FIRST AID BEAUTY 🆕 Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil Review

hi guys so today I’ve got the new first date Beauty ultra Repair oat in cannabis sativa seed oil dry oil and I picked it up and I’ve been trying it now for about a week now so I thought I’d give you guys kind of my first impressions on it and you guys can decide if you want to pick it up or not but so this is it it’s new I really like the packaging it’s just a simple dropper bottle but the nice thing I like about the dropper bottle is you can get a really full dropper unlike other products let me show you my other oil where if you want to get a full dropper it’s like nearly impossible so you hit the little button on this one and that’s about as full as the dropper guess it’s a little annoying but anyway so the packaging is decent I doesn’t contain any alcohol so no issues with that it does have a little bit of fragrance in it it has a limonene and a little wool so they are the very last two ingredients and there is a very very light scent and it dissipates almost immediately so unless you have very very sensitive skin you probably won’t have any issues with it but I should point it out just in case you have very very sensitive skin I’ll see the manufacturing location I believe was the u.s. let me double check yep the u.s. and in terms of ease of use they directed using few drops two or four drops and put them in the palm of your hand and then what I’ve been doing is I’ll rub my hands together and then I’ll just press it onto my face after I tone and after I do my essence so I’ll just press it onto my skin and then I’ll give it a couple minutes and then I’ll proceed with my normal serum which is also first day Beauty ultra pure hydrating serum and then I go on with my the rest of my routine so I apply it pretty early on but it does have a very very light texture as you can see in my hands so very easy to use I’ve been using this in the daytime and in the and if you’ve seen my daytime or morning routine it’s pretty simple however it’s winter right now and in Minnesota it’s like negative 11 out so it’s pretty cold my skin’s been getting super dry and I think adding this and my morning routine has certainly been helping my skin stayed not as dry as it normally has so I definitely think that’s been helping using it in my morning and evening routine so I really like it for that so normally when the weather gets this cold my skin starts to kind of flake off everywhere because it’s just so cold and this is certainly been helping so and the other thing I wanted to also mention is it works well if you mix it with other serums or if you have other products you like to mix it in with I’ve mixed it in with my drunk elephant protein II and it seems to mix well with that I’ve mixed it with the ultra pure hydrating serum and so I haven’t had any issues with that what else to mix it with I think I mix it with my vitamin C serum as well so it seems to mix well for the most part with other moisturizers specifically so very very easy to use and then in terms of antioxidants it’s got hahaaha seed oil colloidal oatmeal cannabis seed oil obviously borage seed oil vitamin E avocado seed oil shea butter green tea extract ginseng licorice and then grapeseed oil so it’s got a lot of good oils in there and if you have particularly acne prone skin for the most part I haven’t any issues noticing breakouts or anything like that and for the most part you probably won’t have any issues unless you have an issue with one of those specific ingredients so check that out but I haven’t any issues in just reading some of the other reviews I haven’t heard from anyone else that’s had any issues with breakouts with it so very good to see in terms of animal testing the first date beauty brand is cruelty free so that’s always a good thing and then in terms of performance it’s super hydrating really does leave skin feeling moisturized and I really like the fact that I’ve been able to use it in my morning routine under sunscreen and under found a lot of oils come sometimes leave your skin feeling like greasy and in a minute or two of this sets and it doesn’t leave any grease so I just apply it to my entire hand and it doesn’t look oily or greasy at all after about a minute so I really like the fact that works all under foundation and other moisturizers without leaving it feeling super oily or greasy so that’s a huge win in my my opinion and in terms of the price the full-size is this one ounce and it sells for $30 and if you’re using just four or five drops at a time bottles gonna last you quite a while so I didn’t think the price was ridiculous at all so pretty affordable and then in terms of the it factor my only concern was those a very very sensitive skin could have an issue with the limonene and Lin Elul but or the arnica arnica can be good for skin and there are people that are very sensitive to it as well so those three ingredients might have some issues for people with very very sensitive skin however I have sensitive skin I haven’t had any issues in over a week so that’s a good indicator and then in terms of the ingredient list is very very full of beneficial ingredients Hydra ingredients emollients antioxidants so that’s a good thing it’s very affordable and a little bit goes a long way and I like the nice use of cannabis and the skin care so overall I gave this a preliminary eight out of ten and I’ll do my more thorough review in a few months after I’ve had a little bit longer to try it out so anyway so they’re kind of my initial thoughts on it I’m interested if you guys have had a chance to try this out or if you’re thinking about picking it up and if you have tried it when your thoughts are or if you’ve tried anything else cannabis or hemp related what have you tried and how have you liked it so leave a comment I love hearing from you guys and if you want to help support the channel check out an OBS Beauty comm I’ve got some shirts coming so be sure to stay tuned for that and check out the Amazon links so thank you guys so much


  1. I just ordered this a few days ago, I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the review though, I couldn’t find any other videos about this product before ordering

  2. I’m really excited about this one. I love a good face oil, and actually just applied my Blue Tansy Oil. I’m surprised FAB included limonene and linalool, but at least they’re far down on the list. I have pure, unrefined hemp seed oil that I add to a lot of my serums/masks.
    I wanted to ask you, are there any fragrances that you don’t like? And any that are your faves? I’m starting to get my DIY package for you😁. For a while now, I’ve been learning about blending fragrances (not just for health benefits, but to make a kind of fragrance). It’s interesting to learn about which are top, middle, and base notes. All natural, and nothing that’s like a “perfume”).
    Alrighty, thanks so much for the review, lovely🍃🌸.

  3. First Aid Beauty is definitely one of my favorite brands. I started using the retinol serum which I thought was breaking me out at first, but not my skin really does look better, and I think it might be the serum. Plus, I tried to get used to Paula's choice 1% retinol, but my skin was not having it so the weaker one is perfect. I wish I could try this, but I'm too scared to put oils on my face. Never tried one that didn't break me out.

  4. I like to add this oil to my DE A-Passioni Retinol at night and my foundation in the morning. I use my Mia Smart for applying my foundation and this oil (besides it’s many other benefits) lends a lightness to my foundation. It applies more evenly and isn’t too matte or dewy.
    I am personally not a fan of the dropper. I like droppers in general, but this oil is so thin, I think they should have used a thinner or smaller dropper. The more you load the dropper up, the faster it drips. If you aren’t diligent and/or quick, it ends up on the counter or you get too much and even worse you could end up trying to move too fast to replace the dropper and accidentally tip the bottle over. Even lightly loading the dropper the product still drips, but at least it’s slower.
    I do love the product though and can’t wait to see how it performs during long, high humidity motorcycle rides. That’s my criteria for any makeup, if I’m out buzzing around for work on my motorcycle and I still don’t look fab at the end of the day-on my makeup counter it will not stay. 😁

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