First Aid & CPR Basics : CPR Rescue Breaths

Hi again, I’m Michelle of the AD HOC Group.
In this clip, we’re going to be learning how to do rescue breaths. To give adequate
rescue breaths, keep lifting the chin with one hand and keep your other hand on the forehead.
Now pinch the nose closed and cover the victims mouth with your mouth. Keep each breath at
one second or less, just enough to cause the chest to rise. Don’t over inflate the victim’s
lungs giving too large of breaths can cause enough pressure to reduce circulation in the
lungs and slow blood flow, which defeats the purpose of CPR.
For adults, give one breath about every five seconds, that’s 12 a minute. For children,
give one breath every three seconds, that’s 20 a minute. If the person does not respond
right away, give compressions immediately after giving two breaths unless the victim
begins breathing on his own. Notice that I’m skipping the instructions on assessing, whether
or not the heart is beating. If there is no indication that the person is breathing, his
heart will not be able to continue beating for long.

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