Family Medicine Doctor, Sports Medicine Specialist: James G. Blount, MD

My name is Jim Blunt. I’m a physician at Carolina Family
Practice and Sports Medicine. I think patients should come
to this practice, number one, because our focus is more why than what. I would use that terminology. I think may of us share that
kind of why you do what you do, as opposed to what you’re doing. The practice of medicine is one thing,
but why do you come to work? Why do you take care of patients? And I think that would be what sets
us apart from other practices. More specifically, I suppose that kind of global thing
would be not just the primary care and that kinda why we do what we do approach,
but the sports medicine that we do. And that is the ability to take
care of your primary care needs, but also if you happen to have knee pain,
or you’re here for your high blood pressure visit, then we can handle that
without sending you somewhere else. The days of paternalistic
medicine are gone and probably shouldn’t have been
around in the first place. And I think that it’s a patient’s body,
it’s a patient’s health. So I usually try to sit down and
talk about the pros and the cons, education’s a big piece of it. And you can’t make a really good
decision unless you’re informed. So you try to educate them
about the pros and the cons and that, these days,
entails cost consideration as well. What’s right medically is not
necessarily always right in reality. It’s easy to make a decision
in an academic office, and a little more difficult in reality. Cuz you have to consider high deductibles,
and you have to consider side effects, and the
person’s context, and that sort of thing. Outside of work,
I try to practice what I preach a little. I try to maintain activity level,
maintain body weight, eat healthy. As far as enjoyment,
I like to play basketball. I like to play tennis. I run, just to stay in shape for
those other things. I don’t necessarily enjoy running to run,
but I run with my dog. I’ll exercise with my children. I coach their soccer teams, and
just try to stay fairly active.

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