First Aid Basics : Basic First Aid: Checking the Pulse, Breathing & Airway

Hi everyone, my name is Amy, and we are going
to be talking about checking airway, breathing and circulation. When you approach the victim,
there are a couple of general things you should do. You should always try and open up the
airway, and you do that by placing your fingers underneath the victim’s chin, your other
hand on their forehead and gently tilting their head back not too far, but just enough.
Then come down close enough so that you can see if their chest is clearly rising and falling.
It is possible that they are breathing to feel their breath on your cheek. Then you
want to take two fingers on their Adams apple, follow down to the carotid artery on the neck
and feel for a pulse. When it comes for feeling for a pulse, you want to locate the Adams
apple with two fingers, being careful not to use your thumb because your thumb itself
has its own pulse. You then want to with those two fingers trace the side of the neck down
to the carotid artery, the side of the neck closest to you. You want to be careful not
to go to this side but over to this side. You then feel for the pulse for no more than
10 seconds.


  1. When you approached the PATIENT, you should always approach from the patients line of vision in case of a possible head/ spinal injury.

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