Fatty Liver: Diet Proven to Reverse It


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  2. I had no alcohol fatty liver disease and Keto has helped me get rid of it. I am doing much better thanks to the Keto diet.

  3. i am living in France, i have 30 years old, i have it and i started keto 40 days ago (+ choline + Milk thistle daily), i see the difference, 6 kg lost and i have incredible energy

  4. I will share this video but the problem is most people who have fatty liver disease have NO idea they do! They are not diagnosed with it. Just like most people who are insulin resistant have no idea that they have it so they will look at the title of this video and, sadly, think: “This doesn’t apply to me!” And they will move on. 😢

  5. Kids who go to schools that provide lunches beware. By law those lunches are required to follow SAD Standard American Diet. Sugars and carb laced lunches..

  6. I had a fatty liver already as a teenager, stick thin with a fat pooch. Always had a fat gut around the midsection regardless how skinny I was. Now I know it was the ALL-day-long fruit consumption. To this day I have excess fat around the midsection, but i'm ideal weight and only 2 lbs from underweight, I just don't get it.  I'm on Keto/IF.

  7. I had fatty liver for two years. I went Keto for 4 months and do an ultrasound 4 months later liver back to normal size. I also lost 30lbs in the process. Yes, keto works.

  8. Yesterday, I had a conversation with an RN that was a Wellness Coach through my work's insurance. She was happy that I'd lost 62 lbs since last July, but she told me that Keto should only be used short-term due to the fact that it overworks the kidneys. From watching Dr. Berry's videos, I knew she was wrong, and forced her to prove it, but she referred me to another dietician. She wants me to ask my doctor to do a kidney panel and to refer me to a dietician to track my progress. I believe Im doing fine without one. I have researched Keto, and given where I was before at 355lbs, I think Im doing pretty well.

  9. I scrolled through here looking for negative comments and couldn’t find any. At the time I put this comment on here, 31 people had disliked this video.
    I would really like to hear what someone doesn’t like about this video. It talks about a research study in which fatty liver disease, a disease that affects approximately 25% of the US population, is virtually cured by diet alone. What could someone possibly not like about that.
    I would really like to know.

  10. After 2 years of arguing with doctors and nutritionists and begging doctors to please test me for pre-diabetic symptoms, NAFLD and insulin resistance I finally found a doctor who agreed. Not only to a test or two, he agreed to everything I asked. He didn't even know what keto is, he just said "Well if keto works for you then by all means stay on it, and of course I'll order all these tests for you" ~ I was so happy I was about to cry, finally someone who listens! FYI I've done my research, I'm pretty sure of my symptoms, however since I'm not an educated/certified doctor I couldn't really do much when it came to convincing others, arguing or generally stating my opinion. For the first time since I started keto almost 4 years ago it seems like a doctor will back me up.

  11. Appreciate a lot of the videos and info, but this was disappointing. Should tone down the click bait. Waited and watched for nearly 15 min only to find out that he was only saying “Proven that low carb is the way to go for fatty liver”. Something I already knew and when the title made me think it was something else surprising and/or specific foods would be listed and at the end I should watch several of his other videos to get that answer. A bunch of the recent videos seem to follow this pattern and make me want to spend less time on this channel.

  12. There is a clinical study for a drug but the best treatment is diet. Avoid fructose and alcohol, do a low carb diet like atkins or keto and exercise as much as possible and the liver will inprove. Take vit ADEK.. It all about the fructose turning into TGL in the liver ( 90% fructose corn syrup) and the insulin index of the meals you consume. Atkins is the winner!

  13. Excellent! Thanks for summarizing this study–which, not surprisingly, didn't make the news. 🙁 By now we should be used to not seeing the most important things in the news… but it never ever gets old to see it from you! Thanks!

  14. Hi dr Berry. I have biliary dyskinesia and the dr told me I have to have it removed because the ejection fraction is 27%. Now, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis A for the second time in my life, and the surgery was cancelled.I know theoretically is not possible, but I am the exception…..Also, the ultrasound shows a lightly fatty liver. I am strict strict keto for 7 weeks and I cannot lose any weight at all….I never had a cheat treat or meal and I monitor everything I put in my mouth. I do if 16/8 4 days/week…. Any suggestions please? 🙏🙏🙏

  15. WOW! 8 months on Keto, lost 90 pounds (back to my 1998 weight). I'm over carbs completely although I do miss popcorn sometimes. This remarkable change has NOT gone unnoticed. I refer anyone who asks about it to your YouTube channel for a complete explanation. Thank You!

  16. Hi Ken, I would really be interested in the full article. Thank you for all the information and time you are investing in this 🙂

  17. Dr. What about milk thistle as a natural supplement
    I heard it helps reduce fatty liver and helps with the gallbladder as well..

  18. A locally popular professional chef friend of mine sat down and told me I'm the only person he knows who has successfully lost body fat and kept it off.

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I was just recently diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and I was so disappointed with my providers response of “low fat heart healthy diet”. I have been doing my own research and started the Keto diet a little less than 2 weeks ago. I’m already down 8 lbs. Less water retention and bloating. Mind much less foggy. I really wanted to show my provider my results and what I did to get there. This video just confirms it for me. So happy to hear I’m on the right track. Thank you so much Dr. Berry ❤️

  20. I haven't been told if I have a fatty liver or not. Since diagnosed with type 2 I've pretty much gone to a keto diet. No weight loss, but I lost 100lbs between 2012-2019(80lbs by 2015). I hope keto has done something for my liver.

  21. Before I started this diet I was pre-diabetic, with high blood pressure, with a fatty liver. 8 months later when I was re-checked at the VA I am normal, no more fatty liver, high blood pressure, or diabetic. I can not believe that just changing my diet and exercising, no more sugar, low or no carbs, and eating good fats, eggs, bacon, cabbage, kale, ect….Green tea, and some supplements. And I lost weight and have more energy…Woohoo…

  22. Interesting that the low fat group lost a bit of liver fat. Even though it was small I would expect that it has a great deal to do with cutting out the junk food.

  23. Love this, even more concrete scientific evidence to add to the pile. Baffles me why it’s still taking so long for mainstream health advice to shift!

  24. Hi there, I have non alcoholic fatty liver disease (one step away from Cirrhosis), I've been on Statins for a couple of years and that's not helping, I only eat 1-2 meals a day, and I even cut out sugary drinks. I've done long term low fat, I've done long term low carb, nothing has helped. The only part of me that has any fat on it is my liver! I've also not consumed cholesterol since 1988! I guess everyone is different!

  25. Dr. Ken – I originally came across your Fatty Liver videos from a Facebook NAFLD group at the beginning of 2020. I have NEVER had luck with calorie restriction & high aerobic exercise. I've been on a low'ish carb diet (you have said this is a very forgiving diet and IT IS!). My target has been 15% carbs are less. I'm 6'5" and haven't been below 300# since I was a freshman in college (FWIW – i'm turning 50 this year). Since starting this diet on 1/7/2020 at 314# to my weigh in today I'm down 19#. I still can't believe I'm below 300# for the 1st time in DECADES!!!!! I can't wait to go back to my Doc and have my labs run again to see (hopefully) an improvement in my numbers. THANK YOU for doing these videos! It has been, and will continue to be, a life changer for me.

  26. Brilliant video – thanks Dr Berry! A close relative of mine has fatty liver. I was able to get her to try Keto. Only 1 month in, and she said she feels better already!

  27. My 70 y.o. brother has been on Keto for about 3 months and has dropped about 25 pounds. He had a TIA today. His blood pressure is high and has dropped quite a bit on the diet. I am worried about the higher fat portion of this diet being a culprit. Has there been and research or discoveries about this? Thank you

  28. Thanks so much for sharing this study Dr Berry! You are one of the few people that helped me navigate my way into the life-saving keto world. Your videos and book help been so helpful. 47lbs lost in less than less than 4 months and feel better than ever expected. Thank you sir!

  29. I gave myself best present for my 55th birthday, I lost 50 lb in 6 months! From 202 lb to 152 and going down 20 lb more! Thank you! Keto and IF rocks! Not only did I lose weight, I saved my leg from amputation, living life without inflamation and pain, no more swollen leg, no more fatty liver and diabetes! Doctors easily gave up on me but I put up a good fight for myself.

  30. Thank you for this video I was diagnosed with NAFLD and my gastro doctor didn’t even care to help me with what to do other than lose weight and it’ll reverse 🙁 I am going to start a low carb diet and Hopefully when I do labs again my numbers will be improved some .

  31. Just saw yet another Endocrinologist this week and she ordered an ultrasound of my liver. I am a senior with limited transportation help. I am pretty angry that she did not order an MRI since I will be going to a radiology facility anyway. Oh yay, the solution is to remove my thyroid!!! I am resisting. No cancer in the thyroid, BTW. What is wrong with these doctors. She is not a surgeon either.

  32. Hello Dr Ken for the last 4/5 weeks I am not using any floor made products ( no carb) no sugar or sugary juice ..but I do snack on 1 orange and 1 apple a day , I also eat green salad with every meal to fill me .
    Would you call this diet keto ?
    Does vegetable and salad stuff break the keto process?
    Thank you dr Ken .

  33. I believe in and live the low carb diet and promote it in the health care setting. BUT, you as a physician can be misleading to promote the results of a single study as conclusive. 1. A single study cannot give you accurate information as to the ramifications of pursuing any action. Multiple reproduceable studies can. Comorbidities, health histories lifestyles affect results. 2. 32 participants is a very low study group to extrapolate conclusions and make it clinically significant. I and my neighbor could test for something and if I had one result and she had another one can say we had 50% positive conclusion and of course it would sound absurd. Time and numbers in a population bear out conclusions. A real life example, for decades postmenopausal women were given low dose hormone replacement therapy believing on a series of studies that hormones had a heart attack protective effect. It took time, a deeper look at time to extrapolate the data on enough women over a 30+ yrs period to find out- OMG STOP! Hormone replacement women actually had a greater incidence of heart attacks than the non HRT population. To promote the treatment of any medical condition on such slim data is unwise. You are viewed by thousands as a expert in your field. Taking a "what do you have to lose if there already is no established treatment for fatty liver disease at this time? " is also somewhat risky stance when referring to growing developing children. There are so many factors when considering what type of diet they should have to meet their developing needs. Please be careful.

  34. On one of your older videos you asked for collaboration suggestions. You may have already done this but reach out to Dr. Mike. He has done several eating plans for a month each and reported back to his Channel. There is probably a good deal of cross-over between your channels. I just discoverd your channel, so if you've already done this I'll find it eventually.

  35. I had a ultrasound last week and was told me that I have a fatty liver. I’ve been doing keto and IF for four years now. All blood work was in range. I’m 6’2” and 195. I don’t get it. Any thoughts?

  36. Whoa! The background for the Thumbnail for this video is in stereoscopic 3d, I had my 3d glasses on and was browsing through my subbed videos and saw this. Mindblown

  37. Off topic a little bit, but when you were eating carnivore, were your macros 50/50 fat to protein or what do you recommend? Should less fat be added if one has more body fat?

  38. This has been theorized for how many years now? What is really sad, no DISGUSTING, is that the federal agencies, science, and medical associations that could step in and turn these findings into healthier public policies (regarding food additives, labeling, dietary guidance, treatment guidance, etc) will still be spewing the same errant BS one, two, and more years from now. Why? Money! I have been through three doctors in my area trying to find one with a clue, or even just a dietician referal. Not a one reads the latest research and is dismissive. They all need recertification! I have NO faith or respect for doctors or medical professionals in general, anymore. The conscientious ones, not overwhelmed with arrogance, are just too few. My life is safer in my own hands.

  39. Six weeks ago I was diagnosed with NAFLD with a concern it could turn into cirrhosis of the liver. I have been 95% loyal to my new diet (had a couple of get togethers where I couldn't get out of eating "regular food" without offending them.)
    I bought Keto Test Strips last week (the urine kind) and the results showed I had the 2nd to highest level of danger. Do you think it is because of the status of my liver and that I need to give it more time to see results?

  40. AST (U/L)

    6/27/19: 95
    10/4/19: 28
    12/27/19: 16

    ALT (U/L)

    6/27/19: 104
    10/4/19: 36
    12/27/19: 25

    Keto reversed my fatty liver according to the blood tests. My a1c also went from 10.2 to 5.5 in 3 months on keto!

  41. hi dr this is completely unrelated .i suffer from silent reflux the only thing helping me is melatonin …i tried vitamin d but melatonin is more effective but i read that melatonin reduces hcl…im at a loss is this true..

  42. dr pleaaaase do a video on melatonin and hcl production …studies show that it strengthens LES but lowers hcl …how is that possible

  43. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver at the beginning of last year. I dont really drink and i thought I ate a healthy diet. I started keto in may 2019 and 2 weeks ago I did my bloods again and I'm all good. Diabetes, fatty liver everything. I love this lifestyle so much, it saved me.

  44. Can you explain why Clonidine raises liver enzymes and bilirubin? I’ve been taking this poison for a year and seems to have made my liver and gallbladder worse. My blood pressure is still high and it made my condition worse. Yet, all my MDs accused me of being non-compliant. I’m so scared as no pharmaceuticals work to lower my blood pressure.

  45. I have elevated liver function tests which could be an indication of fatty liver disease. Can I get good effects just from staying away from sugars and simple carbs? Or do I have to observe the Keto diet as filly as possible? Do I have to push all they way until I reach Ketosis??!

    Regarding carbs, is it still OK to eat wholewheat pasta, sweet potatoes etc?


  46. Thank you Dr. B. We have plenty of YouTube Keto and IF fasting coaches. I'm depending on you to be the voice to speak to the medical professionals….someone needs to target that audience and you are perfect for that job!

  47. Hi dr, I leave in NC near Charlotte , I’m looking for a dr who can help me in my low carb diet keto diet. I started by my self doing it it’s been like 3 or 4 months in fact I loose a lot of weight and body moss . I look very skinny and old because I loose a lot of mussels . I Realy don’t know If I’m doing everything wrong . I look up in my area to see if there a nutritionist to help with keto but I didn’t fin any one the only one is you dr because you leave in Tenessee wish is not far from Hickory NC . Can you give me advice or appontement to come to your office and take a visite and help me about my diet
    Thank you so much

  48. I want to do something for me. At the beginning before each video, going forward, give your resume in one single breath. If I share this video with the many skeptics in my life, they have a tendency to hear the first few seconds and quicky judge the credibility of not only what you're saying but also your ability to know of sound doctrine of what you're believing and teaching. Give the number of years in practice, the general number of patients you've served and that you're an MD. A lot of folks have looked down on other keto doctors saying that they were not medical doctors but rather that their degree was in something else and, by default, these very respectable doctors get dogged. You, by comparison, have all the right components in place. Do this for my viewers, please. You are too powerful to be overlooked. Another great video as always!

  49. Thank you Dr. Berry!! Shared this with my loved ones, my sister is dealing with this now so this is a blessing!!! Good bless you and your family!!

  50. Doctor, very informative and helpful video! I only have 1 follow-up Q…
    My question is because this study was done on children/young-adults with NON-ALCOHOLIC Fatty Liver Disese,,, how can we know the high-fat diet results from the study will translate (similarly reverse the disease?) to people whom have ALCOHOLIC Fatty Liver Disease..?

    Edit: Follow up quest: If your answer, which I presume will be, is that we don't know that it will,, is there a video or information you can share (I can't seem to find one you've done) about Alcoholic FLD ?
    Don't have to answer this question if you can't, the initial one would be enough!
    Love your stuff

  51. Dr. Berry, would you address gallbladder or the lack there of issues in relation to bile salts, please.  Also, is fatty liver a "victim" of gall bladder removal?

  52. Children have NAFLD?! I had no idea. I thought childhood obesity was bad enough, but fatty liver? That's tragic – especially with the "expert" diet advice

  53. I have a question…for 2 months now I have not lost anymore weight…and I'm FAR from even being close to what my Dr. says is healthy weight for my height. I'm 176 and have been stuck at this weight for 2 months now. My diet is totally KETO and I even fast for at least 18hours a day. I've lost 36 pounds since being on this diet since May 2019. My carb intake is no more than 10 – 20 per day…and rarely 20. I don't know what else to do and it's very frustrating. I know I didn't gain all this weight over night, but I would expect to at least lose a couple of pounds per month. HELP!

  54. Could you say where you got the carb:protein:fat ratios for the low carb group from? The abstract has <10:25:>65 listed yet in your talk you give the ratio of 25:25:50. Thanks

  55. I am mildly amused that many of the "anti-keto" diet advice advertisements seem to find your videos Dr. Berry – keep fighting the GOOD CAUSE to help educate with facts and not fiction. Thank you too for actually reading scientific papers worth their weight in salt and not much of the gibberish that seems to pass for "good data".

  56. Sir, what do you recommend for someone who is trying to lower cholesterol and work on reversing fatty liver? I’m so overwhelmed with information and my father recently passed away due to cirrhosis of the liver. I’ve been on a whole food plant based, but not that long and I keep getting conflicting info.

  57. Thank you for informing us of this study! Awesome! Maybe now we will see more studies ! It begs the question…who in the world is giving this a 👎?

  58. FANTAAAASTIC Dr. Ken Berry, thank you sooo much to share this incredible research with us! I will right now make a video in Portuguese to upload on my Instagram channels (cetogenica Portugal). I'll tag you there.

  59. I HAD fatty liver disease that was complicating an autoimmune liver disease. I started keto and IF in 2017. I have completely reversed my fatty liver from my last liver biopsy and fibroscan! I still have the autoimmune disease, but it is much more controlled. No more high blood pressure. A1C down to 4.9 from 6.4. Trigs normal. Cardiac calcium scan normal.

  60. This video is fascinating. My father in law developed liver cancer from non- alcoholic fatty liver disease and passed away last summer from it. People think fatty liver disease is no big deal but it really can do so much harm. Question- is there advice you can give to a person who has EPI (endocrine pancreatic insufficiency) and low carb diets? I have been told low carb is impossible now that i have this condition. Sadly, I can’t lose weight now either. Thank you.

  61. Dr. Berry, In the last two days I have heard two bad reports on Keto. It must be hitting BIG Pharma in the pocketbook.. That Dr.Sanja Gupta on CNN ( I listen to just talk radio, not CNN) has a PSA telling people that Keto is the worst diet.. And then this morning… There was a story on the local news saying that Keto diet will make you test positive on a breathalizer test! They don't reference any proof.. they just throw it out there!

  62. 5 minutes into the video: "which one of these do you think reversed fatty liver? watch to the end to find out"

    i was already annoyed at all the build up, lack of information. thankfully, this keyed me in to the idea that this video was dedicated to not delivering information in a quick, concise fashion, so i was able to stop watching it and go find someone who wasn't trying to tease me and was interested in giving information.

  63. My nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is gone and my upper ab area now flat. In prep for Dec. 2 2019 gastric sleeve surgery I was on a high protein, very low carb liquid diet, then again for a month afterward. Then (and now) I've eliminated sugar, bread (even whole grain), pasta, rice (even brown), potatoes and almost all processed food. Have lost 45 lbs so far and my labs from last week are all normal including liver enzymes, blood sugar (was pre-diabetic), no more anemia, normal cholesterol levels, and my blood pressure is now within normal limits. I'm also taking milk thistle, berbrine, turmeric, and add 1T lemon juice, ginger juice & apple cider vinegar to my morning low-carb green smoothie.

    Wish I'd known years ago that I was addicted to sugar and carbs and it was killing me plus ruined my figure – feels wonderful to go into middle-older age finally eating right and looking better than I have in decades. Thank you for all your great advice.

  64. Dr. Ken Berry, do you have or can you do a video on carnivore and cancer? I've been carnivore for 4 months, and was diagnosed with Endometrioid Carcinoma on February 3rd. I will be having surgery on March 5th, ( complete hysterectomy ) I need to know what to eat while I am on this journey.

  65. Hi, Dr. B. This question is not directly related to fatty liver disease, but about high-fat, low-carb in general, of which I am a fan. It came to my attention a few days ago, that high sat fat is not good for the prostate, and a causal mechanism, c-MYC, was given. The article appears in Nature Communications. 2019 Sep 25; 10(1):4358. It is out of McGill University, Division of Urology. It thus concerns me, since I do not want prostate cancer. I would welcome your opinion on this difficult matter. Otherwise, low-carb, high-fat is working for me.

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