FINLAND IS FINISHED: Bernie's model for America JUST COLLAPSED under its own SOCIALIST weight

the opinions statements and facts expressed on the Josh Bernstein show are solely those of the host and do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of any of the show's advertisers or sponsors there are plenty of places to get fake news but the Josh Bernstein show well that ain't one of them uh truth seeker and its truth teller Josh covers the stories that mainstream media mental midgets miss and probably do on purpose censor suppress shadow band and shun but never silence the judge Bernstein show starts where the rest of the media hands and now here's America's favorite freedom fighter Josh Bernstein welcome back to the program you know if socialism ever took over in the United States we would look like Venezuela okay I'm not gonna mince my words here I'm not gonna sugarcoat anything if God forbid Bernie Sanders or one of these crazy 20/20 Democrats were to win the election we would look like Venezuela okay not Denmark or Sweden and Norway okay we would look like Venezuela socialism apologists which is what I call them anyone that supports socialism or says that it's really not that bad or it's a it's a different kind of socialism it's not that it's not the bad one that's going on in Venezuela no no we don't want to bring you that we want to bring you the good kind right the good kind from Denmark and Norway and Sweden right this is their argument well I'm about to smash that argument to pieces okay now while everyone is talking about these countries and pointing to them as a model of the type of democratic socialism that should be brought to America including Bernie Sanders by the way they are failing and I'm gonna point it out to you right now but before I do that most people that say that well we don't want to bring socialism to turn it into Venezuela we want to make it look like Norway or Denmark you know the happy places the happy socialist right this is the argument from the radical left okay but what they don't tell you is that most of those countries that they point to as being quote models of democratic socialism that work well guess what their market-based economies the s they have welfare programs that are out of control with very very high taxes however they also have a capitalist based market economy why because if they didn't they would look exactly like Venezuela now if you're gonna nationalize health care put it all under one eliminate all con all a competition right men careful you're gonna bankrupt the nation thirty-two point six trillion dollars but more than that you're gonna start rationing care you're gonna now control everybody's behavior because what they want to do is they want to give you Medicare for all what does that mean they want to take the system which by the way they rated seven hundred and sixty billion dollars for to pass the unaffordable careless Act but that's a story for another day they want to take that system and make it uniform and give it to all of us which basically means you now have no more choice you've eliminated all the private insurance companies which clearly they say that they want to do and they want to give you an inferior product and they want to charge you 60 70 80 and 90 percent of your paychecks to pay for that inferior product so you go out there you bust your ass you work your ass off for your family for your children and everything else and then you get stuck with crappy health care number one you're paying out the nose for it number two why because there's no more competition because the government now sets the pricing because there's no competition there and as you get older when you need the health care the most you actually receive less of it why because as you get older you become more expensive in these types of programs and when you become more expensive you are a liability they would rather see you dead die or go away or give you you know medicine to keep you comfortable while you pass away and give it to these new illegal aliens that they just brought into the system to help pay for it okay that's the reality of what Medicare for all will be but let me get back on topic here so we now know that Finland is one of those countries Denmark and Finland and Sweden we want to be the happiest place on earth we want to be a wonderful country just like Denmark and Sweden and Finland right this is what this idiot Bernie Sanders is praising well Finland's econo guess what folks it just collapsed that's right it just collapsed a few days ago and why because of the rapidly rising costs of universal health care programs and also universal basic income so Finland's financial demise was inevitable okay now when they introduced the universal basic income that was the end why because they're giving out money monthly for people that are working or not working they are one of the largest welfare countries in the entire world now this same crazy idiotic idea has recently been adopted in Stockton California by their mayor they are now giving everyone five hundred dollars a month regardless of whether or not you're working they could care less actually they kind of hope you're not working just so you want that money and that is a state I'm sorry a city that already has filed bankruptcy so think of how smart they are they filed bankruptcy once now they're giving out universal basic income is it to help people is it to help the poor no you know what it is it's to keep them under their control it's to keep them voting for Democrats it's to keep them coming back for more money but back to Finland sorry so the media has pretty much completely ignored this story they're not talking about it on any of the networks that I can find but this is a very important story and the reason they're not talking about it is clearly because it doesn't help Bernie Sanders it doesn't help comrade Sanders when it talks about how wonderful socialism is when you have the country of Finland now going under right they don't want you to know that which is why they're not covering it so here's what happened the entire government of Finland collapsed and resigned why did they resign because they were going to be forced to do changes they were going to be forced to get away from the heavy welfare output that they put out there for years because again financially the system doesn't have the money so they decided instead of fixing the problem that the Prime Minister and the entire cabinet would just go away with just resign so now that they've done that there is at least an opportunity for a new government to come in and say hey we can't afford all of these wonderful you know benefits and toys that we've been handing out we're gonna end up like Venezuela if we continue to do this and so there's another failed example now Bernie Sanders may say that Finland is the happiest place on earth it's the happiest country in the world well guess what they're not going to be too happy for very long when they actually have to pay the piper and realize that they can't afford to keep giving out all those free benefits but this is socialism and socialism is you know like heroin and communism is like heroin and crack and it's addictive and so here's what's more than likely going to happen is the entire government going to learn from their mistakes of socialism and go down a different path than embrace capitalism and get rid of their welfare state hardly okay a smart country would do that yes but I don't think that these people are going to do that because I think that they are addicted to these programs they are heroin addicts for these programs so what I think is going to happen is what is already happening in other Scandinavian countries and all over Europe as the populations grow older as a matter of fact by 2030 the population is expected be twenty six percent by 2030 over the age of 65 so as these populations are getting older what are they gonna do they're gonna import baby come on in open borders let's go where are you from Syria come on in don't worry but no we wouldn't have to vet you come on in what's that well it doesn't matter that we can't see your entire body in just your eyes come on into the country what they're gonna do is they're gonna bring these people in from foreign countries mainly from Islamic countries why so that they can get them into the system so that they can pay for the benefits of the old people so that they don't have to cut their freebies and what's going to happen then is these people that are coming in that they're importing into their country and committing countrywide suicide basically nape national suicide these people are going to take over their countries just like they're doing in Europe just like they're doing in all the countries of the European Union with the open borders and Belgium Brussels telling them basically that you can't control your borders and the next thing you know they're gonna take over they're gonna win elections they're gonna be in leadership positions and then the native people of those countries they're going to be slaves and you know what all they had to do was cut the benefits and stop being so damn greedy what are your thoughts please put it down in the comments below I'll be right back the farther a society gets away from the truth the more they hate those that speak it I want to thank you personally for watching my video I hope you enjoy the way that I do my show it is a unique way of doing it I give you all the facts I give you everything I'm a truth seeker and a truth teller and for that I am also a target and this channel is not monetized how do you know it's not monetized do you see any commercials running or any commercials interrupting what I'm doing no they're not so please help me monetize this program YouTube has shut me down from being able to make any kind of monetization on what I'm doing in my efforts so basically I am taking the arrows I'm taking the risk and so far putting it out in my own pocket putting it out there for everyone and not really getting compensated for it so please do me a favor if you like what I do go to patreon /jasper in Steen again you can see it in the image WW forward slash Josh Bernstein put five ten dollars a month on my patreon it's not us an expenditure it's an investment it's an investment in future freedoms it's an investment in prosperity because I eat sleep and breathe protecting this nation and remember in times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act thank you and God bless you


  1. FACT: Finland's Prime Minister RESIGNED and so did his entire cabinet. FACT: Bernie Sander's is WRONG as Finland's economy is a market based economy but VERY TOP HEAVY with Government funded programs. FACT: Finland will be voting next month on a new Govt no doubt continuing their top heavy Big Govt programs. FACT: Finland's population like most of Scandinavia and Europe is growing older will be FOOLISHLY replaced with Syrian Refugees and other Middle Eastern minorities thereby permanently changing the culture, lifestyle, and most importantly the National Security of their beautiful country. FACT: I STAND BY EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THIS VIDEO….Yours truly…

  2. As finn I can say:
    We're not socialist and my land hasn't collapsed the old government under my Juha Sipilä collapsed.

  3. What a load of bullshit.For a country that trails countries like Slovenia and Chile in life expectancy, and with childbirth deaths at a level of a third world country, some bold claims you're making. 😀

  4. only fail here is you, you had so many thing wrong that i dont even know where to start, im a finn, i live in finland and i did not see any collapse here…. for fuck sake how these idiots ever did get into space..????

  5. Nothing but more ridiculous lies and far-right propaganda in this video. The government of Finland hasn't collapsed and there's a new government now in the country. It is true that the previous government resigned but it was a right-wing government and it happened because they didn't manage to organize a new healthcare plan properly. It wasn't any kind of catastrophe. Finland and Venezuela have absolutely nothing in common. Finland is one of the least corrupted and one the most stable countries in the whole world and the Finnish welfare state is doing just fine.

  6. I have worked with murican origin person. I know this is har, perhaps even taboo from someone who is from USA. I still ask you to learn the difference between socialism and social market economy.

  7. Greetings from Finland. Our governement did not colapsed under our socialism, but because it did not managed to accomplish its targets to reform social and health care reform as widely it hoped. Prime minister said at the beginning of his term that goverment either reforms or resigns.

    By any standards this is not happening because of SOCIALISM, which our system is not. Our system is social market economy. Our government collapsed because of failed promises.

  8. Finnish economy did not collapse. Universal income was a trial for 2000 people and lasted 2 years. Government resigning was just a trick for election.

  9. I'm 3 minutes and 20 seconds hand and he's lied all the way through either that or he just doesn't know his f**** facts

  10. tight ass dimascraps do as i say not as i do ! yup the only thing thy
    give away is your tax money ! most of them have never held a job in the
    real world they have never had a job that was not a tax payer funded job
    ! so yes it no big deal to buy votes to pay for friends when its not
    your money ! there just like rain man ! whats it cost to tax half the
    country so the other half won't have to work or pay taxes ?

  11. tight ass dimascraps do as i say not as i do ! yup the only thing thy
    give away is your tax money ! most of them have never held a job in the
    real world they have never had a job that was not a tax payer funded job
    ! so yes it no big deal to buy votes to pay for friends when its not
    your money ! there just like rain man ! whats it cost to tax half the
    country so the other half won't have to work or pay taxes ?

  12. The above NEWS worth listening – Finnland has COLLAPSED due to a Democratic SOCIALISM GOVERMENT! 👉👉 Bernie Sanders, you can BURIED THIS System in your political illusion, not on AMERICA HOMELAND! A HORRIFIC SELF DESTRUCTIVE System that DEVOURS UP THE NATION'S COFFERS, ULTIMATELY FINANCIAL DEATH!!! Norway, Sweden, European countries that embraces Socialism System & Venezuela of late are good LESSONS now. WAKE UP, DEMS party!!!👎👎👎👎👎

  13. Bad for Finland also bad for USA, how many of these Finns will be asking the United States for asylum since most of the people coming into our country are from communist or dictatorship run countries

  14. Our universal health care and health insurance systems face a big crisis. It the same reason as
    Finland and Sweden, UK..aging population rate
    grow..and immigration system is broken.
    No solution from government. So we has to try
    to find solutions by our own. Work hard, do not depend other money.

  15. First thing you get wrong is: These countries are not about democratic socialism but social democracy, there is huge difference between those 2. I guess if you don't get even the fundamentals of your argument right, rest of them are also quite flawed.

  16. I totally agreed to what he is saying in this video; however, the reality is the baby boomers are retiring at 10,000 per day and will go on "Social" Security system in which they all paid into. So how can they not depend on these social programs. If the retirees don't get their Social security checks then why do we all pay into this system? You cannot have it both ways. If retires don't get their retirement checks, then all of the younger working people should not continue paying into these system if this Social Security system is one big ponzi scheme. Madoff did a ponzi scheme before and it didn't end well. So again you cannot have it both ways. What is the middle ground or the solution. I will really like to know. Great video on Finland's economy.

  17. Wtf? Are you americans morons? Really? Truth seeker and target. Puuh…next time talking about Finland pls check facts. Moron. You put 10 euros in my account.

  18. That's right that's what there doing nothing but Muslims for tax income 4 government.also you have never seen greed in your life like finland.

  19. I have have been living in finland 12 years now I'm leaving if you where here you would see all that they say is BS nobody is happy in Finland Finland is also the most repressive and depressed country in the world everything that comes out there mouths in the media is all lies not happy never have been all lies and big circus act.

  20. I just decided to NOT trust in this channel anymore
    – this info about finland is just fake
    Have a god day/life!

  21. fuuuck i have to reign on the shit you shut out … !!!!! I'm from Denmark 🇩🇰 Oh my God you are completely wrong on it …. you can easily get more money and you can help each other by doing what Bernie sanders says … I only say it to help you. ..🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 why are you so afraid to help each other .. ???? maybe you could be the happiest country in the world..👍🏻😉

  22. I hate to tell you this but we have socialism in america child tax credits free health care food stamps farming subsidies free housing as a single white working poor childless adult fucking trust me we have socialism I recently had to move out of my apartment because rent got so high because of all the free goverment hand outs so I had to go into savings and pay cash for a modest small house I also had to quit my fulltime job because the taxes were so bad I went from paying 2000 a month in taxes now working 2 days a week I paid 3000 dollars in taxes for the year trust me America is a shithole until trump can grow a set of balls and get rid of all entitlements we will remain a guttural third world shit hole and I will just work 2 days a week save all my money and contribute nothing to society I even litter now makes me feel good

  23. Iam Finnish decent This is True also Sweden is
    Rape capitol of Europe and Broke. News
    Is propaganda Brainwashing Just like
    USA. Sheepeople Beware

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