Fighting the Opioid Epidemic on #TakeBackDay—Jacqueline’s Story

son’s name is Adam. He died from a heroin overdose. [MUSIC PLAYING] You just are in
turmoil all the time to see your child struggling
and to see your child not know what to do. I truly believe, had there
been the parent coach availability to me when I was
going through with my son, the outcome could
have been different. [MUSIC PLAYING] I can keep my
child’s memory alive and hopefully help other parents
not go through all the pain that I went through. He was always a very sentimental
and a kindhearted child. It’s challenging to understand
this is his disease doing this. It’s not a moral failing. Support systems
are so important. Since I lost my
son, I have tried to help people understand
what substance use disorder is and that stigma does
not need to exist. Right now, there’s
no barriers for who has substance use disorder. There’s a lot of basic
things that everyone can do to help with this. So I ask that
everyone participate in National Drug Take Back Day. Bring all of your
medications that have expired to a
local drop-off site. You can just search online
and find one near you. We all do that. You put your prescription back
up in the medicine cabinet. If you’re not ever
going to use it, or you’re not currently using
it, and/or it’s expired, get rid of it the correct way. I am now raising
my grandson, Ryder. He’s my inspiration. And he looks just
like his dad did. You can make a difference
in this epidemic. We have to help each other. We have to have kindness. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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