Family Medicine Physician Dr. Thomas Schumacher Shares His Patient Philosophy

My mom was a nurse when she was young, and
then she developed a congenital neurological disorder, so she lost her ability to walk
when I was four or five. I’m an only child, but I always felt that
I always tried to take care of my mom. The aspect of helping people and taking care
of people is just something that I–even at a young age–always wanted to do. Everyone has to see the doctor eventually,
unfortunately it’s just a fact of life. So I feel that being part of health care,
we are automatically an important part of the community. I try to not just look at someone’s COPD,
I try to see, you know, is there pulmonary rehab that we can do? Can we change their diet so that they can
lose weight and breathe better? Things like that. Just because you might have a certain disease,
some of these things are going to be very manageable with medicine and lifestyle modifications
and if you have a positive outlook, you don’t have to let that disease dominate your life.

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