First Aid: Burns

[KIRSTY]: Snap!
[MRS D]: Oh! [GEMMA]: Owww!
(pan clatters to the floor) [G]: Oh, I don’t believe I’ve just done that! [MRS D] (calmly): Don’t worry Gemma. Alright love, here we go.
[G]: My arm! [MRS D]: First things first…under the cold tap with you. [MRS D]: There we are.
[G]: Oh my goodness! [K]: Mummy, are you okay? [G]: I’m alright sweetheart. [MRS D]: Now we’ve got to keep it there for ten minutes. [G]: Ten minutes?
[MRS D]: At least ten minutes, to cool the burn. [MRS D]: Now, have you got some cling film? [G]: Er, yeah. Just in that top drawer there. [MRS D]: Right, now keep it there. Out you come… That’s it. Wrap it up loosely.
You’ll feel more comfortable too… [G]: Thank you so much. [MRS D]: There… Cool the burn under cold running water for at least ten minutes Cover the burn with cling film or a clean plastic bag For a serious burn, call 999 Remember:
Cool the burn under cold running water for at least ten minutes


  1. I found that when I burn myself badly if I dont run it under cold water it doesnt blister and hurt the next day its much better than a big sore blister. BUT having said that if its very painfull sometimes u need cold water.

  2. I believe its to prevent infection, as the skin has no defense when burnt, but not sure. Just remember to not put it tight across the burn =)

  3. Yes. Cling film will help keep the burn sterile and reduce the risk of infection. It will also help the pain, as it is oxygen km

  4. It will also help the pain as it is the oxygen acting on the nerve endings, if you have an aloe Vera plant, snap a piece off and squeeze the gel out. It will really help and could reduce blisters.

  5. Just remember to use clean clingfilm. Unwrap a few layers before using. This will make sure that your clingfilm isn't holding bacteria that could cause an infection Ion the burn!

  6. Some Asians love to apply soy sauce or butter. That is crazy and will caused more injuries to the burn. 

  7. I think more info about how long to leave the cling-film on and what to do subsequently.
    Please don't tell us to call a doctor, it takes bloody ages and so difficult to get to. I know I can call a doctor, of course I can.
    Please tell us about what creams to use etc.
    I find going to the pharmacy is most informative. They should be allowed to sell more treatments over-the-counter instead of prescription.

  8. @577666 well just to let you know you dont put creams on burns and u call an ambulance if its sivire and what do pharmacys do? btw you can put a plastic bag instead of the cligfilm it does the same thingy it just keeps dust or fluff from getting onto the burn and @NintendoGameCravers OF COURSE IT FLIPPIN HURTS ITS READ HOT IT HAS JUST BEEN IN A PAN FOR GOD SAKE 

  9. Can we put the burned place into some bowl with ice to speed up the process and save water? Can extreme colds possibly make things worse?

  10. It has been long debated that weather to use TOOTHPASTE for 1st aid burns or not. Though I have proven to myself and of others that it just works countless of times… But I still highly suggest the WHITE toothpastes only(or colorless) and preferably on CLOSED burns 🙂

  11. كنت احط ايدي بثلج تقريبا دقيقه وبعدها اعطي ايدي بطحين بس انا مو نفسها نار انا مااااي حار حيل انكب علي ايدي

  12. My grandad got really badly burnt last week, mind you, they don't fuck around at the crematorium

  13. wow something like this actually happened to me ;(
    i was pouring some HOT BOILING WATER into my mug and my hand slipped foward.. and THOSE HOT BOILING WATER splashed everywhere…of course my hand was burnt(ya know what i mean).. then i froze for a while thinking what just happened .

  14. Even known she is acting what a good smart grandmother/mother act the acting was so smart of knowing to fix burns and all other stuff

  15. For some reason I don't see the difference between how to take care of child's burn or an adults burn. It's exactly the SAME!!!!!

  16. i read somewhere to apply "toothpaste" after washing the burn under cool water as it gives a cooling effect

  17. My coffee shaker exploded and I've been running my burns with cool water and some ice for 3 hours straight now. It's not 2nd or 3rd degree burn

  18. Her:Omg I can’t believe I’ve just done that child:are u ok her:yes I’m fine me:why u always lyin

  19. I'm burn myself year of 2010 on Thursday night during my yw camp for my church sleeping away camp 😉

  20. I burned my finger and my thumb today while camping at around 1:30 pm when cooking hot dog at a camp fire for touching the middle of the metal stick while it was hot and the burn mark is still there right now

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