1. my 2 year old choked on a swert last month and its was the most horrific thing.Im a soldier and know only battlefield first aid and choking is not the main thing were trained in so i simply smacked her in the back.Luckily it did come out but i wish every parent saw this vidoe so they wouldnt feel as helpless as i did.My daughter is over it now but i dont think i ever will be.

  2. KARATE CHOP! ;D -kidding. Although in all seriousness; videos like this should be advertised more instead of crap like Nicki Minaj's latest song, etc.

  3. Choking is not fun. At all. I, being a very smart person, choked on Ramen noodles, and my dad had to give me the Heimlich maneuver. It's actually very painful after you're finished choking.

  4. I choked once bit my patent just gave me water, that dident helpt so i sticked my hand into my mouyh and pulled it out

  5. Actually, there is another way to help people who are choking who don't actually hit them hard. The person who is first aid grabs the abdomen and wrap his/her arms around it. He/she also gives a violent push in the stomach.

  6. Hitting between the shoulder blades is more effective than the heimlich manuever because you can possibly break bones while performing the heimlich.

  7. Have to watch a series of these videos for my first aid course. I must say, incredible information. I'm hoping I never need to use it.

  8. Wait, that's how you do it to toddlers when they choke not grown ups. the Heimlich is most effective in pushing air up from the lungs..

    I actually had to use it on a coworker a few months back, I was scared it wasn't going to work and I would be a failure and blamed for him dying but it worked the first time like a charm, and I didnt have to awkwardly keep doing it, he didn't even thank me afterwards and just went on like nothing happened, asshole. Its ok later i got him back by telling everyone what he choked on, a hot dog, lol

  9. yes it is still practiced. if cjocking ccontinued without giving first aid the casualty will die due to unable inhale air

  10. I am wondering if the back slap is still considered correct since it's been a few years, or is it specific to The Red Cross? All I remember learning is the Heimlich and chest compressions.

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