Fairview: Mental Health First Aid

(somber piano music) – It was one of the first
crisis calls that I had had after completing the class. We were called to a report of a woman. Myself and another partner
got there at the same time and had observed a younger looking female standing on a ledge that was
no more than three inches wide. The first thing that I
said is I identified myself as just my first name, Joe. And that I was here to help her. I was very fortunate
that that was the line that got her to turn back
around and look at me. And when she looked at
me, I grabbed onto her and pulled her back over, at which point in time she
hugged me and started crying. I took the mental health first aid class approximately a year ago. The class was structured by people in the mental health profession. And a lot of it was
providing their insight on how we can better interact
with mentally ill people. The course covered several different types of mental illness, went into depth into some
of the more common ones that we see, schizophrenia,
bipolar, depression, anxiety. This class really
offered a new perspective and gave some additional
tools in dealing with people that are going through
mental health crisises. If I would have got there
prior to taking the class, the outcome might have
been very different. I don’t think I would have been as calm as I would have been. I don’t know if those words
would have come out of my mouth. And who knows what that would have done? (somber piano music)

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