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This video was created in partnership with: First aid: Choking Infant In this video you will learn what action to take to save a choking baby who is less than one year old. There are three possible scenarios to envsiage. Scenario 1: The baby is breathing Scenario 1: The baby is still breathing. 1 – Do nothing Monitor the baby but do nothing else; coughing is more effective than first aid procedures. Scenario 2: The baby is no longer breathing but is conscious Scenario 2: The baby is no longer breathing but is still conscious. 1- Five blows to the back Give the baby five blows to the back. Lie the baby on your forearm, so that their head is lower than their chest. Support their head with one hand and place two fingers of your other hand either side of their mouth, without pressing on their throat. Give five blows between the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand. 2 – 5 chest compressions If this does not work, alternate with five chest thrusts. Place your forearm against the baby’s back, holding their head in your hand. Turn them over. Their head should be lower than their body. Place two fingers in the middle of the breastbone. Compress the chest by a third. Repeat the chest compressions up to five times. Alternate five back blows with five chest thrusts until the baby begins to breathe normally. Scenario 3: The baby is no longer breathing and is unconscious Scenario 3: The baby is no longer breathing and loses consciousness. Lie them on a flat surface. 1 – Call the emergency services Call the emergency services straight away. 2 – Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by alternating 30 chest compressions with two rescue breaths, if you know how. If not, use chest compressions only, at a rate of two per second. If the baby does not resume normal breathing, continue until emergency services arrive.


  1. The video is very good but you didn't include pinching the baby's nose closed when delivering the rescue breaths, that is a very important step.

  2. This may sound dumb but what about trying to suck the object out once the baby has lost consciousness? What do you think?

  3. Hello, great choking scenario, if the victim loss his conscious, you have to take a look inside the mouth before blow the air.if you can see the object then remove it by your finger.

  4. First of all, a infant eating that big solid foods? U must really push hard on your kids and second of all, WHY DID U LEAVE A BABIE ALONE!?

  5. if my baby boy was choking my first thought wouldnt be oh let me grab my phone resl quick put in my password go to video and press record.. i mean wtf.. as wtf is your phone doing in your hand while your baby is eating? should you not be fully alert and conscious within the now? i know its cute to record swt moments but attention to your choking Angel is necessary pls OMW im shocked at the purposefully made vids its insane and my husband has paranoid schizophrenia

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  7. today my baby girl was so close to die….. i have managed to bring her back in under 45 seconds, right now i am terrified and scared as fuck and i try to learn everything about first help.
    guys and girls, please, do not live with the idea this won`t happen to you… i was exactly the same till now. LEARN those things and hope that you don`t ever need to use them because the feeling u get when u see your baby in such a condition cannot be written in words or expressed.

  8. I straight insert my index into his mouth and get whatever is in there out. My burmese nanny taught me this trick. It worked πŸ’―. She saved my son like that in 2sec when i was trying to tap and tap on his back. Since then I always make sure my nails are short and clean

  9. With a partially obstructed airway (coughing), instead of doing nothing it is often helpful to cough yourself… the baby will likely imitate you.

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