Fighting Chronic Disease

there's a lot of scope which is not being discussed now about how early health can create later helm how early education can produce later health how we can actually create a capacity which actually produces much less burden on the healthcare system and much more promise for the American economy the ABC project is a early childhood intervention that was conducted some thirty years ago that gave what essentially is enriched preschool and their access to health care to disadvantaged children some people were assigned to a treatment group some people were assigned to a control group these people Minh followed for at least thirty five years not only are they getting early health but they're also getting traits or capabilities which can be shaped by these interventions that promote self-control that promote the ability to listen to doctor's instructions things it's this interconnected nature of these capabilities which produce fully functioning flourishing people they're gonna have a healthier lifestyle they're gonna be much less at risk for a whole series of debilitating conditions which can impair their life though so that's going to mean they're more likely to work in the economy they're more likely to be productive workers they're much less likely to be burdens on the society and burdens for themselves and their families but the real promise in this whole area is making sure that people don't get it sick or don't get sick as much that they actually are preventing disease from happening but we hadn't really appreciated before with how substantial the health impacts would be you

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