Family Medicine Doctor, Psychiatrist: Cerrone A. Cohen, MD

My name is Cerrone Cohen and I am
a Medical Instructor in the Department of Family Medicine and Psychiatry. I can have a unique background. I’m trained in both Family Medicine and
Psychiatry. And so,
my mom was a home health care nurse. And so, that would, is kind of the first time I really
saw health care being delivered. And so I always had interest in
developing relationships with patients. And so
I was very interested in family medicine, which is a lot about
continuity in relationships. And then as I went through
my medical training, I began to really like mental health care. And so I thought it would be a great
chance to kinda meld the two together. So I do general primary care within
the Department of Family Medicine. And I also do some out patient psychiatry
work within the psychiatry department. And within the family medicine clinic,
I take everything from cough and colds to well child checks to sports
physicals, to whatever walks in the door. But I also do some mental health care
there, helping the other docs feel more comfortable, prescribing certain
medications for depression or whatever mental illness is going on. And so within the family medicine setting,
I provide both physical and mental healthcare. The first time a patient sees me,
it’s much more of a conversation about their health and their goals and
what they would like to see changed. I worked hard to try to make sure
that we’re taking what the patient’s interests are in mind with good
healthcare and trying to meld the two. So that we can both work towards
a healthy future together. And I enjoy having a chance
to just sit down and kind of put your stethoscope down, and
talk about the emotional aspect of things. And, what’s really going on,
what really bothers them? That’s what keeps me going, being able
to talk about patient’s real concerns. As much as we like to think that
everyone’s concerned about their blood pressure, they’re not always
concerned as much as they are about what’s going on in life. And I get the chance to talk
about life stuff, which I enjoy.

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