Fiona’s story about Mental Health First Aid

Working as a lawyer can be really
stressful there’s a lot of responsibility and very limited control.
Working in family law can be particularly stressful you’re dealing
with clients that might be going through one of the worst situations in their
life and they may be experiencing mental health issues themselves. The stress
sometimes as a professional can cause you to have mental health issues and
that’s what happened to me. The research shows, that one in three lawyers will suffer from a mental health issue in any given year and we’re particularly at
high risk of depression anxiety and substance abuse. The Mental Health First Aid skills have helped me to better empathise with clients, to communicate
more effectively with them and to listen not judgmentally to them. I’m able to better recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues, so that I
can recognise if and when I need to refer them to other professionals and
other support networks. Normalising conversations around mental health issues and raising awareness will help reduce that stigma and help to reduce
their those alarming rates of mental health issues in the profession. I’m Fiona, I’m a lawyer and I’m a Mental Health First Aider. Be one too.

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