Felins US 2000 Pharmaceutical Bander

Here at Whitaker Brothers, we now offer the Felins US-2000 CL-SLM An automated banding machine that specializes in the packaging and banding of pharmaceutical products. The US-2000 CL-SLM provides users with efficient banding of small, individually packaged pharmaceutical
products. Aside from flexible and adjustable band tape, the US-2000 CL- SLM model adds efficiency with its high speed
cornerline for pharmaceutical products. The machine’s high-speed functionality
enables users to band up to thirty pharmaceutical packages per minute. The machine’s servopusher component applies precise band placement on pharmaceutical products. This ensures anti-theft protection for valuable pharmaceutical products. In addition to individual banding, the US-2000 is also capable of banding grouped pharmaceutical products. The automated banding machine can band small product groupings and can also handle products in bulk quantities. Once grouped together, the US automated bander guarantees tamper resistant, adjustable band welding. The easy release banding tape makes shelf stocking much more convenient for pharmacies and pharmaceutical distributors. For all sales, service, and support, please contact our team at Whitaker Brothers.

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