Find a National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Location Near You

Over 130 Americans die of opioid overdose
every single day. No state has been spared and no community
has been untouched. Many people in the United States have become
addicted by the drugs in their friends’ and families’ medicine cabinets that’s
one of the things that’s led to the opioid crisis we’re facing here
in America today. It’s hit everywhere and everyone and that’s
why President Trump has made tackling the opioid epidemic a centerpiece
of his administration. Hi, I’m Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the
President. I’m Alex Azar, the Secretary of Health and
Human Services for the United States. I’m Uttam Dhillon, The Acting Administrator
for the Drug Enforcement Administration. This Saturday, April 27, is National Take
Back Day. National Prescription Take Back Day is an
opportunity for Americans all across the country to clean out their medicine cabinets of unused,
unwanted and expired prescription drugs and take them to a collection location near them
for safe and secure disposal. No questions asked. You can go to to
find a collection location near you. You can also find them by just going directly
to Google and by doing a search for “medication disposal near me.” I’m Kent Walker, Sr. VP of Global Affairs
at Google and we’re excited to be supporting National Take Back Day working together with
HHS, the DEA and state and local law enforcement and pharmacies across the country. National Take Back Day is so important. In the last four National Take Back Days since
President Trump took office we have collected a total of 3.7 million
pounds of pills. Every one of those medications could have
led to an addiction or an overdose death. Join us on April 27, it’ll only take a couple
minutes. Please take advantage of National Take Back
Day. You can go to to find a collection
location near you. Or go to and search for a location
near you. And you may even save a life along the way.

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