First Aid: Asthma

Now, don’t panic. Come and sit down. Make yourself comfortable. Have you got your inhaler? Don’t worry, I’ll find it. You just take deep, slow breaths. Here we are. There. Now just relax. Okay? That’s right. Now long, slow breaths. That’s right. (Marco’s breathing slows) That’s better. I wonder what brought that on? [MARCO]: I had a cold recently, sometimes brings an attack on I think. Help them take their medication Reassure the person If the attack becomes severe, call 999 Remember:
Help them take their medication


  1. If they don't have an inhaler you should call emergency services and ask for an ambulance. In the UK you can do this by calling 999.

  2. @BethhBeniitoo If a person having an asthma attack doesn't have an inhaler, what you should do is make sure they sit down, do not lay them down as this restricts their breathing. Loosen any tight clothing they have on such as ties, top buttons of shirts etc. Tilt their head back slightly, against a wall is the best but if there is no wall then support their head in your hands. The most important thing is to keep calm and reassure them. Tell them to take slow deep breaths. Stay with them,

  3. @BethhBeniitoo Tell them to try breathing in through their nose, and out through their mouth, slowly as panicing makes breathing much more difficult. If the situation does not improve or their breathing gets worse then phone for an ambulance. Make sure that someone if not yourself stays with the person when an ambulance is getting called as the person could get worse.

  4. I had an attack in the middle of the night once after being ill for weeks, when i woke up i went to my moms room and woke her up cuz i couldnt breathe, she told me to go down stairs and put the kettle on lol (to use the steam to open up my airways) with the inhaler and that it worked.

    Its scarier than the actor is making out and the fact he was totally fine after it?

  5. take person to the bathroom (when you are near the house) and you must do a steam ( for example from kettle), and that person should smeel it. When you are on a street unfortunately you must call 999

  6. Sometimes though, the asthma attack passes. Most of the time you're advised to wait at least 5 minutes to see if it will pass, obviously if the person cannot: Talk in full sentences, is unconcious, feels it is getting worse or their condition worsens you would call an ambulance straight away but sometimes you should wait.

  7. I have this asthma and it really troubled me because when i get tired specially in school, i will have an asthma attack and it worries people i know and i just dont know what to do anymore if it happens again.

  8. I have asthma and I have 5 inhalers I hate having asthma cos I have had a mini attack before it was OT nice

  9. Found out my friend may have asthma. Looking at videos to see if there is a way I can help her in case something happens. Thank you for the useful video! I'm gonna do some more research

  10. I have had asthma since 2 years old and I'm 23 years old so for the past 21 years and I have had countless asthma attacks just like this. I have also had attacks where I went to the ER because the blue inhaler didn't work well but it mostly works for me. I don't know about anyone else but for me it's terrifying not being able to breathe properly during an attack. I have empathy and sympathy for anyone who lives with asthma.

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