Finding The Way To Zero: Homeless Program

20 veterans a day take their own lives because they cannot see a way out of the pain and darkness that has become their life. This is 20 too many and we must find a way to zero. The mission of the Memphis VA Medical Center’s homeless program is to engage veterans who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, by providing transitional housing through the grant and per diem program and permanent housing through the Housing and Urban development’s VA supportive housing or HUD Vash program. The veteran population in Memphis and Shelby County is fairly large and every year we have somewhere between 230 and 240 just Street homeless veterans. The goal is to assist veterans challenge by medical psychiatric substance use disorder, financial, and employment issues staff provide advocacy and offer services to assist veterans and their families into recovery and towards stabilization in the community. I was at a low point my hands went out on me my knees went out on me I wasn’t able to continue my driving career and they brought me in to get the medical attention that I needed. The homeless program is available to any veteran who has housing issues and is in need of resources. The homeless program prides itself on meeting you where you are and assisting you in meeting your goals. The grant and per diem transitional housing program has three community providers to place individuals in safe housing. Everybody has to take the first step somewhere. Once you get beat down long enough you actually just a crawl away from giving in. You just have to call the VA and they’ll point you in the right direction. The HUD Vash program works with the public housing authority and HUD to provide vouchers for permanent housing in the community. If you go to the VA and need transitional housing of some sort you’re going to get referred to Catholic Charities for a permanent solution. We want to get you housed and stable so that you can worry about other things. The homeless program never requires an appointment. If you need housing assistance. Walk into the Memphis VA’s homeless program office at 1407 Union Avenue, on the 11th floor during regular business hours, Monday through Friday and the staff are ready to serve. Wherever you fit we have a program for [Music]

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