Family Medicine Physician Assistant: Brian Robeson, PA-C

Brian Robeson, I’m a physician assistant. Ever since high school, I thought
it’d be fun to go into medicine, and I had some very good experiences with
my own family doctor growing up. And many times,
I got to see a physician assistant, so I got to be more acclimated to
the career and looked into it. It was a fun profession,
I worked up into it and it was great. I enjoy seeing all type of family
populations from children to adults to the elderly population. Every day is a different day in
a family practice, I really enjoy that. I like seeing a positive outcome. So, when you see somebody has a problem or
not feeling well and you can quickly diagnose, help them out,
have quick access to them and then, seeing how they do so well so quickly. Something new like high blood pressure and
manage it and they start feeling better pretty quickly and seeing they
have a very positive experience. Originally, graduated from
Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania. I moved to Greensboro,
I was in Greensboro for approximately eight years in
practice before coming over here. It was a very easy transition from
Greensboro to the Raleigh-Durham area. So I have two children, two boys. And we enjoy as a family, public outings,
going to parks, going to playgrounds, museums, and
just enjoying time at the beach and your family is probably
the biggest thing I like to do.

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