Family Medicine Physician Assistant: Rebecca May, PA-C

My name is Rebecca May. I’m a physician assistant
over at Duke Primary Care. I see all the same patients that
a normal physician would see. We treat high blood pressure,
diabetes, sick visits, annual physicals,
kind of a wide array of disorders. All age groups from birth until 110,
120 years old, hopefully. [LAUGH] When I first meet with a patient, one of the major things I want them to
feel is that they’re comfortable with me. I tend to be a little bit
of a straight-shooter and I’m very honest with my patients. Which is how I would like to be treated if
I was a patient going into my provider. Some patients really like that and other patients can sometimes find
it a little bit off putting. But I’d rather be honest with my patients. My favorite part would be
the connections I make with my patients, and seeing them come back
to me time after time. Seeing how their health condition has
improved after repeat visits with me, and seeing just them get healthier. I have a husband and I have a dog. So, on the weekends we try and
stay as active as possible. I like to be a good role model for
my patients so, I’m out running, hiking, lots of outdoor activities. I can often be found at farmer’s market,
farmer’s stands and then we love to cook with the kind
of fresh ingredients for the season.

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