Fast First Aid Tips for 6 Common Accidents

Fest first aid tips for six common accidents from the moment your child takes his first steps he’s bound to have some tumbles well you can’t always prevent your natural born daredevil from getting hurt there’s plenty you can do to make him feel better we asked top doctors to share the best methods for patching up loans stocking a first aid kit and calming little patients so you can fix Annie boo boo fast act fast if there’s bleeding first press firmly over the site with a clean cloth until it stops anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes Kleen under lukewarm running water and gently pat dry when the wound is dirty or was caused by an animal scratch rinse it with water and gently lather with soap if the skin is broken apply a thin layer of an over the counter antibiotic ointment like Neil spore and or Bassett race and then cover with a bandage or gauze and that he saved ape if you can’t control the bleeding after several attempts with direct pressure call your pediatrician or 911 or had to an era if a large piece of skin has been removed wrap it in a clean moist cloth and place it in a bag over a ice a Dr. May be able to reattach it an animal bite that has caused a deep cut should be seen by a Dr. Follow-up care dab on the antibiotic ointment and apply a new bandage daily or twice daily if it’s a large or deep won’t until the cut heels so your child can’t pick of it if it appears to be forming or draining POS or become swollen tender or red sea and Dr. Ida way to treat the infection after the wound heels slather on this PF 30 until it starts to fade because newly healed skin can sunburn more easily making any eventual scar more noticeable burn act fast immediately hold under cool running water or apply a cold wet towel and tell the pain subsides cover any small blisters with a loose bandage or gauze and tape call a Dr. As soon as possible if burns are on the face tans or genitals or if their larger than 1/4 inch anywhere on the body if the burn look steep the skin may be white or brown and wry go to the ER for a burn covering a 10th of the body or more don’t use cold compresses call 911 and cover the child with a clean sheet or a blanket to prevent hypothermia until help arrives follow-up care don’t copy any blisters yourself if the skin breaks apply an antibiotic cream and cover the area with a bandage or gauze and tape until it’s healed watch for any redness swelling tenderness or discharge all signs of infection did you know Stoltz from hot foods or liquids are the most common burn injury in children ages six months to two years nosebleed act fast have your child sit upright but don’t tilt her head back loosen any tight clothing around her neck Tench the lower end of her nose close to the nostrils and have her lean forward while you apply pressure continuously for 5 to 10 minutes don’t release and check the knows it could prolong the bleeding follow-up care if the nosebleed is the result of a trauma a reduce swelling by holding an ice pack against the bridge of the nose after the bleeding slows down if it persists after 10 minutes or returns later call your Dr. or go to the ER to check for a break splinter or glass act fast use soap and water to wash around the splinter clean a pair of tweezers with rubbing alcohol and slowly pull the splinter out wash the skin again when a splinter is hard to remove lead it for a day or so to see whether it comes out on its own if your child steps on a piece of glass and it’s not a single shard you can easily remove gently wrap a clean cloth around the area and go to the ER ask your Dr. About and xray even if you think you’ve gotten the glass out scans often find shards that can lead to infection follow-up care if the splinter isn’t out after a few days or is causing your child pain turning red or has plus see your Dr. To have it removed safely I trauma a act fast when your child has severe pain constant tearing light sensitivity or blurry vision after being poked or hit in the I’d hold a cool wet cloth over the area and head to the ER he may have a scratch on the Isaac surface which is treated with prescription drops or aligned meant and usually deals within 48 hours if a chemical has been splashed in his I’d hold the lead open and flush with lukewarm water and call poison control 80022212 to 02 follow-up care monitor your child for pain and vision problems in the weeks that follow a poked at these could be a sign of traumatic I write us an inflammation of the colored part of the IE or a deeper injury insect bite or sting act fast if the insect left a stinger gently scraped the skin with your fingernail or a credit card to remove it without breaking at using tweezers can squeeze out more venom call 911 if your child has trouble breathing is coughing or develops a hoarse voice hives or swollen lips or tongue follow-up care forging hold a cold compress a over the area for a minute or apply calemine lotion or a 1% hydrocortisone cream or topical and the histamine if the skin isn’t broken or stabbed contact your Doc if you suspect a tick bite he may want to test for lime and other tick borne diseases did you know that it’s and stings are the third most common accident scene in the ER among kids four and under first a deaf ECU few do cuts heal faster under a bandage or when left to breathe in a while a cut is still open a bandage can help prevent infection and scabs the after a few days are little air can speed healing you can put your child to bed without a bandage and if you can do it without disturbing him too much sneak in a couple at hours later to reapply a new one few are antibiotic ointment sri lee necessary in a yes the edison’s like neosporin can help healing that you don’t want to apply it unnecessarily say to a small scrape or a bug bite when the skin isn’t open some researchers believe antibiotic overuse has led to the rise of tough to treat staph infections like am RSA key to any tricks to getting my child to tolerate an ice pack in a parents tend to make the pack too cold often by placing a ice in a thin plastic bag that a compress doesn’t need to be frigid to bring down swelling just wrap some nice in a dry wash cloth younger kids might like the animal shaped compresses you keep in the fridge door freezer few after an injury when does a child need to get a tetanus shot in a sum wong’s caused by a dirty the stay or dusty object put a child at risk for tetanus if she’s gotten her immunizations on schedule she’s probably find that to be safe call the pediatrician to discuss her tetanus risk how to calm your child keep your expression and tone of voice as relaxed as you possibly can and try these Dr. Tested tips if your child is five or younger cover wounds with a cloth as you treat them if you can have another adult do the bandaging while you comfort your child distract her with books small toys bubbles or stickers use age appropriate words if your child doesn’t know what a hospital and is say it’s a place where people help drew boos feel better if your child is between six and 12 involve him in first aid even letting him hold the ointment can help him feel more in control keep him busy with movies or TV shows portable electronic games and I put with calming music or stories true or imagined review it all being surprised by a pinch or a sting only creates more anxiety about what’s coming next first eight essentials every parent needs a well stocked kid at home and on the go to says David Martinson ND kits for the house and car can be big enough to hold a wide range of supplies but don’t over stuff them stroller kits can be pared down breathing barrier if a stranger needs to administer CPR foldable disposable shields are available at Red Cross stored of org tweezers to remove splinters or tax 1% hydrocortisone cream and calemine lotion for bites or stings alcohol whites to clean scissors and tweezers or allowed the histamine for allergic reactions non latex gloves to pull on clean hands when treating all loaned acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain and fever thermometer non mercury non glass triple antibiotic ointment to prevent infection and sanitizer to clean hands in case water and soap aren’t available blanket to prevent heat loss after large burns and to treat for shock bottled water to rinse wong’s if there’s no faucet nearby instant cold compress to control swelling


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