First Aid: Bleeding heavily

[AHMET]: Just give it a little bit, just… Come on, man, give it some! [ZED]: Like that, yeah? [A]: Yeah, exactly like that. [Z]: It’s not budging.
[A]: It’s very stiff. Right, I’m going to go and grab some rags, okay? [Z] (shouting): Ah, my arm! [A]: Zed, okay, look, put pressure on it, mate. Okay? It’s alright. We just need to stop the flow of blood, alright? Here you are. Look, take this – take that – and put it on there. Press that down okay? You’ll be alright mate, don’t panic. Okay, I’m going to ring for an ambulance, okay? Keep pressing on it, yeah? Okay. Er, yeah, hello. Ambulance, please. I’ve got a young lad who’s cut his arm open. Er, yeah, er, 8 Park Street. Put pressure on the wound As soon as possible, call 999 Keep pressure on the wound until help arrives Remember:
Put pressure on the wound


  1. Good helpful video, good to know, I'm trying to learn this kind of thing because I'm taking a theory test soon and this is good to know, they should make a video about glass being in the wound though, if there's glass in the wound you can't put pressure on it so what do you do then?

  2. the ambulance call is faster than reaching the hospital.
    by the way the victim may bleed out or get into serious injury while you try to reach the hospital.

  3. Step 1- put pressure and cover on the wound.
    Step 2- tie a tourniquet above the wound to ease the pressure.
    Step 3- call 999 or 911.

  4. he's scared, in pain, you have no other means, Ambulance dispatch will ask questions to assertaint the level of priority.
    If you think you need them then call, best to take some training to now when to call.

  5. Do not cut off circulation to the limb unless absolutely necessary i.e. uncontrollabe serious bleeding.

  6. Sad to see my fellow Americans who still mention calling 911. Remember we're on the BRITISH Red Cross videos. I would like to say the British do a fine job at the videos and are pretty clear in the explanations in them. Also wanted to add the videos may want to add that people who are responding need to be level-headed and be sad later on after the event. Asking them questions really helps.

  7. #1 put pressure
    #2 have them lay down
    #3 calm down their breathing
    #4 make sure their warm
    #5 do a nail check ( press down on their finger nail and if it turns back to normal color it's not too bad, if it stays white their in trouble!)

  8. to help u should raise your arm up in the air to stop loosing blood if their arm hurts support it and it should stop call an ambulance and im just helping i learnt st johns ambulance  and we learnt to put your arm up in the air you should raise your arm it helps keep the blood  pressure down and all these patients i hope there ok in hospital and no one should be hurt  and was that ketchup may i ask?????

  9. I cut my hand in 5th grade once, I jumped off the swing and was knocked out cold, after I started to regain consciousness, I heard Paige, a friend of mine, calling my name. when I finally woke up, I was deeply confused about what was happening, after awhile I finally figured out what had happened. I had cut my hand and it was bleeding heavily. and I had rocks in my hand…

  10. my advice: make a tourniquet and keep it tight. Continue to apply a pressure in the wounded area. losen the tourniquet for a while if the limb turned bluish and tighten the tourniquet again.

    you can make a tourniquet by any belts or fabrics. this really helps to safe lifes.

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  12. If the bleeding is really heavy, hold the cut limb above the heart, making it harder for the heart to pump blood to that raised limb, decreasing blood flow

  13. terrible vid. everyone knows that if they are incompetent in the first aid they would call an emergengy service. pointless to make a video about it – what I certainly expected was to see ''what to do in a case of heavy bleeding using available first aid kit or ifnot – other means''. imagine you're in the woods and ER is 1h away or you don't have phone service – you'd be syaing '' hmmm, remember that video, lets put pressure on it and wait until somebody sometime arrives''

    what's next — 'how to cook a stak'' – British Red Cross answer ' get hungry then go to a restaurant'

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  15. 0:49 Announcement: Bleeding is fast approaching! Ambulance – Emergency Transport can go for the bleeding.

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