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hi my name is snow Fang I’m currently a student in the PCM physician assistant program when I was little my mom would take me with her to her OB checkups and I think the physician could tell I was really curious and interested ultimately it was having a couple different experiences that really affirmed to me that I want a career that could be fulfilling something where I could feel like I could give back to my community and help others be continually challenged every single time and as soon as I heard about this career I knew exactly what I was looking for but I wanted because it offered me flexibility and she was PCM ultimately because I was so impressed here when I came for my interview the atmosphere was very relaxed surprisingly not dense and people just seemed happy I also liked how the campus is very intimate and only consists of graduate students so every department here is truly focused on supporting us as best as they can and their goals the PA program here is also very well established we have access to the new clinical learning and assessment center and we have so many opportunities throughout the program to practice our skills on standardized patients here I’m also really looking forward to the possibility of going on medical mission trips I think leaving this country and seeing how people can sustain off of so much less than what we have here is truly eye-opening and something we should all experience I was to give advice to the younger generation just starting out and thinking about the field of medicine specifically the PA career I would say to just start preparing early and maintain your grades because it’s very competitive also I think it’s important that people have some solid clinical experience working with patients before you start which is something I know is required of many programs these days but I think the emphasis should be on the quality of your experience not just you’ll find down the road that the things that you’ve encountered before are already familiar to you when you see them again in PA school

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