it out with the people around me but that can often be hard to do because you don't always want to feel like you're that person who's burdening everyone else would like your constant and anxiety attacks sometimes when students skip class it doesn't mean that they just don't want to be there sometimes they just need a day or they just need a couple hours just to chill but I think the most important thing is that like a lot of times I'll get the assignments he was just gonna take me a little bit longer I would like them to just know that I'm not that shy student that doesn't want to talk I'm also not not coming to class because I don't want to learn or I'm not serious about my education but sometimes it's physically hard to just deal with certain things so I'm not that kid that's gonna waste my money and not control the class but sometimes it is hard I think the faculty is very understanding about the pressures that that college kids are having they can empathize with students I don't particularly feel comfortable speaking to my professors about you know taking a mental health day from class and so that's why I think it's really important to normalize this conversation around taking a day off for your mental health just as you would for your physical health my school is like very activist heavy so a lot of times it'll be like well we need to like reduce the stigma around mental health and they'll say that but there's also a culture I think because the job market is so competitive that like you need to have three internships a semester and work job because school is so expensive and take a full class load so if you're doing less than the person next to you a lot of times you're just doing this competition and they'll like look down on you a little bit I can only speak from my experience as a black student especially as a black female we sometimes have to convince ourselves that were not crazy there's nothing crazy about dealing with anxiety depression whatever is going on it's actually a lot more common than you think it is what my anxiety is like is not what everyone's anxiety is like that I'm not mean I'm not inside social I'm not stuck up or anything I'm very nice I just it takes me a minute to get used to people if I don't feel comfortable in a situation or in the environment I will remove myself from it I really try not to show any anxiety in public a lot of people tell me that they see me as a laid-back person and I go really you think that it's interesting there is no sort of logic behind anxiety so it's always there but you like telling me oh well you don't have to be stressed because in a long run it's not really gonna matter sometimes I just need someone to like sit there and you know just be there while I you know freak out a little bit if you're even questioning if you're struggling with anxiety you should just go in and see somebody because if it turns out that you're not and it's just regular student residual stress that's fine you can get that managed there too but if it turns out to be a bigger problem now is the time to seek help instead of waiting until it's debilitating


  1. Great to see so many people share their experience with anxiety in college. One thing that really helped me was meditation. I find that short morning meditation helps me get energized and focused after just 10 minutes of quiet time.

  2. Thank you for this video. Sometimes I can't help feeling like a broken human like I don't work in school environments because I get too anxious. Seeing this video helps me feel like I am not the only one struggling, that I am not the only one that puts a ton pressure on myself, its comforting.

  3. I don't understand anxiety, I have never really felt strong anxiety but I wish I could understand what they are feeling by feeling it myself.

  4. This is a well-produced video, I can honestly say this is very well done, and it has fantastic focus.

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