Finding a Home at Age 15 (Brittle Bone Disease)

hi everyone my name is Mai disturbs and I am 15 years old what's it like to be you Mike I just like being me I didn't talk are you posing oh yeah why do you like to pose I just liked it the and my friend said that's tied to udderly house but I like it anyway hey everyone welcome to SBS K the YouTube channel where you'll meet friends you live with many different conditions while watching these videos you'll notice one thing although humans are incredibly diverse we all have so much in common so without further hesitation let's meet today's friends how would you describe growing up and care doctor best do you remember being a kid there I do what was that like it was okay but it was tough at some points pros it was our just it wasn't to my place for me to be 11 I was living well other boys and they they they weren't able to talk so basically I had no one to talk to only the adults and I just felt a bit weird I said I wish I had like a friend here to talk to do you remember the other day we were in the kitchen now we were I don't know what we were doing we're cooking or getting ready for something but you just turned around to me you just said to me um I can't actually believe I'm here yeah dinger it's just got out of the blue he just looked at me said I actually I can't believe I'm I'm living here forever I just thought I would never live and like a proper home like this like why not show my childhood I thought what I'm eating I would leave and my other home and then just live by myself I was a teacher I'm with this but I got lucky and I hit the jackpot one year Michael was in my class Michael used to whisper quite a lot or speak very quietly quite a lot so and I began to see the true personality behind the very great little boy and I realized that he was actually extremely engaging and entertaining and very funny I wasn't here for dinners how did you feel when you finally came home – ends um I would like to move home so I pop on the family home house so I just felt I feel like extra light in their world so I can't wait to the – satis he asked if he could come and stay with us for good and that's happened and we're thrilled oh wow it's finally happening so I was just amazed that happened and thanks to Adam berry has the what happened without them he's staying with us for as long as he wants to he he says to me he's gone another 18 he's at the door he's got better things to be doing when he's 18 so yeah we'll wait and see we'll see what happens I have a funny feeling you might be around for a bit longer than us I've told him that it's my nature if that's my goal oh it is my hope I told him you have to be around to look after me in my old age and you told me that when you start having your own kids what do you want me to do babysit your mom obviously won't turn over so there you go that's my future planned out for me right there yeah you're 50 years old will you still be close to hand I'm 50 damn it I suppose if she's still alive yeah and enough now my friend might be talked about really knew my dad but hopefully else by then sit what was it like when you moved here oh I love Justin been at home in the door I just feel like I just felt like oh this is this is out mine I'm like oh it's a new world there's a huge amount of hugs and kisses in this house a huge amount of hugs and kisses I think we're all making up for lost time and I hear how much he loves me every day and he hears us back from Thomas for me and Barry don't you yeah yeah we're very lucky I like hanging out with my friends I mean you know like going to the movies or going shopping or like leave me oh thank you Bob but to my house I mean watch The X Factor aside McCallum at oh yeah yes I don't like it why not I think he's too grumpy or something here's a grumpy guys what about girls any interest there I'm just finding dollars depending on but I'm glad it's Linda so so you want to bring them ready to mingle that's the best way stay that way Michael as long as you can have you been on the date yet yeah are you looking forward to your first one yeah what do you think it'll be like what will make it happen just to pay them if somebody wants to be your friend what should they do talk to me and I'm glad to know and each other a bit what are you am I like singing and drama I just liked it tells it shows off my voice and also my acting styles I love being on the stage that's my dream I want to be an actor maybe don't tell Hollywood sometimes we say that I'm it like I'm your second man sometimes we say faster man sometimes I'm just an we don't really get caught up with the terminology or the labels sure we don't it's more about the feelings what's something that would surprise people about you that I do break easily I was saying that's person you know that I am – I didn't say I'd probably make that a child so I have osteogenesis imperfecta but you know tired of little bumps as other people do sometimes people will describe it well like in a – has a bone – like a piece of like uncooked pasta you know like a little piece of spaghetti yeah you know you just like benders and it just snaps what's the most important thing you want people at Vanille about you just talk to me I treat me like a teenager just don't come up to me like toughen me like a baby and stuff and don't be like staring at me I just love to me I don't kill wheelchair I remember a time when somebody said to me and without looking at Michael said to me oh he's lovely what he does he and I said ask him so they said oh what is on you and he said I'm 15 and they looked at me and they went he's not dizzy I think I'm sure what are some things people do when they treat you like a baby they Pat me on the head and stuff I just feel uncomfortable I just don't like that when they do that what do you tell them I don't tell them anything because I'm afraid I'm being rude or cheeky so I just don't but don't you think they're the one being rude doing that yeah I'm sorry you have to experience that that's not fair I don't know what definite in their heads the public said oh he's probably got too much weight years old I just don't really like I just like I just like to let people know I'm out there that I'm 15 treat me like a teenager don't treat me right baby will this always be Mike's own absolutely absolutely forever and ever and ever as long as he wants us as long as he can put up with us and we're old and gray well you think we're a little gray already but older and more gray yeah absolutely always thank you for watching if you'd like to meet people who live with the condition from all over the world and learn how to better connect with the people around you take a moment and subscribe appreciate it before you like start talking to the child or whoever asked them to rage first and then talk to them the way you want to talk to them say no teenager tell so much teenager but if they're like a child or baby talk to them as child a baby but asked what is a range first and then it's done whatever you want to try other

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