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hi spoonie's welcome to my channel this is Emmy or fiber mom whichever one you prefer to call me a lot of you have asked me to do this video and it's about different medications to treat ever Mel Joe and other chronic pain illnesses now there's so much I can go into this a whole bunch of different kinds of treatments I have shared in other videos so if I don't answer all your questions make sure you comment below maybe we can make this like a series or something it's gonna share with you what has worked for me what hasn't worked for me okay it's actually kind of funny that we have been asking me to do this just recently because I've just got over withdrawals from getting off another medicine to get out of a new one but I'll explain that a little bit yeah I'm not gonna remember the whole list of them cuz there was a lot but it wasn't just for fibromyalgia well if you have a chronic pain illness or probably any kind of chronic illness most of the patients also have sleep at you know at Mia sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome stomach issues yes the list goes on there's not actually that many fda-approved medications for fibromyalgia but they do use they have found anti-seizure medicine the work sleep aids obviously painkillers all sorts before I get started I just want you to know we're not here to bash anybody that does natural remedies for it or we're not gonna bash anybody that doesn't do any healthier alternatives for it and just pain meds that's not what this is about this is about sharing what has helped for me because we have a chronic illness in you could have five symptoms the next person could have 30 and severity of it are different so there isn't this one pill that's gonna help all of them don't we wish and also many with chronic pain or chronic illnesses also I have depression anxiety because we know chronic pain isn't always a walk in the park okay I remember one of the first medications for me that was prescribed to me would be and Volta now I know some people find some really good relief with this you have a great support system here awesome Spoony family you always find them in the comments section below that's where most of that awesomeness comes from is the comments so if you want to see what other people have experience with their medicine read the comments below get involved chat with other spoonie's but cymbalta for me was hell it was awful it made my pain worse and I actually end up making me quit my job it was it was horrible when someone has a chronic illness they have to go through this thing called trial and error it is evil because like I said everyone is so different so the only way of finding out is trying a certain medication out but a lot of these medication can take two to six weeks to work or to have a full effect so you really don't know until it's all in your system then when you find out that something isn't working then you need time to get it all out of your system to get on a new medication after that I have another medication that did not work for me was gabapentin I take that back it did help but I had to take it with another medication I can't remember what it was and this was before I found out was pregnant with Zander because when I found that was pregnant it's a one doctor at the time before my co doctor just ripped all the meds away instantly and I end up going through massive withdrawals which caused my unborn baby to go through withdrawals I was at the point where I was at the full max amount that you could take I can't remember if it was like 800 milligrams I took it three or four times a day I remember but I was losing gobs of my hair and I did feel it was really working anyways for it to work even a little bit max dose and it had to be taken with something else and I just lost gobs of my hair so I was kind of like blessing in disguise when I did get off of it because I refused to go on it after that you been afraid to get off of medicines you just try to do your best to just deal with whatever to get that even if it's a little bit of relief I'm and the pain that it takes to get off of something then go back on something can take months two years before you finally find something that works great or works good it's unlikely to find anything that's gonna take all your pain away and I had a hard time I had a hard time understanding that in the beginning and my doctor would say Livie I can send you I can send you home with a morphine drip and you're still going to feel pain so that's something you have to kind of accept Trevor it all worked only if taken with another medicine which was hydrocodone at the time and that that did help it was helping enough to take that edge off and you know after a while being inmense you think that the edge just isn't much until you're forced to get off with them or something comes up whatever in that little bit that it seemed to help so much it means all the world when you're in a lot of pain so I've definitely learned to tolerate it I guess it's the right word I found I was pregnant with Xander then they took that away I have to make a video about pregnancy in fibromyalgia that's a whole nother story after I had Sander after I I wasn't nursing him anymore then I went back on those the tramadol in the hydrocodone and then I was dealing with a lot of chronic migraines it's a lot of my spoonie's with now I average about 18 a month it's from the discs in my neck when you have fibromyalgia you don't get enough REM sleep rapid eye movement and then the pain in my legs was waking me up and so he tried the end a couple different medicines if I can remember I will list right over here otherwise I do remember the one that helped the most it was amateur Blin you're an amateur Bleen oh yeah also because you could also help with the fibromyalgia pain so he was trying to kill two birds with one stone so help with sleep help from the late pain waking me up and no the night recently the migraines I had some issues where he wanted to try some other stuff so I was on about four or five different other trial and errors for for these migraines nothing's working at all so he wanted to try Botox if you're not familiar with my story with that check out my favorite mile to playlist I can link that too and I'll explain everything so he's been doing something else to help with the overall pain and the neck pain now it was boots which is a pain patch maybe I can show you real quick medicine in the patch a certain moment milligrams are released every hour and you keep the patch on for seven days is a list of rules you gotta follow because you gotta be careful with certain stuff I had to get off one of these medications I had to choose which one and because the tramadol doesn't help unless taking another one and because of my past withdrawals from the terminal I decided Gemma dogs it would be nice just to get off of that no if I said yes to every doctor I have seen I would be taking I swear I swear 20 different medications and nobody needs to go in the comments below and say those trolls need to go in the comments below and be like you shouldn't be on this he should be on that but i know i i've tried so many different natural things and my spoonie's would know that from previous videos actually share some of natural ways that has helped when you have a certain severity of pain and things aren't helping you you gotta outweigh your with risks and benefits that's all there is to it you have to to keep your sanity and live a life rather than just existing there needs to be some kind of balance so don't feel you need to justify yourself for anybody when it comes to their alright I'm getting off subject yeah anyways okay so I chose trim it all and they said just don't take it all for you and then they cut the hydrocodone they cut that dosage in half and it was the very next day so the evening time Nathan put the patch on and she said could take some time to start kicking it just are helping and then just kind of pay attention see if there's any symptoms alright you guys I'm sorry if things look a little different battery decided I wanted to die on me and then the camera flipped over so by the next day it was so miserable guys sorry the sweats and shivers withdrawals but you know that wasn't as bad as what I've experienced before what was bad was it felt like right Swimming's you know how you wired with chronic pain in the morning when you wake up that is the worst I'd like me I get up really super early to take my medicine but then I can be at a tolerable level by the time I have to get Gracie up for school and Xander wakes up was almost like stuck in that spot where I haven't talked in my medicine yet so it was like that all day and it was I was crying it was it was very I couldn't tolerate it it was pretty bad I called up my doctor and talked to them about everything told me to put on another patch so these are 10 the patch I showed you is 10 milligrams each so I put two of them on that's 20 milligrams I said go ahead take a little bit a trim at all cuz you know if we withdrawing so if you're going through withdrawals you happen to be going through them right now or for a future preference make sure you gradually go down you gradually go down it isn't going to be wham and hell and I swear to God you feel like you're dying from the inside out just gradually go down so save this you see yes the way you can do it today is day four it's a lot better concept ain't it's could be another day yet or so for this is helping but I got a migraine right now I've had it the last two and a half days but you know this stuff takes time and that's just a part of it so the last video you guys seen with me going through flare-up oh that was heaven compared to this last one doctor did want me to try lyrica I know older I've heard from many of you benefit from lyrica my mom on the other hand made her retain water so bad I don't remember how much mom said she gained with lyrica but there was she was having all sorts of issues being extra dizzy and stuff and you know you're already dizzy from a mess so you don't need to add any more dizziness in there when she got off of that she was losing the weight and she was feeling better than she was before so personally especially with it coming from my mom but you know don't count that out for you I suggest when you're starting a new medicine to try to keep a journal of how you're feeling him but try it because you can forget when you're full of pain your brain doesn't work right you're just off and for any good healthy people watching I kind of think of it like a really really nasty headache or migraine you know lights and everything makes it worse you know you just can't think straight it's similar to that I hope this can kind of help you if you'd like share what kind of medicines that work really good for you or you absolutely refuse to try certain medicine again I am struggling with video ideas so I really appreciate it let me Pacific cuz you know how my brain works okay I'm gonna shut up before this video was really long I'd be like I'm forgetting something so just check that down bar for me show you subscribe so you stay in the loop of everything I'm to join our spooky family there'd be awesome or growing do your ideas I'd love to hear it I'm here for you guys and I if I can help in any way you know I'm going to do it thanks a bunch for watching and take care of yourself in the meantime if you need a chat you know where to find me I'll see you next video


  1. this is not to be meant as disrespectful but, why do women who have a debilitating condition have children? I have fibro, it came about when my child was about 6, it was so incredibly hard to raise a child with this illness. I would never have another child and take away from them what I had to with my child, missing school functions because you're in too much pain to attend.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I just tried Lyrica and am getting off. It made me feel like I was following myself around, a hyper version of myself. It helped my neuropathy a bit and my joint stiffness and energy, but the side effects are not tolerable.

    Is Medical Marijuana available in your state?

  3. 209serenity fibromyalgia there are so many different symptoms dry eyes dry mouth stabbing pains in your head all through your body TMJ clenching and grinding your teeth the pain of burning the stiffness your joints nauseous upset stomach can't be on your feet very long or they start burning like you're walking on Hot Rocks your throat closing off can't swallow sometimes knots popping up on you and hurting. Shortness of breath Panic anxiety attacks depression it's crazy but it's true we didn't ask for fibromyalgia and all these symptoms because diseases don't have eyes they pick and choose anyone at any time have a blessed day

  4. I have fibromyalgia and Ankylosing spondylitis.I was diagnosed with both of them pretty much at the same time,so I don't know which ache or pain is from what on some days because I ve been dealing with this for over 10 years before they actually diagnosed be. Doctor s always thought it was in my head I think because if my age because I am only 32 now.I have tried amitriptyline and it was horrible but when I tried nortriptyline that made a world of difference. I am definitely not pain free and if I over do it I feel it but if I wasn't on it I would not be able to move at all. It was a life saver for me it also helps with REM sleep. I never had trouble sleeping i think I slept to much but when I woke up I was still exhausted.but nortriptyline really helps and I haven't had any side effects. Hope this helps someone

  5. For me, yoga, swimming, local spa pool, muscle rub, very warm room_ I turn heat pump up high, hot water bottle,

  6. Dear Evie, I'm sorry to say, you need to flee from Dr and their drug company supporters. The reality is they really don't mean you well! Since you are on youtube, go on a massive research and check out all the wonderful WELL NESS PROFESSIONALS! The reality is, given the right set of circumstances the body can heal itself. So many things can cause fibromyalgia, stop trusting the drugs, unless that is your journey. But our real journey is to heal ourselves and the planet. Much Love and Light in your life!

  7. I've tried several things so far and I am newly diagnosed. What is kinda working for me at the moment is Lyrica, hydrocodone and zanaflex. They also have me on Cymbalta as yeah, they think I'm depressed and actually I have been because I've been suffering a long time and my doctors are not believing me. When I say I have fibromyalgia, they don't say anything and talk about something else. They just don't acknowledge it at all. I'm only taking the Lyrica and muscle relaxer zanaflex due to a neck surgery I had 7 months ago and I am still in pain with that. I'm just saying, it is working ok for fibro, but that is not what I was prescribed it for. If that makes any sense. I'm not sleeping lol, and so tired. Thank you for making these videos. I've been watching them all night so far. πŸ™‚ Hugs β™‘ sweet girl.

  8. I use acupuncture, not pain free but 95 percent! I went from hardly being able to walk a mile when first diagnosed and I was super active person, to being able to lift weights again and run again. I don’t use pain meds I refuse to deal with long term effects of those. It’s worse in the winter or when I’m sick, I have to go more (to acupuncture) but it’s changed my life. Maybe will help someone else too. Especially since I can longer stand massages, makes my body feel like it’s on fire afterwards.

  9. Do I need to go to a rheumatologist for medicine like your patch or a narcotic? My pcp won't try anything other than lyrica which I had horrible reactions from. I was diagnosed 5 years ago.

  10. Lyrica didn't work for me. Cymbalta didn't work for me. Hemp oil didn't work for me. Medical marijuana isn't legal here yet. Drs won't prescribe narcotics. So now, I take……nothing.

  11. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out medical marijuana πŸ™‚

    PLEASE do your research on medical marijuana πŸ™‚

    I have a friend on it right now and she has Fibromyalgia , two weeks on it and her pain has gone by 85% !!!

    please don`t knock it until you've tried it πŸ™‚





    Blessings to you πŸ™‚

  12. You're not loud enough. You need to speak up please. Thank you for the video. I have so much pain all over today. Lyrica was a horrible drug that's very addictive. I take imitrex for migraines

  13. I just found your channel, and like others have said, your voice is so soothing, even my husband listened. I am tremendously happy that you are getting relief from Butrans patch, I had high hopes for it, but it didn't help. I honestly started thinking that maybe I was given a placebo, because nothing happened at all. I've tried as many homeopathic things as I can, not much help there, BUT. I strongly recommend having vitamin D levels checked. One way to know if you are deficient is to press on your Breast bone. If it's tender, there is a likelihood that you are in need of good old vitamin D. So I take it, B complex + Gingko Biloba + chromium for the ringing/humming/ and noisy ears. Like I hear a high pitched electronics type sound or a loud windy sound and this clears it up fast!
    A dear friend of mine shared that she takes the arthritis strength Tylenol, so I buy the generic and it helps with calm down my severe arthritis pain. I do keep in mind the amount I take, and I don't require it every day. I have other illnesses Diabetes, herniated discs, DDD, migraines (but not near the number you experience, at least I don't think, mine are always super severe in pain, and recently I have had 3 ocular migraines within the past 6 weeks) anyway, I have to watch the amount of medication and herbal supplements that I take because of the side effects. I take 50 mgTramadol with 20 mg OxyContin and tizanidine for my Fibro pain. They work well enough together to ease my pain enough to cook dinner, or grocery shop, doctors appointments, etc. but I have a short window during the day, and then I'm back in bed. If you guys are on Instagram I have a new page I recently set up. It's strictly for chronic pain sufferers and intended to be supportive and non-judgmental. I'm not one that is just looking for "follows" I just like talking with people like yourself that would like to vent, share, learn, and feel safe. It's FibromyalgiaFlares on Instagram. Thanks for sharing your experiences, I can't wait to watch other videos of yours.

  14. All the meds for "fibro" have been horrible I almost got fired because it messed with my brain so much I just didn't care!……my doctor pretty much said we tried everything nothing else we can do…. and my therapist prescribed me to adderall xr and I think cause it stimulates my body on a schedule it helps! I still have lots of pain but I sleep awesome I eat like a champ ….it dulls the pain but doesn't take it away but it has been a life changer

  15. I've had FM now for decades. It started around 24ish. I'm 44 now & basically homebound. It's been hell. What really hurts is the judgements I get. My neighbor thinks I'm antisocial & calls me a hermit. But when I try to explain how bad my health is, he tunes out & cuts me off. It hurts because, I used to have a life. Used to get out, I had a career, went to school for it. Used to go to the beach, go up to the mountains on vacation. Now, I can't even handle a grocery store run. And he (as we'll as other ppl) treat me like I'm a whiny useless girl. ….assholes

  16. I feel like they put us on antidepressants because they think it's depression pain.. It's not.. What they don't realize is the pain cause frustration, stress and depression .. It's so hard to work having fibromyalgia .. Tramadol is the only thing that has worked for me as long as I take ibuprofen or extra strength Tylenol with it. I don't want to take anything but I wouldn't be able to work without it.. Dr's say tramadol makes it worse so, I want to get off of it to find out but I'm scared because I have to work … I've tried lyrica and venlafaxine .. Horrible, absolutely horrible .. I have also had focal seizures with fibromyalgia …

  17. hello,
    The reason that your patch is helping to make going off the tramadol easier is that it is Buprenorphine, the main drug that Suboxone is made of. It is what rehabs give to addicts of heroine and opioids like Oxycontin. Some pain mgnt Drs are switching over to it altogether for pain (like mine did) instead of prescribing any other OPs. It is also being used as an anti depressant. I have been on it for several months now and it does nothing for my pain! Switching off of Oxycontin was super easy tho, no withdrawals ! BUT it is still a CIII narcotic and from everything that I have heard, is very addictive on it's own and has horrible withdrawl symptoms ( some say as bad or worse than the other narcotics) So I feel trapped on it…it doesn't work for my pain but I'm afraid to go off because of the withdrawals! And then what will be prescribed next?! Something worse! I am so tired of looking for answers! I know you must be too!

  18. Just trying meds for the first time and they put me on your first pill u said did not work for u. Can't sleep heart fills like I'm running head will not turn off. And this is the first say😰

  19. I feel guilty because I take 5 ten milligrams of oxycodone a day. Why ? It takes the edge off and makes FIBRO a little more manageable. But my headaches from FIBRO are horrible. I seriously use a whole tube of the Family Dollar muscle rub on my forehead and back of neck and actually all on my scalp, Uugghh, there has to be a better way. I use a tube A DAY 😳. While writing this you just made me feel better when you said DON'T LET ANYONE MAKE YOU FEEL BAD FOR WHATEVER MEDICINE YOU NEED TO TAKE~ why do I let people make me feel like an addict. Does anyone else feel like that? Where people will make a comment ? My aunt said my pocketbook was so heavy because it was filled with drugs😒😒. I'm 56,, a grandmother, mother of a nurse, and THEN SHE SAID :: do you take those because you need them or to get high. I was mortified because all this was said at the funeral home for a family member !!!!! The stress of this sends me into flare ups I swear it does. I don't get high !!! The opioids go to my pain. Wow, I'm just amazed at how insensitive people can be. And i get angry when I read how DRS are just handing out opioids which lead to heroin use !! That just disgust me. I feel bad for families who do have addicts to deal with,, but not everyone on them abuses them. I was actually given morphine , with oxycodone as a breakthrough.
    I had a major panic attack , holding the morphine pill in my hand unable to take it. I HATED the name,, I was PETRIFIED. I called my DR and she immediately let me bring her the morphine and she gave me my 130 a month oxycodone. I guess the main thing I want is to not be labeled an addict. 😒
    Or to not care what others think. I'm actually still embarrassed to say I go to a PAIN MANAGEMENT DR. Have others felt this way?? I only go because primary DRS in my area will not prescribe long term opioids. But why am I embarrassed 😩 I'm sorry, I'm rambling ~ it feels good to talk and feel like I won't be judged. I came across your name from a video a British woman did.
    I'm looking forward to more of your videos. Your voice is ACTUALLY soothing lol and puts me at ease. TY for making these videos. Maybe your next or a future video could be on the stigma of using opioids versus other treatments. ❀️️

  20. I'm wondering if anyone has children that play sports and miss many games because of some much pain it's very depressing

  21. I'm currently trying to get off of Gabapentin. It's been very difficult because of the withdrawl. I started to get off of it after not even being on it a year and it's been very hard on me. I am currently down to just 800mg/day total and going down 100mg about every 1-2 weeks. Ugh. I was taking as much as 600mg x3 a day. Not sure what will be next for me, if anything. It made me extremely tired on top of the fatigue I already had. I also take 50mg Tramadol just once in the morning. Not sure it's doing much of anything but, since I'm only taking it once, shouldn't be too hard to stop that one. Thank You for all of your info. I found this helpful πŸ™‚

  22. I take magnesium and vitamin B complex and trying to eat healthy no sugar .I tried haha pent in , helped me to sleep .the issue with med they only mask the symptoms and they have more sides effect. so I loved you video and you are so sweet.much love

  23. I m dealing with fibromayalgia and I'm not taking any med .I m trying to find out other alternatives and just stay away from antidepressants because they don't work and they change the chemistry of your body and brain .gabapentin helps a little bit .I know it's not an easy condition .pain is real and hope is real

  24. Try High Dose Vitamin D For A Cpl Months U May Get Worst At First But 2 Months I Was Like Normal Person As Long As I Kept Taking It Also Try To Find Ur Worst Trigger Food Food Seems To Make It Worst Or Cause It Do These 2 Simple Things u Be Surprised

  25. Wow!..I've been through the gamut with pain management and walked away from 3 that jerked me around so much , I suffered more. Sounds like you have also, to an extent. Cymbalta was a nightmare for me…its an SNRI…and my body chemistry cannot tolerate those. I'm surprised a doctor would put you on tramadol after having issues with that, seeing that tramadol is basically a combination of an opioid and an SNRI. Also tramadol withdrawals are notoriously painful and subjects the patient to possible seizure as well. Hydrocodone is a relatively safe opioid type pain medication and preferable to oxycodone which has a horrendous withdrawal profile. I won't take any opioid pain meds anymore and rely on Herbals and homeopathic remedies at present that provide me with the control, and fair pain relief. I continue to experiment with non-pharamceutical techniques and find mild yoga/exercise and aquatic therapy to be helpful. I am also considering acupuncture as well as the new chiropractic technique using tapper/clicker methodology.

  26. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I've only been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for about a month and a half, and it's a major insight to see what could possibly be a long my path. I am not gonna lie, when you mentioned with drawls from medication, it opened my eyes and did freak me out a bit. I actually have flash backs from an unrelated withdrawal from another medication was on way back for other issues, and that was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life. I never thought I'd have to do that again in a million years. It's nice to prepare myself just incase, and I trust I am I am in good hands with my doctors. I hope you are feeling well these days, and thank you so much for sharing πŸ’œ

  27. I literally feel your pain! I am a Fibromyalgia Warrior too, 29 years and counting! πŸ’œ
    Keep up the good work and keep fighting the fight!

    You are loved and will never be alone
    Laura B from Wichita, Kansas 🌻🌾

  28. i like watching your video's ,my family' physician doesn't beleive in giving me anything stronger….i'm in alot of pain,and i don't know what to do

  29. Great video sweetness!! I couldn't quite hear what the name of the patch medication you are on. I would like to look into that. Any time I hear about a new medication I'm a research junky! I always say the same exact thing, if my doctors had their way I would be on like 20 more medications than I already am!!!, haha so crazy! I love the spoonie love and hope you finally curbed that headache!! Hugssss XOO


  31. I enjoyed listening to your story. I'm currently on Gabapentin but, I haven't found it beneficial. I'm hoping that my new doctor will be able to give me something for the pain. I have started a blog about my experiences I would love to hear from people with the same condition πŸ™‚

  32. I take Magnesium for my fibromyalgia and I am gluten free which really really helps. I also try to reduce my caffeine as it aggravates it. Epsom salt baths also help. I was taking Armour for my thyroid which made my fibromylagia worse. Now I take Naturethroid and I am so so much better now. Synthyroid also aggravated my fibro, I took that before I was taking Armour.

  33. Cymbalta for me was horrible , yes it did help with my leg pain but i had a lot of disorientation from it and also I gained over 50 in 6 mnths, I have always been under 120 never over expect when pregnant so that was a shock. I really enjoyed this video, and thanks for opening up with the world. I don't feel I can do the same because my kids are older and so this part of my life I think is smart to keep private, don't need people using it against me. I also totally agree that you don't really know how much the meds work until they get taken away. This is why at this point I will not ever go up again , if my body starts to get tolerant I cut back so I can give it a break. I'm okay with it only taking the edge off. We will never be totally pain free, it is just not possible and if u chase that u will be out of it from to much meds. Or highly addicted. Plus if u have to have surgery then it will be so painful because they will have a hard time managing your pain. It's all a balancing act.

  34. I'm so thankful for your videos and this community you've created πŸ™‚ I took my kids to the park today and I'm starting to flare up now. My doctor told me there were no meds for fibromyalgia and all I could do was exercise with weights and do things that release endorphins. So I either have to power through the pain or try to sleep through the flares, but you know how well that works… I stopped drinking juice because I read it could trigger a flare, and I've been taking a whole lot of b12 and I think those have helped me a lot. How do you manage to get your makeup on for every video? You always look lovely! I always look like a hot mess lol.

  35. This kind of info from experience can save so many from frustration and suffering. By explaining what you have been through you are not giving any medical advice but you are providing some insight for people to consider.

  36. Every doctors office should employ a veteran spoonie counselor like you.. You have the double struggle of cervical spine and fibro and trying to figure out which is doing what. The kids are a blessing as they keep you on schedule. As tough as that is, not being tied to a schedule can really wreak havoc on self discipline and then you end up all over the place. Great video.

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