FDA Approves NEW Medication Dsuvia For Pain! Pentagon Requests For Military Injury & Civilian Use

hey everybody I'm Lauren and this is atomic news TV and this is my second video today but I want to talk about something that I haven't talked about yet on my channel and it is really an important serious thing in our country and this affects me so if you're new here and hit that like button subscribe if you're not new here welcome back and thank you for your continued support so let's talk about the opioid crisis in the United States all right we know that a majority of the illegal drugs that come into this country come from the southern border and we're talking heroin cocaine fentanyl you know of course weed is coming up through it but you know we've got our own weed up here so I'm sure that's not the moneymaker you know coming through the border no camera focus I'm right here hello thank you welcome back anyway so we know all those drugs are coming through the southern border and we do have a crisis year in the country it's real there's a lot of people that are abusing narcotics but what about the people that have legitimate issues and legitimate needs for opioid medications me for those of you that don't know I do have a neurological issue on the side of my head and that's why I am on my way to Madison Wisconsin right now driving to a whole another state and I have for the past three years been in near continuous pain in some part of my head I did have to have surgery and have to have one of my nerves cut at the root in my spine and that helped with one area of it but the rest of it can't be cut and I have to deal with this pain until we find a solution and it's legitimate hardcore pain there have been times where I've had to go to the emergency just to get some morphine to shut it up just for just to have it break for a moment a moment in my life it's just a moment of peace it's like this side of my head is like the Middle East there is always war going on on the side of my head and it's very painful on at times it is equivalent to the pain of cancer it is yet I can't get a vicodin to save my life I have to go to the emergency room and have my vein tapped and basically get morphine and I probably done that at least a dozen times in these last three years when it's gotten super super bad but all of my doctors my primary doctor my neurologist looked at my local neurologist and the my neurologist up in medicine as well as my anesthesiologist she's a pain management doctor nothing no narcotics of any kind except for what I had the surgery and it's like hello I'm in serious pain in day to day but I can't get anything to save my life because we have an opioid crisis right I might become addicted well we've tried nearly everything and you're everything that is non-narcotic basically and it doesn't work how many things do I have to try and go through before they say okay this girl needs some shit alright I mean let's get real right let's get real here what how much does somebody have to suffer and it's suffering how much does somebody have to suffer before a doctor is going to be like okay you poor thing here it's ridiculous and here where I live in Illinois because I live in Illinois it's a blue state okay and I hate that I'm red I'm a red you know voter Republican but this is a blue state and yes we have the medical marijuana here but you have to be like dying to get it all right my condition is not listed in order to be eligible for that so it's useless for me I mean I'm quite sure that would help me quite sure haha but and if I lived in Arizona still piece of cake I could be eaten special brownies and special cookies left and right easy I wouldn't have a problem but because I am in a liberal state we can't seem to get medical marijuana to be accessible like it should be for somebody who is in as much pain on a daily basis as myself so we're trying everything that is not narcotic and I'm up on my way to get especially compounded medication that is used for addicts okay they use this medication when they're detoxing drug users alcoholics things like that that's not me but they're gonna use this off-label in the hopes that it blocks my niro you know firing in the side of my head that causes the pain this is an opioid blocker that they're giving to me yet I don't take opioids so they're hoping it blocks the pain hoping I don't know it might but this is going to cause a serious problem for me if I ever need opioids like if I'm in an accident or like I'm at work I'm a veterinary assistant if I get you know bit by a dog and I need pain medication I can't take it because I'm taking an opioid blocker now and if you have the opioid blocker and you give it what it's supposed to block it's gonna make me sick it's gonna make me like I'm going through withdrawals so it essentially screws me in that sense hopefully you know if I have to have another surgery or something like that you know they can figure out what to do obviously I'll probably have to lean off that medication before they can give me opioids and then have that get out of my system before I restart the medication you see what I'm saying so this is crazy I'm having to take a medication that necessarily doesn't apply to me but we're hoping it's gonna work and block the pain just because nobody will give me a damn bike it in it's ridiculous and then if that doesn't work they're gonna put an arrow stimulator in my head okay wires to give off an electrical current to stop the pain all right I'm kind of down for that that one I might actually do but why can't I not have all because people abused the medication and now people who really do legitimately need it can't get it and it's ridiculous so everybody is all up in arms right now because the FDA just approved a new medication which I can't think of what it's called but I'll put it in the video description as well as the description box they just approved a medication that is a thousand times stronger than morphine holy shit rapids and so people are like hello were in an opioid crisis why are you approving this medication okay I can see where they're coming from but the reason this medication was approved is because it's sublingual it goes like it's injected under the tongue and it's absorbed like that and it takes care of pain much faster and much more effectively than morphine okay yes it's probably going to get abused people are going to get their hands on it illegally and they're going to overdose it's going to happen but this medication was asked for basically by the Pentagon so that they could treat our military men who are women who were injured and needed severe pain control fast okay when you have somebody whose arm is blown off by you know a bomb or something like that they're in serious pain right so giving them an IV and waiting for morphine to work is not as fast as shooting it under their tongue what this new medication and having like instant instant relief right so I understand why the FDA would approve something like this and put this on the market this is something that could also be used in hospitals but it's going to be used in the specific cases like end life cancer pain dying that type of thing so it's not a bad thing to have we need to have these type of medications if we as man can create it right but I'm sure it's gonna get somewhere illegally and it's gonna get a few it's just like every other medication and it's gonna screw people like me because they're not doctors are going to be afraid well dear doctors stop being afraid of me three years of suffering should be enough so give me a damn vicodin that's all right is there anybody else out there that's in the book in the same boat as I am you know where you've experienced this where doctors just don't want to give you something that you clearly clearly deserve to have is there anybody out there like me please say there's somebody so I'm not alone it's really shitty so that's what I got to say about the opioid crisis and the new medication that came out and how I'm getting screwed all right guys if you like my videos don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe and as usual if you don't like my videos why didn't you watch until the end so until next time guys peace out


  1. I went to er twice last week they did nothing scary not being able to even depend on a er. I wish I was dead sad you have to go to a methadone clinic to get what you want

  2. Research shows opioids is not good to treat long term use for several reasons, it loses its effectiveness making patients immune to the relief thereby prompting them to take more in shorter time spans to maintain relief ultimately creating or allowing for addiction. It also causes substantial liver damage and re-wires your brain in a way that impedes function with immediate discontinued use. Personally, I suffer from chronic pain and have benefited greatly from Kratom and wild lettuce which are natural non addictive and very effective for pain, insomnia, anxiety, and even can treat/cure opioid addiction. You should look into it, and stop blaming everyone else for not having access to vicodine. Surely even those who took it for alternate reasons than long term physical ailments were suffering from some other mental or emotional anguish that caused them to turn to substance use in the first place (same as pot heads, alcoholics, cokeheads, heroin addicts, molly, ecstasy, etc…) take your pick…. getting high is getting high point blanc. Believe me you are way better off without the Vicodine, go natural and best of luck on your quest for pain relief!

  3. You say you’re in so much pain, and then you said “but I can’t get marijuana because you have to be in a lot of pain to get that.” Well which one is it? Sounds like you aren’t even in enough pain to get marijuana…. so what the fuck?

  4. I can tell you how to get the best from any sublingual.  See my channel and you will find my email.  I am legit and you seem legit about your pain issue.

  5. Oh boy, this is a touchy subject for me to comment on.  I will just say good luck and be safe.  Peace.

  6. I have to give my son a shot once a month it's called Vivitrol it blocks addiction to heroin and alcohol and opioids. Because he's a meth addict. Have you tried going to pain management Dr. Since everyone is different in how pain meds affect you, they now run an enzyme test on the liver to see what pain medication works best for you. I have to get MRI every 6 months to monitor my spine. The cyst/tumor is now the size of my fist it takes up my 11th and 12th vertebrae. I can get the wire stimulator. Can you mention that to them?

  7. I have a rare spine disease called tarlov cysts they erode the nerves in the spine and sacrum bone. The Dr thought I had bone cancer. I have to go to Dallas for another surgery. I feel for you. I go to pain management Dr. I had to wait 1 year to get any relief when my tailbone was shattered. Now I'm disabled from this disease and I just found out I also have Elhors danlos syndrome and spine fluid leaks. I miss working I started working at the age of 12. I was in the medical field.

  8. Another thing is, they started going after doctors who prescribe opioids and narcotics. They are watching them and doctors are afraid to prescribe them or they can’t. Even pharmacies, and insurance companies, are beginning not to cover some of these medications or are limiting them.

  9. Want to know the truth about the “opioid crisis?” Start with Josh Bloom’s articles, on it, at acsh.org. It’s really a Fentanyl crisis, once you get down to it. I follow people, in the chronic pain community, on Twitter, and there’s a lot of crap behind it. Too many people are being taken off of pain medications and not being tapered off of them. PROP is one group to look into, as well. They made the guidelines for prescribing pain medications. They’re not just going after pain medications, either. Benzodiazepines, and some medications to treat ADHD. Anything that can be addicting. I was taken off of my Vicodin and am being weaned off my Klonopin. I just started cymbalta for my depression and chronic pain. I also have to see a pain management doctor for my Spondylitis, that was discovered earlier this year. I may just see if my insurance will cover a doctor up in Madison, or Milwaukee, since they seem to be more willing to use off-label treatments. I’m in Wisconsin, on the border of Illinois, and have been up to Milwaukee before for weight loss surgery. That’s another story though. I hope that they finally start treating veterans in pain! I have heard some bad things about that! Hopefully, your treatment works!

  10. If DOD asked for it think 🤔 long and hard about what’s getting ready to happen. It’s not a regular opioid. You will keep fighting until you die with a smile on your face with dsuvia.

  11. I have two discs in my back that pretty much exploded from pressure and chronic spinal stenosis the pain is severe I get 100 OC 30s a month and I take three a day so I don't get it why people need 15 or 20 a day the pain medication isn't the problem it's self control problems that addicts have I've been on this for five years

  12. LOL I'm 25 and had back surgery and they keep trying to force me to take Percocet and I won't take it you can go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned where I live and get Percocet

  13. Girl I feel you I have the rare Gilliam Barre syndrome and lupus I'm in pain management I about had to go to every place on earth to get the meds I have been on for 12 years even with meds if the weather is bad I still can't get up.so people like us need these meds what the blank dose illegal drugs going through the boarder have to do with Drs in a office so good luck I have mine back but I wasn't getting help for a year

  14. I suffered from chronic back pain, sometimes it was so bad, I just asked God to please take me now! It was so bad at one point, I considered suicide! Had to move and live in SC with my daughter for three years to get a back surgery , that would have killed me if I didn't! I now have RA in my hips and lower back. I have it other places, but the back is just bad! I have Diabetic nerve damage in both feet. But I can't take pain meds. They just won't stay on my stomach. I will throw up until I have dry heaves! So, I totally get what you are going through! Best of luck to you honey! May the Lord bless you!

  15. Truth is i believe that they are not worried about people on these pain meds. I think this whole pain medication crisis is all about the ones getting it illegally. They cant tax it therefore not getting any money out of it!

  16. I hear you I’be been stuffing myself but been I vi for years am not addicted take only when needed

  17. I know how you feel I suffer from chronic pain myself diabetic nerve damage in both feet do you know how painful it is to walk I also have blood clots in both legs Restless arm and a leg syndrome I also get chronic gout in my joints due to the Crohn's disease I got which causes massive abdominal pains I've been taking oxycodone 30s for 10 years and now my doctor has cut me down to 75 pills a month which I struggle just to get through with them because of the chronic pain day and night I went from 160 a month down to 75 luckily Utah hopefully today we'll vote the Paris pass the law to allow medical marijuana here in Utah which I will be eligible for so I know how you feel with the pain.

  18. Oh I did not put my age I am 52. I also had a really bad fall when I was a teenager and compressedall the disc in my spine.

  19. I went to the emergence room for back and joint pain and they act like you are hunting meds. Finally a good doctor. I have a progressive demyelinting disease, moderate to severe osteoporosis, gouty wide spreed arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, hasimotos, and multiple mini strokes to name a few. So now I can get Tylenol 4s and they dont work. I have used cbd oils and they work better than anything but are not legel in my state but lowering the pain is worth it.

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