Fibromyalgia Support Groups – How they can make you feel WORSE!

Whether online or face to face, many fibromyalgia
patients like to share their experiences with other patients who can relate to their problems
and offer some empathy. While these support groups can be very beneficial,
they can sometimes have a negative effect on their members. It’s pretty common that during these fibromyalgia
support group meetings, patients would talk about fibromyalgia in the wrong context. They often say that there’s nothing they
can do about their pain and fatigue… and that fibromyalgia is a life sentence of misery. Usually when they say these kind of things,
they receive empathy from the group. When everybody shares the same kind of pain
and sense of helplessness, it somehow makes it a little less painful. While I totally understand the need to vent
every once in a while, I think that by being negative or pessimistic
for too long, patients are just pushing themselves further away from a better life. Just by saying: “there’s nothing I can
do about it” patients are closing their minds to the possibility of achieving a much better
quality of life. And when they hear it over and over again
from many group members, this paradigm of “there’s nothing you can do”, becomes
the absolute truth to them. Some would argue that they are just being
realistic… that most fibromyalgia patients do live a life full of pain and misery…
and that’s fair enough… But what about those who were able to improve
their quality of life? Were they just lucky? No! They just took the right action! Listen closely: there’s so much you can
do to achieve a much better quality of life… you just need to have the right tools and
to consistently take action. And just to be clear… I’m not talking about a miracle cure for
fibromyalgia, I’m talking about practical tools you can use to gradually feel a little
bit better every single day. By taking action and using these tools day
after day, you can find yourself living a wonderful life even though you were diagnosed
with fibromyalgia in the past. Can fibromyalgia be completely cured? I don’t know. Should you take action today to feel better
than they you did yesterday? Hell yes. So if you are a member of a fibromyalgia support
group of any kind, I think the best approach for you is to bring positivity into the group. Don’t focus on the negative, and don’t
encourage other members to focus on the negative for too long. Focus on what all of you can do to get better
each day. If you want to know more about the tools you
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