Farmhouse | Industrial Master Bathroom Reveal – (Husband- Voiceover)

Hola chicos y chicas, I’m Avanti Morocha Today I’m finally revealing our master bathroom remodel my husband and I did a lot of the work for this remodel with the exception of the tile work, the placement of the glass enclosure and installation of the Silestone over the vanity The things we did are the demolition, painting the walls and ceilings, plumbing and electrical. fur-out a wall, faux shiplap and building a vanity, an industrial shelf and a ladder. my husband didn’t want to be in the video but at least he agreed to do the voice-over for the tour. For those who don’t know I studied architecture and urban planning so I really enjoy this kind of project. This is the largest project my husband and I have done in our home it took time but I’m really happy with the results. I wanted to take the time to thank all of
my sponsors for their help Thank you so much I couldn’t have done
it without you. I hope you liked this project and after seeing what can be done you feel inspired I you have any questions or doubts just leave me a message in the comment section. I’m going to leave you links for all the different phases of this project in the info box don’t forget to visit my blog follow me
on my social media like this video and share with your loved ones see you soon, chau chau


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